Jason Derulo - "Swalla" | Choreography by Tricia Miranda x Ashanti Ledon

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Choreography by: TRICIA MIRANDA & Ashanti Ledon 
Filmed and Edited by: TYPO
Artist - Jason Derulo ft. Ty Dolla Sign Nicki Minaj 
Song - Swalla 




Red Raven
Omg the third one
Isaac Oderinde
90% Moves
100% grooves
Like👍 if agree:
girl at 3:46 with the orange sport bra : wasn't she in one of the Step Up movies??
Clorox Bleach
Who else backed tf up at 0:15
Aleenaxox 10
WAT da flip! Aiden ( I forgot how 2 spell his name!) goes here as well?! WTF lol he goes everywhere XD
may md
What is name/ insta acc of the last dancer who flipped lol
Harry Ord
watching dancing takes me back to when I used to dance I miss dancing I regret giving it up but don't have time eny more to dance )=
Rio Ichikawa
that little kid got a vibe tho😂😂
Priscilla Yeboah
last Group 🤘😱😱💜💜💜💜 boy in the middle
Miriam Oti
i love the first girl
reg cla
What the hell these people are snakes! I love thiiiiis
Flawless Blueeyed
Jade is chewing a gum while dancing and she's cool, I'd have choke and die in 15 seconds😒
Raj Verma RajArtist
fantastic fantastic
Jasmine Weathers
jade was definitely not wearing underwear
Ke'Yuone Howlett
soooooo who are the guys in the 2nd group? 👀👀
Em S
aint nobody gonna talk aout how smooth Gabe was like daaaamn
rachel c
Love Tricia but hate top 40 choreography
Saad Kordoni
where's this academy???
Melinaa Curzio
el de coyar
Do they speed their videos up? The movement's seem to choppy to be regular speed.
I wish Kaelynn Harris was there... she would've killed this choreo
jade was beast for me in this. when a song has beats like this one does, i want to see choreographers use it. it makes it so much better. whenever they do choreos that are too smooth when the beats hit hard, it just falls flat. jade made that really come through for me out of everyone in this video. she was BEAST
Moonlight Quartz
How many seizures are in this video.
Ashley Chilton
Sorry I know this has thousands of comments and this has probably already been answered at this point BUT who is the guy in the middle of the last group? That back tuck just...
Ja'Kyra Otto-Wright
Kaycee is in the back for the first time I saw her wow I'm surprised
OMG the girl with the red top at 3.48 was so damn hot whats her name tho ?
Jessie Sandoval
I'm in love with the second and last group of boys😍😍
Em S
Gabe damn that boy so smooth not used to it
Thomas Dukes
The first girl can dance. She's not a one hit wonder.
نفسك متع
The first one she killed it ❤️👍🏾
jennifer morais
caralhoooooo que coreografia foda!!
How is Jade in all classes? dayuummm but i ain't complaining
Tiana Santiago
the kids slayed 😭😭😭
1st girl dances amazingly well but I don't like to see her dance.. She has manly facial expressions and that throws me off..
Best routine on YouTube for this song by far. I love how they choreographed the chorus instead of Nicki Minaj's verse unlike other routines. I've watched this like 100 times
Talia ruiz villegas
los tios q bailan son gays?
Jade so fine I had to check if the video was on normal speed
Nathali Rodrigues
Será que sou a única Brasileira que assisti vídeo desse tipo ?????
Shawaun Spant
Damn dude in the grey hat put some stank on it!! Dope as hell!!
Keila Medina Miller
The little Asian boy is good but he seems to be off with group
Dora Garcia
I love this song I sing it evry day
Girl in orange so hot!
the last guy in the middle........dead
Tamera Malone
The first girl was the best to me
Malena Sueiro
la nena de SYTYCD ♥♥
Taiara Silva
será que sou a única BR vendo essa sarrada? 🤔
Romion Juliet
so awesome+
Erica Spaeth
first time i've been disappointed by your group ugh
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