Emma Watson & Rupert Grint - Forest Run


Emma Watson & Rupert Grint talk about filming the Forest Run scene from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

Gay Tree
This was one of my favourite scenes because they didnt add music. I don't know why, but the lack of music made it more enticing and suspenceful. That scene really put me on edge. They all were amazing.
Lol, "Rupert's just trying to be anywhere"
C. Syde65
Looks like Daniel won that.
Rakshita Singh
Just LOVE Emma's coat and hair!!😍😍😍
They blend in So well together!!
Ahem do not caption pic me/]]///helllo!!
#Hufflepuff Life
Dan wants to run faster than Emma, Emma wants to run faster than Dan.
And Rupert... Rupert just wants to run everywhere!
Ella Cuneo
amirahlee, If I were Hermione I would NOT fall behind with Ron. Id be running my heart out
Ron Weasley
when im a director i would want my actors to be very energetic, for them to have fun on set, to be family, be trusting to trust each other, and just become very good friends for my film series; The Seeker. 6 films.
and im only 13....and I can't wait to be a film director.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š
its my all time dream.
Scarlet Witch
I love when Emma says quietly " yeah the chase was awesome...before we got captured."
Zeph Pangcoga
Emma is faster than Dan!πŸ˜‚
Pax Malmer
Talk us through the chase. The chase is great. It stars bradley walsh.
OMG I cryed so hard at the end at that film when Dobby died
Emma Watson Lover
Damn! 2:11 Harmione feels..So cute together. Haha have watched dis 2017
Emma Shelley
I think we all want to be Hermione
Kira Potter
Daniel was running so fast πŸ˜‚
Anonymous kokkuri
i'd probably trip over myself and die
Grace Atchison
I would just fall flat on my face if u was running through that forest. They're so talented to be able to run and not trip
I love that high five part at 2:13
Bente M
did anyone else come here thinking emma and rupert did some sort of forrest gump prank?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Le Troll
Malia Fuller
This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie!!!
girl plays / big smiley fan
which movie is this
Darzku Bunnski
Daaaamn Daniel
He's so fast at running tho
Holly Newell
when you live near where something was filmed πŸ’
they all have a great friendship but you just know that emma and rupert have a fantastic bond :)
MacyThe Singer
Daniel can run so fast! His legs, must go on for days!😘
Michael Boyle
"I go 'okay action', and they go 'whew'. And I they WHOA. And they're really tryin to r-and they run like maniacs."
Well said!
Millie Fisher
2:11 is the best high five in history.
Fintan Watson
1:30 Anyone else think Emma seems a lot younger than usual in this clip??
Emma is the fastest. :P
Alan Rickman 😭
Alora Ricks
I almost was killed yesterday from my dads drone... its like 1 yard and 20 inches.... I jumped out of the way
Mary Bach
Rupert is the most precious cinnamon roll
Zi Yin Chen
I probably wouldn't just fall over I would run into a tree hell they are talented they can run without tripping
Carla Ubando
Hermione is the slowest lol
Eva Cohen
Rupert is so quiet omg
John Shepard
Run, Forrest, run!!!
lisatjuuxx xD
damn DaniΓ«l πŸ˜‚ running so fast
Candy Katz
Why did it only say "Rupert Grint and Emma Watson"? Dan Radcliffe was there too!
Jack Daone
It's nice to see Emma back before she turned into a complete nutjob in terms of politics...
Natalia Cobos
I love her voice
Maddison Axford
Emma Is beautiful;-)
Maddison Axford
Run forest Run well done guys I know that's hard work ;)
Phoenix Prime
Not sure I can run that fast....
Mia Cornejo
emma is AMAZING
but… look at daniel run! DANG BOY
Deb Smith
Emma is sooooooo hot I have a crush on her
Kate P.
Emma is so beautiful !!!
I love them so much β™₯β™₯β™₯
b mac
2:11 hahaha they're so cute
Emma Watson is in the tale of desperaux
Jillian Garza
Ron and Hermione were my favorite! Love this scene.
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