Casey Neistat Studio Tour!

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What's in Casey Neistat's video studio!
Casey Neistat:

What's On:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


not gonna make too big of a deal of it but at 2:25 that is NOT a 2x4 that's a 7" x 3/4' pine plank. also, in a totally not biased-in-any-way kinda way, this is def the best video you've ever made.
The quality of tgis is amazing!
Mathieu St-Vincent
It's like a morph between Tom Sachs' shop and MKBHD's studio.
Wise Guy4U
Jackie Chan's man caves are just like this. Crowded but organized and well labeled shows a very active individual. But must add... how does one clean all that stuff?
Next episode?
M. R
boge job Casey
The Mac Pro was to slow seriously ahah
Steve Hopf
What happens in an earthquake?
Charlie Reynolds
6:38 is that a gopro karma. Those had a manditory recall! In the top right corner
Charlie Reynolds
Anyone notice the supreme backpack
Parker Crumbly
Does anyone know what the black fabric clamp is called? or where to get one?
Awesome video - great job!
Delta Boy
American luxury...
CakeArmy_Max Gaming
just imagine an emp in there...
Morgan White
1:29 what's that piano in the left used for?
Lucius Augustus
This is the video that made me start watching Casey Neistat videos
Mohammad Mehrab
now imagine a huge fire destroying the whole studio
Teddy Doan
Worst thing that can happen to Casey is an earthquake lul
Has Casey worked for the FBI all that surveillance monitors are making me kind of curious
Justin Mungoway
Linus needs a lesson from Casey.
Derek kitajima
when will we see more of these type of videos?
Franklin Mwenda
Casey is an Artist! Amazing!
BowL Dar
i dont understand why people like him so much cause his vlogs are good?

abdualrahman kamal
do a tour at linus
Noah Parkour
Is Casey a hacker in the shadows of his studio, encase you didn't see it theres a WiFi Pineapple sticker at 4:57. If you don't know what a wifi pineapple is then you probably know nothing about ethical hacking. Its a advanced suite of wireless penetration testing tools for reconnaissance, man-in-the-middle, tracking, logging and reporting. The easiest way to think of the Pineapple is as a little device that sits between an unsuspecting user’s PC and the resource they’re attempting to access. What this means is that an attacker is able to launch a “Man in the Middle” or MiTM attack by inspecting the data that flow between the victim and any resources they’re accessing on the web.
such a paranoid guy
BryanTheGamer 882
just saying if you saw the vlog about this you will get why the camera is there with the slide at the table like around 2:00
Rag's Lab
#Respect #Casey #MKBHD
Karan Bhansali
When are you doing another episode for this series? Long overdue.
Aka Kiddo
why does this guy have the most punchable face ive ever seen lol
Family Friendly Josh
Dan Vaught
Van is always left out when they talk about "Casey's studio". Casey didn't build this by himself.
Sarabpreet Singh Vasir
Perfect use of space
Yohance, Yohance
"Nice" James Bond like of a studio.
Mihir Joshi
Does any vun think Casey has OCD??
airplane guy
part 2 men
Not all part of the studio is covered in this video
Tac-Tech-Cal Minded
Great choice for first episode of this series!!!
kenneth daniely
The most organized space i have ever seen.
Darth Fruit
What if he got robbed
Nicolás Wernli
Are you going to continue with this series? it was a pretty dope idea
Cycling Love
The Studio of CaseyNeistat looks like Iss interior part
Rico Taguibao
" i never delete any footage"deletes the happiest blog
6:06 thats completely astounding..!!!
Wasad Wasad
Good video
yi shu
really wonder what is the electrical cost of keeping this place running
Deepanshu Bisht
sampled j cole.
Ramon Solorio
Anand Horo
cool series of videos
Queen Elizabeth II
He comes across a phrase and uses it over and over and over again "Build over buy."
lahiru karunasiri
Finally some good use of space :D
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