Something I Need To Say, To Do, and an I'm Sorry

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I hate making this video, having to take this time off, and I wish I could tell you more, but its the only way to make sure I'm fine moving forward. Love y'all.
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Philip DeFranco
Hopefully you guys understand this is the best thing. Love yo faces and see you soon
Sexy Phil he's not sexy, sexy Phil he's SXE
You need to man up... and stop apologizing and just take a f..ING break if you need it. Life happens.
Jarl Erik Siwers
Take it easy Phill, have a chill break.
Hey, Life happens. No worries, as my inspirational throat lozenge wrapper said, "Never give up on you."
Mike b
Everyone needs a reset day/week from work every now and then and if people leave this channel because you took a brake i say oh well too bad for them.. take it easy best of luck
Dennis Ferrell
It's called vacation bruh! next time just say your cashing in on that vacation time..
Phil, we love you. But you're only human! Relax and take some time off!
Shanandcrew A
Just now seeing this video but applaud your honesty because often being personally honest in today's climate, is one of the bravest decisions a person can make.
Proud to stand behind you after all these years & see that you're still the same honest, ethical & basically the same down to earth great guy you were when I found you & became a subscriber long long ago. Be blessed!
No worries, phil. You do what you need to do. ♡
Marcos Palomares
Philip i will always be with you and help with what i can . Been with you since the beginning , i know you can do it!. I know you can do the best news sources ever . Will be there for you buddy.😁👍
CootMcGyver GetawayDriver
This guy is Big Advertiser's wet dream
Philip DeFranco got caught cheating with Tomi Lahren
Gutlard Gaimz
Work hard play hard yo!
Mike Otaco
The title of this is clickbait...
Based Zeus
You had a video defending 'whats his face' didn't you?
You deserve a vacation.
Wendy Desparois
I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time; we love you Phil. Your fans will always be here to support you!
Mary Imhogiemhe
Prana Khan
Your dedication to your job has been-and IS- inspirational. When you need to decompress, you have earned it to do so. No one should judge you for the mature way you have handled this whole situation sir. As a longtime listener, from when you had clocks on the wall in your apt., know that you have my utmost respect. Take care of yourself and preserve your way of life.
take as much time as you need. ❤️
Alan Williams
If I had 5 million subscribers I wouldn't complain about anything lol
Good luck Phil. I know I'm late to comment. Life has gotten ahead of me too and I'm catching up on some PDS.
been watching you for so long i cant even remember <3 you phil
Your health and well being and making sure your wife and babies are more important! We can wait for your future stuff!!!
Shannon Hurley
I know a lot of people, including myself, have gone through times when they had to push through difficult times despite the inevitable consequence of burnout. Phil, if you have the ability to avoid that and take a break PLEASE DO SO! People shouldn't wish stress on others just because they themselves are. You are very fortunate to be able to have some control over your schedule and you should take advantage of it for the sake of your health. I hope everything works out for you and that the road ahead is smoother. <3
8 boll
YouTube this is now music
Best of health man, take care!!
Mike Hawk
and an?
Brandon x22
ğÀMîŃğ ĎÂy
You fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Saryn Anderson
why the heck is and & an in the same sentence?
Take care of yourself buddy. We are loyal.
JJ Clarkson
take care of business see you next week
Buzz Killington
Focus on yourself, family, and friends. Best things in life.
Soul_Sking Fresh
The Mainstream Media and The Powers that Be that was in Hillary Clinton's pocket who lied and failed in stealing the election labeling alternative news and facebook as Fake News witch actually was the real actual truth are now buying the alternative media to control us on both sides now. Don't give in. Power 2 The People.
Tomiwa Aina
It was probably the sourcefed thing that was killing him... I'm sure he was trying to save them
Ian Ruth
Who else thought this video was about SourceFed shutting down?
Rip source fed and her sister channels while Phillip goes and cleans house
Thurston Pilgrim
You need a spiritual anchor.
This was awesome I skipped a couple weeks and thought I would have 2 weeks of videos but I don't
Suzanne Tolliver
Take care of yourself FIRST and come back to all your adoring fans when you can enjoy the work again without all that stress stuff... believe me we ALLLLL understand and have been there! :P
Networks will fuck you up!
Terribly Charismatic Duck
Who the fuck are you? You're in my music mix. You're not music.
oooooo. Poor guy. You still had a job to come back to Monday? All the people you laid off didnt.
wtf why is this video on youtube's music play list ?
pond amelia
everyone is entitled to some time off, been watching him for like7 years or something and there has never been a lack of content, in fact so much i try to keep up
jacob stamps
We get it Philly D you do you and we will do us
David lee
bottom line is Phillip is not playing ball!! like other Big You Tubers like Casey neistat that bottom line is he's going against the narrative so he's under attack!!! wake up Eyes Wide Shut everyone?
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