Coming Out

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This is what it’s like to come out of the closet.

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LaSombra CS:GO
What are you? GAY?!
Priyadarshini Karmakar
is chantel gay?
Shubam Tandel
wtf .. the last thing i want is for ashley to be gay ..........noooooo
Track Gurl
Her sweater at 3:08 is pretty sick
semihowell 》
3:20 same
ambergirl986/ bombergirl123
0:58 fuk u
Coming out is honestly so hard but when you finally do, it just feels amazing. Learning to love yourself and accepting you who are has to be one of the most gratifying feelings ever.
Kristina Plays Msp
It's not gay it's lesbian 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Sean Hardge
Mateusz Gaming

Haley Masters
I'm legitimately sobbing watching this. There's so much accuracy in this & then there's these moments of acceptance I wish I could of had & have in the future in regards to my coming out. This was so powerful
Bbyx MSP
when she put the bag over her head i died with laughter im sorry
Wolf Gamer
Good thing my parents don't care if I'm gay or straight
Evelynne Sebastian
"You haven't even kissed a girl!" Well thats because i just came out!
infinite sis
Gosh i'm so scared. I'm meeting my brother next week and i'm will tell him that i'm bi😱😂🙄
Shibe Champagne
that's so cute
Lucy Stoneman
0:11 - 0:14 must have been extremely awkward to film
calypso clark 2
that girl at the end was so cute
Maria Vitóriak Silva Da Rocha
Dillian Stockman
they are still talking about this dam
badboy 69
Miheal Keehl
What does being Gay have to do with destroying Trump signs? Or is Buzzfeed just that biased?
Aviv Rubinstein
[insrert green alien meme]
Bff Gaming- Roblox and more
jana jay
i always wonder how it is when you are really attracted to a boy or girl, i mean same sex. i guess the same, but it seems so interesting, how its feels. Where i live noone even talks about that, boys even hit gay guys, its something so so different, so unusual.
Magdeline Motionless
this is probably one of my favorite buzzfeed videos
She seemed more depressed than anything else
Duyen Nguyen
I think I'm gay.
John Rathee
Music (Y)
Cindy Herring
If I get 15 likes I'll come out.
Never Ash
this is so beautiful
Marcela Sandino
Kinda wanted Jen to be in that but honestly still perfect. 🖤🖤👌🏻😍
0:11 cRYIG AG
Babyblue zazil
this is so me
Lili Madison McDonald
the dad with the rainbow tie i'm emotional
Thatgirl Pops
This made me cry
Csilla Kiss
When her dad walked out wearing the rainbow tie...😢😍❤
was throwing away the women for trump sign necesarry? like sure i don't agree with the dude a lot of the time but can we not call people fuckin nazis for having different opinions lol
Vy Phung
Chanteeeeeeel ❤️
Mar D.
0:42 How all your friends react.
Every time I say a sentence
I'm going to say I am a girl
I went to the club I'm a girl
I met a guy I'm a girl
We went in the car I'm a girl
We chilled on the couch I'm a girl
He whispered in my ear I'm a girl
Eliška Boldy
Ashley is the only reason I watch buzzfeed...
Girl Writer
Not gonna lie this is the most I've ever related to a Buzzfeed video.
Kit the Manakete
same, I've always wondered if I'll EVER get a girlfriend.
Adely Vasquez
when I came out as pan to my best friend who is a guy his exact words where " I KNEW IT!! "
Kasey Lock
I'm Bi-sexual and state it proudly when asked. My parents know this, but don't care of my sexuality. :o)
Melanie Butler
why did she take the trump sign down
Melanie Butler
ewwwwww you can do what you want but that's just gross
Samuel Baudoux
Of course, they are Hillary supporters
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