What Ambulances Will Look Like Under Trumpcare

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Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello is finding alternative uses for ambulances in case Trumpcare deems them useless.

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This dudes a fucking faggot. You aren't funny find some new jokes. Or just hang yourself on live television that would be a lot more funny
Is Bombay sapphire an Indian brand? Coz I can tell that in India, the light beer contains 12% alcohol instead of 4-5% and it's AWESOME!
Wrath Berries
Why do Mick Mulvaney's eyes look like that? He looks like he's been through a poor photoshop job, perhaps to hide his real, reptilian eyes?
Princess Ariel
YOO ETIKA DRINKS BOMBAY...Even named his cat after it...(now is Christine's cat)
Soldier Slim
Aditya Rao
I'm not a huge Trump fan, and I do find Stephen Colberts jokes sometimes funny, but Colberts an overall moron who needs psychiatric help at a high level.
MODEL 10 2020!
Jean Loup T
Steven, you are welcome to Canada ;) We can always use someone with a head on his shoulders.
Davis Mac
Stephen Colber's planned reactions are remarkable. I love the middle!
Adub Htown
she was Obama in a wig 😂😂
DawnCrystal tony
Too much political correctness. Care to get out of it a bit?
Misleading title.
I know this is out of context here probably . However I've been wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a charity for those of us who normally could not? 5-10 cents a day for a general charity to help people who need food, clothes etc? I''m just hoping someone on this site sees this and would like to ? I'm elderly and would not be able to really and no car too
William H. Baird
Colbert is on Fire these days!
Lawrence Hoermann
Model 10 for President 2020
Tokey Ferris
we all know she was fired over race and not letting trump grab her by the p**
Austin Dash
I blame trump supporters for putting that bastard in charge
Aerys II Targaryen - The Absolute Mad-King
1 - a small guy
2 - a fruit
Colbert should be grateful for Trump, he's the only reason people watch his show
Jessica Seed
if it was not for Trump your rattings would fall
Reynaldo S.
I never knew the "T" in Colbert's name was silent; I guess that makes him a "cun."
Terry Costilow
correct me if im wrong but wasnt trump elected president of the United States of America by the majority of Americans thats right. so the minorities want to run the country and ignore the majority intrest interesting to see how that would end. so you thing the minority can protest pretty loud wait till the majority get started. SORE LOOSERS.
Terry Costilow
you really should stop you sick bastards are starting to get old. how many people wake up every day with trump on their minds hes making so many careers its unimaginable how hes helped amrerica so far. every channel every news commentator every comedian. i will retire 5 years earlier than i expected thanks to the trump effect on the stock market. hip hip hooray for trump. and what has colbert done for me oh he made me laugh. ha ha.
Armando Diaz
I love Trump but I have to admit this is pretty funny. Glad he's our president though, he's already #MAGA!! look at all of those happy united people in the audience
What an Idiot looks like " Colbert "
Care less about the Trump jokes I just don't like Colbert he's just not funny to me.. Now what would be funny if Colbert got hit in the face by a brick then I would laugh so hard snot would blow out my nose..
Umeriw Aeoket
every time I need to pee I always say I'm off to drain the swamp. At least I'm actually doing it instead of being on the opposite end #trumpgoldenshowers
Mireya Garcia
this guy is an opportunist and a disgrace, no morality, no remorse, no nothing zero, nada
Drake Dragon
Less fucking ambulance....Best !@#$ thing ever....
Drake Dragon
Nice crusher...https://youtu.be/mKc08iYhW9A?t=2m49s

Although explosions would have been nice.
Bucky Pinata
Yawn...Lib Dems crying wolf again...just like in 2016....just guarantees another Repub President in 2020.....
No this is Patrick
our country is run by incompetent buffoons
Kyle Reese
Sarah Willson
Its the President Trump show, co host tonight is Colbert.
Why do all late shows have some sideshow jackass adding useless annoying commentary on the side with a mic they shouldn't have?
Kiel McCartney
Big Jazzy finish
Nathaniel Roe
Don't worry. When Trumps presidency ends, we will all live in a nuclear disaster zone and climate changed...whatever
Kellie Chick
well that explains the blackout night on 2 mixed gin drinks lol
Chris Loney
this is canada. we will take you :)
trump took bin laden's 'death to america' seriously, and like a good president should, decided to act upon it- now all al kaida has left is a popcorn and a comfy armchair
Damn, that lazy eye Huckabee-Sanders has distracts me! Sexy!
Mandie Z
Note to self: Don't try to drink anything while watching this man.
Nelson Williamsen
repeal Obamacare
Jessie Toney
So basically they fired her because she was black?
sarah beresford
this country is going to hell. both the left and the right are destroying it. humanity in general is doomed. I give it 20 years before anarchy sets in and mass killings
Lol, who doesn't know Hotel California? I was born way after release, but of course I know it
Naþan Ø
My guess is they probably didn't do it in one take; they most likely filmed it, then did it with a green screen. Also, it's entirely possible the ambulance was out-of-commission.
Erik Perez
model 10 crusher 2020
Ann Chapa
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