What Can Paper Cut ???

Can Paper Cut Wood?Paper Cut WoodPaper Cut PlasticPaper Cut Popsicle sticksPaper Cut Aluminium CompositePaper Cut AcrylicPaper Cut CardboardPaper Cut Plastic TubeCreativePaper saw bladesWhat Can Paper Cut ???

In the video, I will make a small saw blade using paper, mounted on the dremel tool
Incredibly, it can be cut Wood, Plastic, Popsicle sticks, Aluminium Composite, Acrylic, Cardboard and Plastic Tube to easy....

I get the idea of using this paper from John Heisz and johnnyq90

Thanks for watching, Have a great day !

Blueyoshi Lembrino
You mights be editing
Bringing paper cuts to a hole new level.
DINO 500
this is not real!!!!!!
What is this principle?
Krazy 8
Priyank Gajra
are you using a PCB DRIll
Casual Gamer
Maybe you could cut your nails whilst you are at it
SpeakEm T
omg,it realy
p.s. This works due to the centrifugal force that keeps the paper disk from bending. Also, the heat it generates (by friction) helps the cutting process.
You should try to cut ice?
This was cool thumbs up
Ninja otaku
Hello, i enjoyed your video. Note: Bruce Yeany was the first to do this idea on youtube. You should try real flesh like steak and chicken, i did those on my channel a few months ago. I also tested many things. It's very fun to do.
maria teresa pineda lugo
Where can you get that multitool??
Chen Daniel
Kiran Patil
I can't believe my eyes...!!!!!!
Kiran Patil
Mind blowing man....!! great job...
Valavala Jagadish surya kumar
Please give me the list of best and low cost dremels to buy
olha aí vc
this is real ???
Furkan Eminoğlu
Do you make keyboard lighting tool for laptop?
E.A.F.H Awesomeness
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
Tested, it works :) Just its difficult to cut straight because paper disk tends to bend. Thanks for sharing!
Zain Ch
wtf how its possible
Abdulsamet beğen
Hello First of all I have very nice videos but I can not find these engines do turkey. Do you buy these engines from a site and from which site do you buy them? I might have mistyped it. Google translation is a bit translete
model nutty
THAT, kicks ass! also looks potentially safer than abrasive cutoff wheels that shatter and fragment everywhere
Sharmin Akter
How is this possible
Madtweet DIY
Как ?
FunTimeBonBon SFM
Isha Ponkia
please can you make a vending machine operated with money
قنات الابداع
what no
ivan kenneth cadelina
you should make drone with image stablilization like parrot or xiro mimi or drone with camera and gimbal
Oswald Rayleigh
the idea is combination of surface tension, sharp edge and very fast rotation can cut, maybe next time you can use plastic
Hu Banzong
Creative channel I like u channel so much tq
Jay Chang
putting a new meaning on paper cut.
Cough BRUCE cough YEANY cough.
technical hub
nice video
David Vallar
nice its useful if you dont have steel
hamma 522
what what
Bobby Sidhu
awesome thanks 👍
Diego Olmedo
oh por Dios :v
That Guy
test on pig skin from butchers?
Can it cut my dick?
Ahmed Hafez
It's amazing
what kind is this drill?
Who would of thought!!!
Hasan Bozhoyuk
what the hell!! this is awesome ,freaking exellent !
So, can paper cut paper ? That is the question......
Jameel Qureshi
Creative Channel search Grammarly and add it your chrome browser and your English will get better. Its free
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