Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried Are Latest Victims of Intimate Photo Hack

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Intimate photos of Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson have been published on a notorious website and the actress is fighting back. The photos show Watson in a fitting room trying on several bikinis. The personal crisis for the star comes as the live action remake to the Disney animated hit is about to open. In addition, actress Amanda Seyfried says she has also been victimized after photos showing her in an intimate moment with former boyfriend, Justin Long, were leaked to the same website.

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I'm sorry for hacking Emma. It was unintentional, I swear.
Gurosama Bltch
Emma Watson isn't known for playing in Beauty of the Beast, in fact nobody even knew that movie existed. She's famous for playing in Harry Potter.
Sharon Park
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Amy Ackerman
Blue Wind
Why do ppl do this it's stupid agh
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We sure have a lot of perverts going after Hollywood stars
Don Balt
Emma Watson for Beauty and the Beast? Verry bad choise! She looks nothing like Belle. Why they took her for this role? Deception.
billbo booyeah
What is wrong with these morons. They should be forced to remove the photos and pay compensation - big $$$$- to act as a deterant for other morons
Joe Love
So.. what's the website..? For science reasons..
Kelly Ku
Do some people don't care?! I seen a lot of comments on this video and lots of people look like they don't even care I mean do you know how these people must a felt?!
Hunter Arnold
What's this website? For uhh... research... purposes?
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Geez...seriously? What's the point of this? Regardless, it's ridiculous.
Wow I feel sorry for her
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this is disgusting
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Is Amanda Seyfried Karen from mean girls?
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is that karen from mean girls
the question is....... WHAT'S THE WEBSITE?
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