A World Without Police!?

a world without policenigahigaryan higapoliceCrime Fiction (TV Genre)f the police

Inspired by all the police brutality videos going viral these days causing even more hatred towards police.

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Last name Trump???
Sarah Hoffman
What most people don't understand is that anyone can be racist. Anyone can do awful things. But like you said you can't make starements based upon one action or more. Think about it like this. An African American commits an offense, and it goes viral. Now all of a sudden everyone thinks that African Americans are criminals. And everyone who is African American thinks this is totally racist and they think everyone is out to get them and hates them based on the color of their skin. But then a White person (sorry for the labels) commits a similar crime, and every other person in a different race starts to accuse them of being terrible people, and that all white people are criminals. That would be just as racist.
We live in such a judgemental world that its so hard to see how judgemental we are.
Just because your different doesn't make you less than or more than. We aren't based on what our fellow race members do, but how we choose to react to it. If protesters weren't so violent, maybe there would be less hate. No one ever seems to have a problem with peaceful protesting, do they? You never hear about it because they follow the rules. That's another thing. Just because you are different and have been out through a lot, doesn't give you the right to bend the rules. Say a child was being bullied in school. Does it give them the right to bear up the kids one day when he's had enough crap from them? No!

This was not meant to offend anyone, I was briefly making a general statement and it was in no way an impression of present day issues. These scenarios we're purely existing for themselves. Thanks!
Willow Jackson
I love you Ryan😘
Team 20
I'm in trouble I'm watching a video that say a hole
I have no life.
Am I the only one who keeps pronouncing police as poh-lees instead of pooh-lees?
i'm Muslim but i'm not a ISIS i'm in Indonesia
Did u notice that most of your fans are muslims,I am a Muslim too thanks for all the effort that you do in ur vids
Stellar Gaming
Ryan had to stop himself from saying "Awesome". Or awful. My mind is weird.
Anurag Kaushal
You should run for the President
Bet you'll get more vote than the competitors combined πŸ˜‚
Khaza White
7k dislikes are the idiots who do this lmao
Braylon Hollowell
Ryan can't be president because he is under the age of thirty and I'm a black Mexican so yeah I can understand part of that but tbh I just black kid that plays league of legends XD
Im watching in 2017
Matt Sushi
I had depression for 6 years and stayed in bed.

But now when i watch your videos i've finally decided to kill myself.
Strange Shadow
Fuck the police, the hot ones at least..😎
Well this was a good video until you started lowkey throwing shade at Trump.
Weeklijkse Hype
I want to live in anime world inplace of this fucking bad earth
hoonigan mustang
hey this is a great video my friends dad is a police and people try t assasinate police
Fatimah Adam
This is exactly why I love him
πŸ‘ˆπŸ» Proud muslim πŸ‘†πŸ» proud asian
Jodi Creech
dude your cool i think the same way as you
Kagura Miochanlu
Does the word muslims is pronounced must Lims cuz in here (the Philippines) we pronounce it as moose lims
Emmanuel Thaddaeus Castro
coolking228 awesome
good explaining
Nat Attack
I am Muslim and that means so much to me
Zaeem Anwar
You really made me "Emotional "
Blet Moo
Porice is fuck seet
Kou Bee Yang
no ryan is a good comedian and a good youtuber but
being a youtuber is hard and president???? HARDER!! And i perssanoly dont
think he woudnt make a good PRESIDENT he woudnt want to either.
Ahmed Ramadanov
try growing a beard
Perpetual Motion
wait... did he just say..... Asians can drive??
Suyash Aryal
When youtube wasnt cancer
GirlyGamerRK Professional
GirlyGamerRK Professional
I'm glad you mentioned Muslims β™‘ Not all Muslims are terrorists and I wish people understood that
Read this
Dante Vlogs & more
Kaustubh Sharma
I am Asian in. India
Kaustubh Sharma
I agree
how can a Mexican be an Asian???
Phantom Gaming
6:35 I saw a person in his window
Paige Carissa
My uncle is a police officer and get this! His name is.... Justin BEAVERπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Charbel Abou Antoun
You are the best guy in the and actuly i live in le anon and im cristian and alot of muslem people and also my dad is a polic man
Wei Xu
Pretty sure if Ryan ran for president, all 19 million people (including me) will all force there parents or vote for Ryan :P
Teresa Hunt
Ryan for president!!

2025 πŸ˜‘
Uncle Phil
Farohar Batiwala
You look a bit like the vine magician Zach King
Noah Sheppard
Will Miller
2:50 the first time I've ever heard Ryan stutter a video ever
Saurya S
Zack and Dylan
Triton Megalodon
For the beginning sketch: Isn't that verbal harassment?
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