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This was stupid lolololol

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Mary Dib
Hey guys did u notice when he was talking to the guy taht spat on his car he WAS SO FUCKING MADDDDD
He’s not naked look at me the mirror in the background
Zano 200
I know him his name is Brian a snake keeper
Guy CohenTV
Cici Cole
i think he wanted to punch u in the face I ♡ u sooooooo much
I know right
fdown dstt
lps 100
lps 100
Mavric is in Tarzan
cornblith johnathan
dude I hate people when they do yhat bro because you could of been a savage and took a pitcher ofhis tag oh yours says ayyyy
Aylianna carrasquillo
I would of punched that guy in the face
skylinn evans
That guy was a jerk but you new how to handle it with positivity.
Morissa Brown
A cocroche fell out of the bowl
The Kiddie Foodie
Why has God abandoned us
XxRobyxX '
I was seeing bizzardvark when u said bizzardvark
Shanesha Galloway
It's the first time in forever
Nayeli Luna
That grandpa is a bich
Ian Hays
Why didn’t you beat the crap out of him
laurel broxton
The red dress was my fav too she is gorg!
That guy in the Shelby needed to chill he just jealous that he don't get girls like Logan
Shelvert Holmes
If you are part of the Logang like this comment
angel sandoval
Are you good bro lol 😂😂😂
So cringe when he overreacts
Aaron Bumann
did anyone know that Logan said '' good thing I put my head on his hand
Ashton Stiteler
That guy is a butthole
Benny Turley
I love you logn pol
Heiðar Mar Valdimarsson
I love you logan
prisoners of the sun
lol logans reaction to the dude if I were him I would be like boi try that again and ill be in jail and he would be dead
Bad_ Girl
Good thing I put my head on his hand Logan do you need the survey
Lucdog2323 Gamer
Mr.I smash plates
Alex59 kng
When he said he board and he got naked look all the way behind hem he has boxers
Privat 42
08.12 have i bday
The unstoppable Gurl
I live in the U.K.
Erica Maxon
this made me so happy
Elliot Mathews
Just watching this now I know Logan probably wasn’t fully naked but kinda weird that his mum was eyeing up his junk
Smellz GT
İn minute 2.35 u can see he is not naked
Shannon Fraser
When I saw the deadly in the tittle
Which one would you hold the huge lizard or th baby alligator
Phil Fox
is that bird real?????? 0-0
xoxBubbles xox
Logan do more of this please ☺ btw im a big fan
tate ryan
yoooooooooooo this vid is lit with dat grumpy dude spiting on ur car
Badass Rooster
"Good thing I put my head his on his hand" - logan
Anson Akiuo
I hate that man
Shooting Star
Logan is screaming and his mom is all chill
Kaylan Seiler
Im so blown away!! You handled that guy so well!! Insanely crazy!!
Matt Lee
Toriel_Love 123
WTF. Crock roaches carry desies and it can bite you. They serve no purpose and can kill you.
Panera Lakuty
I’m confronting him for being butt naked if you look in the back of the hall there is a mirror and you can see that he still has his underwear on
Faze Cuz
You said you put your head on his hand
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