let me have stephens health care plan , I can then joke about everyone's suffering , and let illegals steal
Decky Karel Sompotan
🇮🇱 5050 5050
Decky Karel Sompotan
🇮🇱 5150
Jack Hosier
I think Mulvaney spilled water on his answering machine, so now it is spewing nonsense.
Say what you want about Mooch, atleast he's a good sport for joining The Late Show.
Mentally noted: Buy. Bombay.
Decky Karel Sompotan
Decky Karel Sompotan
Decky Karel Sompotan
Decky Karel Sompotan
Louise Maes
Planning cognitive cousin pill short strange leap
Helen Finch
Dak Lamerbusch
Nyah Ewan
"For all you young fans out there..." BITCH I KNOW MY EAGLES AND MY HOTEL CALIFORNIA (sorry i just got really passionate about that song at this moment, love you stevey ❤️)
Omg his hype man is terrible. Lets have a black Andy Richter instead
3:17 ...or have a green screen.
Riley Steidel
My dad had some of that Gin.
William Bowles
Crusher 2020!

(but who will be it's running mate? bulldozer? steam roller? wrecking ball?)
Lore Mertens
Peeps, honor It looks like truly way-ouw rocket !!
sean su
Wtf how can audio break up! What kinda conf call is this... Its easier to comms with circus animals than setting conf call here?
Golden 47
Move to CANADA🇨🇦!

We love to have you here Stephen Colbert! ♥️♥️♥️♥️⭐️🌟
Sandor Clegane
Yeah, colbert you pathetic weakling you need an ambulance
Cody King
Now The Mooch can't Smooch The Douche.
Haze Haberdasher
77% alcohol. For reference standard everclear is 75.5%. You aren't even supposed to drink that without mixing it because of how strong it is. Jesus....
Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys
When does he talk about the "ambulances"? Thx Btw, I'd move to Canada in a heartbeat 👍😍❤️
A.MuzeM Blackwell
and I'd just spammed a Gargle-blaster to some Tweeps.
How about the name, "BLACKWELL"? / GRANT? Oh it just gets better.
retrovertigo'd to Grandaddy and the song "Duke of Earl"/// Oligarchy? Ok
as words matter, some nerds better start checking TIMESTAMPS and PROFILES,
because they be my munchies now...
as WORDS matter...
Know your chain of command.
and your sailors.. Buckaneers (Prince) Pirates, Sailors, Squids, AIRDALES ahem of the Blackwells, I'm the first FEMALE of us since before Trafalgar.
I just found the HMS Galatea in the 1800s and people fighting over their "Aunt Fannie" who was MY Great GRANDMA.. from UK.
By those laws, they have to get me BACK HOME
spoiler alert.. ET is probably about a custody battle over a hairless cat.
bazinga n shit.
Currently catching up on "People of Earth" and
slamming HBO for that "What if the South Won" BAD IDEA>..
A.MuzeM Blackwell
Let me guess before I play it..
A garbage truck with body bags attached?
... with GOD knows what in the IV. Saline was 150$ when I was in the Navy.
eventually, after that McCain-brand, US Navy-issued MISCARRIAGE, they finally sent that bill to a shrub in DC.
now... ugh
Calvin Cooley
MC799 Videos
Colbert 2020
Ken Grassa
The mentally ill liberal is against America and all patriotic people it scares them to see America become strong again go America become strong again fuck the mentally ill liberal
Leo L
That budget guy is turning into a R2-D2
Ryan Jasper
Lost all respect for Steven... sad that you can't find anything else in the world to talk about but Trump.
I use to think you were some what fair, now you just look like a immature child that didn't get what he wanted. Sad to see this same garbage week after week. Use to be good and fun to watch... now it's just sad.
michael perry
lets use useless ambulances for beer delivery
Gorilla Jones
Isaac Kotlicky
model 10 crusher is a shoe in. It's also made by Russia.
Cellette Gipson
He hates niggas especially those that had any association with President Obama. I use that. Word because he would if he could. Very ugly word doesn't fit her at all but that word fits their vocabulary whenever someone is black.if anyone looks like a more classified person for that job it's her.
Mark LaPolla
Comedy gold. Jon Stewart is kicking himself.
Mark LaPolla
Trump is draining the swamp into his own pocket.
Frank Reading
Model 10 Crusher from predisant!
marishana meyer
Sarah huckabee sanders looks like a man.
Avery Mcguire
Gotta say, that is one nice rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever.
Capricious Men
Crusher 2020!
Time has come to smash!
Nick Coltrane
Bombay Sapphire actually has 47.5% alc/vol
Leury Rojas
no don't recall that gin let us in America have it we're gonna need it to get through this presidency
G McCue
Is it a problem that as a 13 year old I love Hotel California???
nazi socialist propaganda alert. To prevent brain washing, change it to a Non S.Colbert video on youtube.
Mateo Perez
Darnass twin I think sex rewult carve
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