My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't like it)

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Were you part of the 21% of people who didn't enjoy the science fair? I was. If you liked it, great. If you never did it, (lucky) let me tell you why I didn't like it. 

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Zachary Stewart
fig 1:cup fig 2:dirt I call it cup o dirt
Victor Aguilar
out of all my years of the science fair, i only did 1, (and there like 5 other times i had to do it) i never did them and it was just combining a pen and a pencil xD
Crystal Gameing
6:22. Sans
Emma Salvidge
I don't have to do it yyaaayyy 😀 I feel sorry for you
thank god they don't do this in England. 😁
i wilah i had a science fair, it sounds so easy!
Ramiro Vivero
.One girl won 1st place with ............2 FRICKIN POTATOES!!!
Ian Duncan
Sorry I mean I T S H I G H N O O N
Ian Duncan
It's high noon.
mesha hudson
Not yet
spider boy
Bruh I did science fair in 5th grade and my partner just left and didn't come and I did all the work and I got a higher mark then him.
Fidget Spinner
I had to do the science fair, and I sucked at it. I am in the 21% who didn't like it. Plus my teachers all hate me so I got extra points off.
kurcina velika
huh we only have 8 grades
Meowmeow Cat
Yay I'm in the lucky ones
Meowmeow Cat
The intro is so funny
Mohammed Parvez
--- 3 ---
Huhu Lili
Dude, this is important, in my school, i don't do experiment, but do everything else.
Simply Brittnie
i like science cuz stuff blows up XD
legen dairy
We have a science fair and me and my friend are going to do rocks and we are going to put mine craft gameplay in the background
Janie Bales
3:28 the Mcree face killed me I knew exactly what it meant.
faded neon
my school only did the science fair once. and then it became an option thing
June Park
I'm Canadian but I still did the science fair, what's funny is that a friend of mine had the same experience as you!
Cekala Studios
My school never had science fairs... only the scholastic book fair things. Thank god. I'm not good at science and stuff
Ameer Saraji

Balls? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Michael Reichhard
we had a science far butt you dident have to
KokuPotter117 Jeff
upload. Please James. Save us!!!!😖😖😖😖😖
Raja Sunwar
Of course I hated even I didn't even we have science fair
2014 pumpkin
i did the science fair in 1st grade and 4th and 5th it was required
TheKittenMaster #1
Our school never dis it because we had only 45 kids in our hole FRICKIN SCHOOL
Lina the Purple fennec fox
I didn't but we had to do a history 1800-1900 person fair
Franco Mariani
I didn't do it
kitty 355
In my science fair we did it each year and one year when I was like in 3rd grade this kid brought some foo that made kids sick or something like that... that was the end of our school science fair
Yuki Silver
I love science and I still hated the science fair. Any topic I came up with was something I couldn't do, mostly because they were chemistry questions.
Black Star
I didn't do the science fair in fourth grade I guess I'm a lucky one
Game Hunterz
Rio McDougall
I have the science fair but I don't have to do it
Emily Ramirez
I feel the same way when he screamed in the beginning of the video and yes i did the science fair
we have a history fair XD
Thenerdyarts 102
I also agree that the science fair sucks
DerpyPandaSisters !!!!!!!!!!
In my old school,we can choose if we wanted to do the science fair
Now,in my school I go to I don't do it 😅
Uhh Maybe
6:22 holy crap issa Sans blyat
Slayer Red rose warrior Alphas son
I love and hate science fairs
Quenin Sluyk
th friend was that other YouTube with a parrot
James If You Don't Reply I Will Ask My Principal If we can Do The Science Fair
Katt Love
My science fair project exploded.
Vicky Restell
I'm british and i'm sitting here proper shook 😂😂😂
Lolicons Merpicons
United Trollforce
spoiler.... he didnt like science fair lol
also i used the title "ready set grow" for my assiment for the science fair (sorry james)
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