President Trump & Chancellor Angela Merkel Full Press Conference 3/17/17

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President Donald Trump Holds a Press Conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
White House
March 17, 2017

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Jupiter Eye
15:07 HA!!! "We are very powerful company... country..." - Donald J. Trump
Pavel Lampa
Merkel is like "thanks for bombing our country to ashes and then giving us some change" :D
Fatih Üstünyer
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.\…………….\/…/….\. ..\/……………./
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….\…………..(………. ..)……………./ fuck you #germany
char byte
STRONGER TOGETHER!!! sensible message..where have I heard that?
ok bye
Trump X Merkel Fanfictions please 😂😂😂
Kennedy Collins
Good thing his writers end each page with the end of a sentence.
Merkel needs Trump on her side so that NATO steps in when all the Muslim terrorists she's allowed to flood into Germany start playing up. She's a FOOL & a traitor to the Germans & the rest of Europe. Because of her, millions of Muslim refugees can wander freely around Europe claiming welfare and creating ghettos in our cities, whilst contributing NOTHING to our economies.

Anyone who defends her actions is a traitor to Europe.
Ken H
Where is ur occult hand sign, merkel?
She lives in fear, fear for the secret to be known.
Once the mass figure it out, nazism will be ousted.
he shook hands here in this video so whats all the bs he didnt?
as a german i am not the biggest Fan of Merkels policies. but holy shit those comments are unreal!!

germany isnt fighting 7 wars at the moment and germany isnt radicalizing the middle east for the last decades.
Its not merkels fault that there are a shitload of refugees fleeing.
I'dd take her anyday over that clown u call president
The Nativist
Wow...Germany has such CRUMMY reporters...!
Very selten? lol
justine electra official
at 15 mins Mr Trump accidentally says "We are a very powerful company" and corrects himself "Sorry, we are a very powerful country". What a mansplainer.
Marvin Fritsch
You idiots always have the easy "solutions". But politics is a very complex thing. It doesn't work that way. There is more to it. You insulters just dont inform yourself. You have no idea and just start going on verbal rampages.

Star Kicker
Are you Americans retarded?
How could you choose a fool like this to lead you?
Deplorable David Duke
Merkel is the worst German in history.
gaming singh
well this time the orangutan didn't screw up the handshake.. i see improvement.
Merkel ruined whole Europe !!!
The president of the United States calls his country a powerful company (15:07). Well so he is the CEO or what?
Ja va
So Trump was saying that he quoted someone when he said he was wiretapped?
I'm from Germany and after I read the comments, I've come to the point that Trump Supporters dont know anything about politics at all. DAFUQ HAVE YOU EVEN INDEPENDET NEWS OVER THERE??? News which arent run by Microsoft or any other private stuff?
silent man
It says in the Qur'an: "The taking of one innocent life is like the taking of all mankind.
Steve McHale
Wait, what? Angela Merkel, PHD in Quantum Physics, One of the most powerful leaders in the free world, has no English? Just trusting what she said through American translator, do I really know what she said? Is she just trying to confound #45 by speaking German? Our own Prime Minister spoke parts in French next to him, was delightful to see the discomfort, lol! Just tried to find a speech of her's in English, and couldn't..I can only hope the translator is someone she trusts, too paranoid? Ok, just saw her speaking Enlish, asking if he wanted a handshake, lol, Asshat doesn't even answer! So, a German reporter addresses both of them in english, and she responds only in German, that's perfectly fine, but would have trusted more her own words, if she could..I've seen what she's done, and like her, but if anyone has a clip of her speaking English, please enlighten me..
Talk about hitting it out of the park in the sequence between 24:10-24:25 of the press conference.

Donald made Angela Merkel evidently speechless, made many journalists chuckle, and he took a massive jab at Barack Hussein Obama by exposing the treasonous garbage without having to mention his name. To phrase it in another way, my man hit a lot of birds with one stone.

