Paramore - Decode (Live in japan 09 Summer Sonic) HD


En vivo desde Japon


Watching this and 2017 live... I'm crying
Yusri Xnimrodx
Hayley Williams is the definition of ultimate adorable and cuteness
한국 와죠..
Minh Tran
So bad. Relly bad😒😒😨
Fatima ben
lol that Domo arigato!!
God she's fucking pretty
Kristian Krause
Quiten la voz de josh jshbjshbn
rama ateng
the best sound ever on live concert
Kinda racist for that outfit 🤷🏻‍♂️
A G.
Hands down best decode performance IMO ❤❤❤❤👌
Lim Steven
if someday they will make a collaboration with one ok rock! oh my god!!
amiel masapol
shes so adorable
I think this is my favourite performance ever from them, I don't know how you can beat this
Vickram .k
still watch in 2017
Buttfeed Inc
Hey its Kiku Chan
puti imsong
I always find and like foreign bands performing in Japan the way bands perform and sound, perfect everything, but it's the japanese audience that lacks the energy and the feedback they fail to give which make live concerts seem somewhat less eye catching maybe it's cos most people in Japan don't speak English or not familiar with the lyrics ... [no offence}
Soledad Sykes
El guitarrista es músico y canta en cualquier nota
Anurag Negi
2:28 that headbang synced so well
Slark Slark
Love her
1:20 ...I think I just came
patrick fish
The performance is so good it gives me chills
Димка Зарицкий
한복입고 내한해주면 얼마나 행복할까 ㅠㅠ
Salome OrtHerrera
Edgar Misael Ramirez Hernandez
sexiest woman alive
Russell Reilly
great performance !
Mustafa Kaish
you r mine heart paramore really
Mick Biggs
Japanese crowds are great man, they really love music
Sammy サミー
I was at that concert.
hg legal
amoo demais essa bandaa
hg legal
essa roupa é do kiko
Michael Hoffmann
the school uniform is more sexual than i think she thought it would be as she chose it
she is cool and the voice is very sexy!
Ami The Duck
2:28 Heaven.
Anurag Negi
3:09 damn!
Marilandia Costa
Augusto Douglas
Até arrepia ja desde o começo...
Mico Mics
Her outfit is so kawaiiii
Marcelo Pereira
Gentalha GEN-TA-LHA! kkkkkk
Robert Writes
Urge to fap..... Rising!
John Wayne
She sang from the heart.
John Wayne
Best performance ever...
Cielo Crayolas
The ABacross
YASSSSSSSS the hold performance is just yass
Caveira sink
público morto que horrível
Flatline Fader
so darn cute n looks younger than ever...
SuperB Potter
Christiane Costa
Brasil ✋
Saje Saje
she is fucking cute .. i love her voice 😍😍
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