Seth Rogen Answers Fan Questions While Playing With Hot Dog Dogs

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Seth Rogen’s other Sausage Party.


Fat Man Sam
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Hot dog

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Brandon Herrera
seth if you are reading this i want to be an actor when i grow up my name is brandon herrera and im 13 years old i want to work with you and micheel cera jona hill christpopher craig and dannie mcbride please answer me back
Mykaela Abbott
beebo is my child
Portia Fernando
Sausage party destroyed my Image of twinkies and food
krista DeFelice
This is a great video and super adorable with the dogs AND YOU CAN ADOPT THEM!! Aahhhh
not tyra
I'v always loved Seth Rogen. His laugh is the funniest thing ever
I think this mans laugh is magical
"Strong female character as well. And so, as a man, I would like to take that" omg hahahahhahaha
Brandie Hopkins
I like his weirdness 😍
Roisin Dubh
he is so hot
Sara Adams
Jesus guys, can you PLEASE do this with Matthew Gray Grubler?
Kyla Monique
I love everything about Seth he is so amazing ‼️❤️❤️
hegk hegk hegk hegk hegk
Dylan Woodier
Is it just me or am in the only one who finds him hit 😍😍😍
Gargoyle Senior
Seth is looking good!
Chris P Bacon
I want Seth's laugh to be my alarm
Kylie Arce
I ❤ Seth rogens laugh
Nicole Cassino
I L💘Ve you Seth rogen. And your playing with puppies. I just died❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️
Gabriella Allen
Seth's laugh is literally one of the seven wonders of the world.
Aubrey Martinez
Sausage Party looks great!
Will Ferreira
her laughs huhashuhad
marie torres
He's so cute, I can't
His laugh 😭😭😭😭😂
Shoulda' been wiener dogs.
i guarantee you whoever adopted those puppies only adopted them to say that there puppy played with seth rogen
Emily Schnepp
I love Seth's laugh. And I loved This Is The End!
omggg yes! i loveee pitbulls!
Lil Mayo
There's a kid at my school who sounds exactly like Seth Rogen... he even laughs like him. It's weird
Sandra N.
When has BuzzFeed been a family website
Jessica Pluto
Seth is the love of my life
Celica Ledesma
god he is so adorable. if I could meet one celebrity it would be him 💚
Sierra Kay
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen
Abby Kennedy
The white pitbull is adorable
Samantha Nyarko
I love Seth Rogen's laugh
That Boi
Free him! 😂
Absolute Disney Maniac
His laugh is just.
nicole brown
Dude, his laugh gives me LIFE!!!!
Sarah Ravioli
I will never get over that lAUGH
Princess Yona
Since Seth Rogen touched those dogs you can expect a lot of fans battling for that dog
Phandom Twenty Øne Septipliers
What....Are you guys running out of ideas? lol
holly marshall
u are an adorable man
Jessica Kathryn
His laugh 😂😂😂
Jake White
He lost a lot of weight it looks like. I'm happy for him. He looks great!
I love his puppy voice
Lia L
his laugh is the best thing I have ever heard. It's like a mix between a cat coughing up a coughball and a motor starting
Form of Therapy
"Strong female character as well...and as a man, I would like to take that."
Paulie Dahl
I love his laugh so much 😂❤️
The MoffMan
shittage party took 10 years. wow.
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