Ami The Duck
2:28 Heaven.
Anurag Negi
3:09 damn!
Marilandia Costa
Augusto Douglas
Até arrepia ja desde o começo...
Mico Mico
Her outfit is so kawaiiii
Marcelo Pereira
Gentalha GEN-TA-LHA! kkkkkk
Robert Writes
Urge to fap..... Rising!
Aaron Grady
She sang from the heart.
Aaron Grady
Best performance ever...
Cielo Crayolas
The ABacross
YASSSSSSSS the hold performance is just yass
Caveira sink
público morto que horrível
Flatline Fader
so darn cute n looks younger than ever...
SuperB Potter
Christiane Costa
Brasil ✋
Saje Saje
she is fucking cute .. i love her voice 😍😍
aldirinaldi sumantri
I love you too paramore
damn his backup needed some work rofl
Ailton Aparecido
tribute Kyle wellwood
Ailton Aparecido
Corinthians timão segue lider
Saúl Flores
que mujer tan chula ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Saúl Flores
se ve que la cantante era fan del chavo del 8, que chevere
David Hill
I forgot how fuckin good this song is!
Thuani Lima
Voz do caralho 💜
Akrivi Kontou
Hayley is so cute with this Japanese school uniform
C crazydreamzz
Ishta Madan
"why are you bi"
Gerard Barbosa
wow no puedo creer que esto fue en 2009
3:11 WTF! coincidence full pony hair, like in japan horror movie.
Randell Acuram
Audiences in Japan are just some of the best. Enjoying the music.
おれが小さいころか… このLive good👍
Masser Phi
Hearing such a powerful voice come outta a tiny little girl dressed in a Japanese school uniform gives me goosebumps on my boner ¯\(ツ)
MBM Smith
1:25 She looks so good
Jarren Reyes
hayley is gorgeous in every way ❤
Jarren Reyes
hayley is gorgeous in every way ❤
Jarren Reyes
did the japanese people understand what she sing??
Jarren Reyes
did the japanese people understand what she sing??
Doni Mori
Hayley-chan so kawaii !!!
Hendra Karunia
2017, and still the best decode's live video IMHO :D...
John G
damn she looks so hot in that JAP uniform
kaung ma lay
Sebastiao Borgess Borgess
galang fajar
Her voice is phenomenal
lily rose
teen hayley now she married
Goth Lick
Dosnt she look so pale? With a ginger hair on?
assO leahpaR
I sprained my neck or something head banging to 3:38 :v Really, I started on 2:15, but when I actually hurt my neck was around there xdddd
Esteban Santisteban Díaz
es la ropa de Kiko ajjajaja
Ardi Bahar
Hayley my dear XD
Vengo de ver Hard-Times :v hijole, si esta cabrón el cambio pero me sigue encantando xD <3
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