Just another pure genius.
mecalsiz kalp
Fascist Germany!
ed kang
Haha stupid orange baffoon. everyone laughed at him!!!
Righteous God
This barren, childless woman married to a unbearable dickhead of a cuck who never appears in public with her - fucked Greece over hard. She's fucking her own country even harder however - committing to importing from 150K - 250K rapefugees per year. Enjoy your Kultural Enreichment Germanistan!
Rizky Desmara
Indonesia has the potential to trump state said as a developed country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia as china she tried to spy on the country so that Indonesia can not beat the United States
So he puts more credibility in a bloated Fox News commentator than in the Justice Dept???? I actually believed that Trump might grow up a little after the election, but he's actually gotten worse in his childish and petty behavior. He just used Merkel as a prop to sell his wiretapping conspiracy. He's an embarrassment.
Interressiert Nicht
This comment section is pure cancer. I don't know what's wrong with you Americans.
what i think about this - by a random guy

i am from germany and i do believe that merkel has a lot more experience when it comes to politics then trump, but i still dont think trump is as bad as everyone claims him to be

if he would accept help from others and stays on a professional and not emotional level things could improve a lot.

i can also understand his disapprovement about the media, because they try to find every little thing about him to make him look worse like they do with everyone else too (german reporters were talking a lot of sht about merkel too, so they get a lot of clicks
this time trump gave them free food and the media is talking about merkel like some kind of saint while pointing out every single mistake trump did)
i have a lot of respect for merkel to still stand up for us after all that happened to her and in our country.

i also dont like the media at all, like 90% of the news are about someone making a mistake or something similar and they try to make them look even worse. people who dont know better will just believe literally everything the media tells them to believe, which leads to a lot of trouble.

for example, i dont know how it is in america, but i can talk for myself here because a lot of americans seem to think we life at the brink of death or so

even with all the immigrants, i dont feel scared AT ALL and do live my live like i always used to.
we have been living like all the time with people from accross the world and, how to put it, we are all human, people arent automatically bad just because they come from somewhere else.

And no, i dont respect isis and/or violent behaviour, nazi groups, but there are more people out there who have nothing or dont want anything to do with them.

they just want to live like everybody else does.

and being alive and safe is pretty much assured in countrys like america and germany.
noone really "fears" going to sleep and waking up in the morning. or to go outside to buy food or whatever.
everyone has a fair chance and is treated equally, while others dont have this options.

one of the biggest problems is the difference of the role of the women between some countrys and us. many treat women as objects and lived their lives like this up to this point, so there is going to be a lot of work necessary to change this attitude. stricter rules and consequences, education for immigrants and more security measures for women would be needed in my opinion.

and im sure a lot of people will just be ignorant and say stuff like "its not my problem", but as we can see now it affects everyone more or less
and it wont solve itself magically!

this problem is far from being over but i do believe that the seriousness of it got through a lot of people and it will help us to find a way to end it.
Luis Wetzel
This thug mentality is finished.....TRUMP mentality is ON!!!!!!
%100 khadare
welcome to the house of people! what people does this mtfkr talkin talkin about? he's evil!! and that's an court house!
the comment section is cancer. Ich bin enttäuscht
javier trusso
La III Guerra Mundial, tambien la va a empezar Alemania.- Las Guerras las Hacen los intelectuales a traves de los soldados y las armas
Andy Cullingham
trumps voice just makes me wanna punch him XD
chris muller
great: islamic terrorism, immigration is not a right!
bill jones
When BO was in office all his supporters were fascist, communist, Islamic nut bags. SOOOOO nice the losers are on the outside, way outside!!!!
bill jones
SOOOOOO PROUD OF PRESIDENT TRUMP, no more bo in the white house
Free World
If you think Germany is good, Go there !
5-10 ads in one video, glad i use adblockers on the pc because fuck you
MoriWo LP
Donald Trump= Asshole
So many retarded Americans in the comments.
Кот Базилио
Trump! You need to shake Merkel's breasts!
alex mood
American president meeting the leader of the free world.
Saniel Myst
the meeting went well...what is the news talking about? I think every leader who meets trump understands his heart is in the right place, he just wants the best for americans.
Merkals chin though
Daniel Styles
He read his whole speech, Obama rarely if not at all did that. Trump is an asshole and a nut job, but if he is against past government and the bad things they done, then he deserves a chance. If he has a same mindset to expand and grow the military around the world and get into other countries business, then we are all fucked eventually.
Christian Vara
She's like a german Hillary Clinton. She is a crazy leftist, has a cold look to her, is for open borders and her wardrobe consists of hideous pant suits.
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