Paramore - Decode (Live in japan 09 Summer Sonic) HD


En vivo desde Japon


loquendero5000 XD
que buena se ve vestida asi
JADP 1985
1:24 i never knew she has 2 different colored eyes! wow!
Kpopster Taeyeon
I love how she's wearing a Japanese kind of school uniform~ Omg. Real life anime character <3
sunny Leon
the worst crowd , like they just standing and watching bus
Phgo Koko
I like you music
Cloud of Reverie
This was the time she almos lost her voice. Before I didnt care that much because bands can get away with gritty performances because its raw. But in retrospect, I can already hear the vocal abuse from this single performance.
mynameisJEFF 2.0
Carrot top sure lost weight
El Cochinotte
chusma chusma!!!
JADP 1985
wow she looks even more beautiful without makeup!
Iqbal Setiawan
my favorite anime
Daniel Murphy
Jeez, Josh has lost so much weight. Looks like a different person now.
mr. howard eats pants
my favorite performance of this song
Singh Songs
her outfit got me thinking they should make paramore the anime
Slavisha Zvonar
i miss these times when music had quality. highschool and paramore good times
Marco Aquije
La waifu perfecta no exist...
Gracious grace
shes so cute
2017? Ok, i'm alone...
its too bad they have been making sucky music last couple years
Miss paramore the rock band, like this
valdo Cruz
jaja vestida de Quico
Malea Dela Cruz
Josh's vocals are terrible and off key
marksman cs
Nice to realize that her voice sounds as powerful as on studio version.
Micah Leon
this makes me remember my emo phase at middle school...not a nice memory thank god i changed
SV DarkGrey
I was here before Taylor Swift Squad and Hard Times 2017...
Karen De Luna
ahh beautiful cutey hayley😍
Re - Nightcore
her voice :( 👍
Ima Pyo
aww hayle look so cute here ...
Akash Singha
her voice is Heavenly
Bono Joe
hayley's voice is like OMG
Dan Alejandro
This live is just PERFECTION! That japanese uniform <3
Ass Ass
Thanks 9gag, at least something good came from you
Евгений Кунгуров
This performance is better than the studio recording
Myoui Messi
i wish the skirt was shorter than tht😜😜
Ronald Júnior
Vince Lising
fuck the crowds
Benjamin Hirschel
no idea what astonished me most: her being so beautiful or the fact that such a voice comes from such a rather petite beauty
Razvan Canuta
9gag bring me here lel
such a little girl, so much voice. always amazes me when I see her performing live
Tedy Anggara
Came from 9gag, yeah this one better with sound.
Santiago Belmont
Hayley Waifu
Alonzo Alcantara
im here because of 9gag
Wanderlei Davoglio
André Bormann
eu amo ela
Para Plays
So much talent, fuck sht 1 direction talentless cunts.
Anirudh Subramanian
hayley and orange hair mix well. even more than salt and water.

like orange hair suits her a lot.
red hair is very like meh
Adorable Crescent & Star
who is coming from 9gag
Secretly a cat
she was so young here
Ana Carolina
me dá nervoso esse tanto de gente ouvindo e ninguém cantando um ícone desse
D Arthur Vaderian
9gag army unite!
Aldwin Leguin
I wasn't a fan. I liked their songs though, but not a fan. Now I think their underrated.
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