Coming Out

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This is what it’s like to come out of the closet.

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what was that on her tongue???
This video brought me to tears.
Imsey 101
0:12 😂😂
becky barnes
literally all of my friends were like "I know" and oh my god it was such a relief
X Murdy
Me: I'm so gay
Me again: Why am I so gay
Reality: actually bisexual
64 Bits
I’m Gay
Ameriss Campbell
I'm asexual
Brian Tan
Butcher the Silence
Jesus died for your sins, repent and be saved from hell in the life after; heaven wants you!
Prime Gaming
Hes gay wtf
kat !!!
pfffft. me gay?
im bi, not gay.
ticci toby
At 2:52, that sad moment when you are warring the same bra as they are
Me : I'm straight...
Friend : no you're not. You've never even kissed a girl
Me : sigh
mystical c.a.k.e
I like how she just said “I’m gay,” wierdly at the beggining
brebre 20905
IS se gay in real life
Isabelly Cizerza
Chantel looks so pretty at 2:20
hanna living
i'm gay yeahhhhhh
2 D
I'm gay.
Cat Zooa
- not me Jordan Vann
Insert Idubbbz: IM GAYYYYYY
Addison Schwan
When I was 12 I heard 3 girls doing it in the bathroom. FML
Demmie Tristan
Wait Chantal is gay
All I can think of is the iDubbbz "im gay" throughout this whole video
Makayla Brown
Basically me right now
Ella Page
Chantel is gay?
Nice Potato
Beautiful video
Ashley Galluch
Oh this is good! Very relatable
Dolores Misko
smile tae
this video made me cry it's so sweet :')
Adam Valdez
This video inspired me so I rather be nice and I don’t care if the persons gay cause we all have a life
Lucy Newman
chantel is gay!?!!
Grace Owen
Is Chantel gay?
Charrlieee _XXX
Ahw :) the ending made me smile! Im Bisexual, (I like boys and girls)
De little One
Lol what am I doing I have an boyfriend
im_so_ funny
Channel is gay, cool I support her😁
Gracie Rose
I literally want all of Ashly’s clothes.
The Other Gordon Ramsay
I'm toucan sexual
Sofia Cantin
Love the video
SofiaNator Official
I’m bisexual and came out to 5 people and when I told one they said “No you’re not, you don’t even know what love is.” It really annoyed me because they’re not me and they do not understand how hard it is to come out, then end up neglected.
Maria Zardasht
wes anderson vibes
Mecha sucks At everything
3:17 Hey! I just realized that that's mike!
Burnt Toast
This is an actually good buzzfeed post
I LOVED this video!
Itachi Uchiha
Omg, Shane and Ryan!
Lauren Wagenbach
It really annoys me that people tell you that you can't be gay because you haven't been with the same sex before
Are you a winner Or a loser
Colin Foster
Awwwwwwww Ashley is so cute.
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