If Minecraft was 18+

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A lot of you guys asked for it... what would Minecraft be like if it was made for a more mature audience of people aged 18 and up? Don't worry, it isn't as bad as you think. I hope.

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Actors: Actors: Gamerrizz, _SuperEffective, Mikey_MC, BShek, jb42300, RoastMeats, Dawthon, Ery, TheLostYello
Builders: Dawthon & Gamerrizz

Thank you SO much for 2,000,000 subscribers! :D There may or may not be a special video in the future (seriously I haven't decided yet)

I think after watching this video, we can all agree that in order for nobody to get hurt, Minecraft should just stay as is

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Music is by Kevin Mcleod: http://incompetech.com/
Music also from: http://audiojungle.net/
Sound effects from: http://freesound.org/
Sounds also from: http://soundbible.com/
Texture pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1223254-faithful-32x32-pack-update-red-cat-clay-1-8

Hamza Ahmed Fathy
i got for you idea if villagers arm arent connected
Jason And Christina Perez
if there was a cookie dimenion
Alexa McCaffrey
If minecraft was rainbow 🌈
Essau Orozco
if sex took over minecraft
SWagGirl_ 019
SWagGirl_ 019
Maya Bodea
if there was a sponge world
Quiel Zedric Mallari
Ouch the girl is oil her self# suicide
Sonic/splatoon Parry
If minecraft was 16 + and do if minecraft was 12 + (not meaning minecraft story mode)
Betty Mae Cunanan
you should make minecraft sex XD
Jay Carlo Alabat
maybe that's a boys only in minecraft

also i subscribed!!
Amanda Owens
OhJiinx Noeko
Notch: First..I have a question for you ( 0:25 )

Delvina Dobruna
do if godzilla was added to minecraft
Matias Ronkainen
make video with if slenderman dimension was added
Jr Dela Cruz
if there was a robber in minecraft
YeshaK GT
Maxine Ruiz
friend on Roblox mankind8890
Magpie 5785
If jeb ruled minecraft
Blarie Plays
Can you add a baby dimension?
Flutter DIY
expolodingtnt can you give me your server address because I'm want to play with you and I'm am your biggest fans
Greater Than Lol
Naomi Hunter Chedick
echo dj ender
Margaret White
Plz do if Makeup was added to Minecraft
Bhebelyn Jipos
i love it
The good ol days
Izuan Iskandar
this video so bad
Alex the minecraft miss meow a lot
this is so funny
Alyssa Limjuco
if notch had a girlfriend
2:05 that's why i moved to the end
Khaohom Tiffany
It minecraft really 18+ :<😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#im oly 9 and I played minecraft when I was in 1st grade
Zeki - Roblox - Animation - More
Hey if There is A poop dimension
Adrian Prickett
if you couldnt die
Kc Jamili
i wont real
EnderGamer 501
If minecraft was 60+
Sean Emil Hernandez
minecraft story mode
Sean Emil Hernandez
Dont play MCSM.
TheMadHacker TMH
he said Suibscribers 00:00 - 00:3
Lucero Arias Rosas
I got one question what aré thous
Lucero Arias Rosas
Whats up tnt
kittensandkats mk
I'm sorry but I really need to comment about this AMAZING Kika keyboard app!!! its so awesome I can finally type emoji and everyone who uses my phone LOVES it 😁😁😁😁😁i almost love it as much as these videos but nope! these videos would beat it ANY day 😊😊
andreas ninik
Wow 120.000 Like LOL XD
mlp 168
explodingtnt could you do this if minecraft had an update into TNTCraft? pls
Claire Berrard
You should do a video about If Notch dies
Abigail Taualupe
What if minecraft had fidget spinners 😂
what if minecraft was babys only
Brendyn pope
If there was shades in mincraft I know it is minecraft tho
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