15 Easy Phone Hacks + DIYs You Should Know!

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Today we have prepared a lot of interesting things for you! Create with us the fluffy phone cases and practical phone holders, enjoy the futuristic scenes with a 3D hologram projector, reach higher levels of your phone games with a smart joystick!

Supplies and tools:
• Phone cases
• Color pom poms
• Hot glue gun
• Nail polishes of different colors
• A piece of pin fur
• Cardstock
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pink felt
• Balloon
• Craft knife
• Gloves
• Metal thread ribbon
• Thread 
• Needle
• Foil
• Double-sided tape
• Plastic stand
• Sunglasses
• Squared piece of paper
• Plastic file
• Marker
• Clear tape
• White paper
• Plastic cup
• Packing foam
• Rubber band
• Syringe 

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You are right balloon can make a mobile cover
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If we don't have a phone we can do this trick on an I pad phone case
Luxray Rangers
y do they own a hypodermic needle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scrapy lil Nobody
Or buy gloves u can wear and use ur phone with 😂
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Nagesh Jite
Troom Troom is my favorite channel. I like it. Your my favorite ones. And cute ones.
I liked the bunny,nail polish splat thing,and puffy ball phone cases
The title said "everyone should know"but not everyone dont be rude there not always smart
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I love the joystick works very well. And easy to make
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