Jason Derulo - "Swalla" | Choreography by Tricia Miranda x Ashanti Ledon

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Choreography by: TRICIA MIRANDA & Ashanti Ledon 
Filmed and Edited by: TYPO
Artist - Jason Derulo ft. Ty Dolla Sign Nicki Minaj 
Song - Swalla 




is this speeded up?
Claire Hartford
the last group killed it.....and guy in front centre is hot js ;)
Courtney Massey
who are 2 guys in second group
Cynthia Rodriguez
Y entonces te das cuenta que los niños bailan mejor que tu .... -.-'
Kendra Stephens
dam the first girl is good
Julia Lehman
To everyone who, like me, is curious about why Jade looks like she's doing different choreography/less choreography--the differences, except for the split, look like it's just different choreo for adult women, adult men, and kids. When you compare her dance to the trio of girls in heels, it's very similar. As for less choreography, comparing her video to the segment with the trio of girls, there are two completely different groups people in the background--I think the videos are from 2 different classes, they may have taught more choreography at one than the other?
Lauryn Rock
Kk harris would have killed this 😁
Mia Stewart
I love this choreography and this song, my favorite dancers in this dance are jade, aidan and lil swag, lil swag kills it on the dance floor.
Katie Jones
Who's the guy in the grey beanie? He's got swag
Tyrell Read
Its sad how that asian kid still looks like a baby after all these years
Gianna Caraballo
The first girl to dance was a dancer that in video's for ScottDW
Trevon Wesley
Bruh...WHY didn't she choose Nicki's verse to choreograph, it would've went so hard.
Lora Lynn
Killah Kids dancing!
Bronwen Evans
Tricia you killed it, as always slaying!!
Janice Gordon
I was scared for the girls in the heels
Hamsa Fouad
wait is that tahani from SYTYCD next gen? GO GIRL!
Savannah Najarro
Enya Estrellado
I wish I could dance like this 😩
madison j
What's that girl name who was dancing in heels in the pink crop top
Katina 204
trop clase
Leila Malkani
Laura Jimenez Pastor
everyone talking about Jade and I can't take my eyes off Gabe😍😍😍😍😂😂 Have y'all seen him, right?? Then, WHY ISN'T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT HIM?!?! He killed thisss!!!!!😻😻😻😻 and that groove on the ground at the beggining?! he's growing up😩😂😍😍💙💙💙💙👑 i can't stop replaying his part😻💓
Defcon163 looch
1 and 3
I Love it
Defne Tunç
who is the guy in the middle at 5:47?
Those kids are amazing! Girl on the right is gunna be such a badass dancer (well she already is)
Ariane Cyusa
I absolutely lose every time it gets to the little babies part. Like HOW they dance the beat so amazingly!!
omar daniels
bad dudes
How do people dance with high heels when I can't even get out of bed?😂
zcymon ramirez
wow <3
Rocio Moreyra
I need Tim Milgram here
florencia parisi lopez
Were is this dance studio?
Toniya Stephens
once again jade kills it
Teshawna Threat
I kind of expected more from this choreography. Still great dancers and dancing. Just wanted more Caribbean/ Jamaican moves.
Mandee . Dance
My favourite choreo of this song. Love every group!!
Mo Yanited
The routines just be getting better & better 😍
Nũnga Kĩnũthia
If i tried any of the moves here i would break apart, literally. God damn!
chester oasy
jade is not human.She's truly beast♥♥♥♥
Evelyn Maldonado
Tricia Miranda When r u going to dance in one of the groups???? I bet u would kill it also. Like if u agree😂🔥🖤🔥
Maroua Mihoub
the last group 😍 👏❤
Jordan K
Thank god it hit 1 million views ... the guy in the green pants dancing with Gabe slayed omfg
OuBiRa DjIhAnE
i can say anything i just loved it ♥
Camila Pindie
Jade= beauty. ONLY! She's not an amazing dancer. She's just Ok for me.
Camila Pindie
ODEIO essa primeira que dançou, faz de tudo pra aparecer. Faz uma força danada pra dançar.
Olivia Rodrigues
also this choreography is fucking bomb
yay its celia
Sean Lee should be in this class tbh he is 16 turning 17
Shula Beifun
I would love to see Kaelynn KK Harris and Sean Lew do this!!!! :)
Ghana Mafia
They should have left the KIDS out of this one. Kids shouldn't be dancing to swalla...I'm sorry.
Joystan Rodrigues
First gurl is energetic and she killed it
Daniel Navarro
jade 😍
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