Coming Out

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This is what it’s like to come out of the closet.

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Thirty Cats
almost all women are bisexual lmaooo
Molly Kauffman
I legitimately started crying when her dad opened the door with the rainbow tie on!!!😭😭😭
So I'm 12 years old, female, and so far I've only had crushes on boys. I have a crush on a boy right now actually, but I don't want to date him or kiss him or anything like that, so idk if you can call that a crush. I just have some sort of "attraction" to him. When I think of dating someone or kissing them and stuff, I think of myself and a girl. Idk what this means, it's so confusing.
Nikki is so cute!
Stella wilberger
I love this so much. It's so cute❤️💛💚💙💜you should make more vids like it!
Veronica Sawyer
God I wish I could come out to people.
BunnyBunny Person
fave part at 0:40
Sami Smith
Hey, Gabby. I think you have a chance with Ashley.
duke 1058
I am not gay but I have osteoperosis
Hailie Nichole
I'm super scared to tell my parents I'm bisexual. I'm only 12 but I know I am because well....I can tell. I have had boy and girl crushes, I've kissed a girl 3 times. I like both and I don't care what gender I fall in love with. We are all humans but I'm scared my parents may be upset. Now that I think about it, I do like girls a little bit more too, which makes it even harder. Does anyone have serious advice?
aahhh this is so cute
Alex Dannis
Wouldn't it be lesbian not gay
Juberiya Abdi
Chantel's gay?
Juberiya Abdi
Why are they showing a sex scene like I don't need that
Hannah Workman
Is chanti gay!?!?
Andrea Prince
amazing video !!!!! very artistic.
Parker Lee
So true
jess c
it's not always that lonely
sumitha k
ashly ur acting was too different in this and the last was real U
i'm 14 and i think i'm gay, or bisexual with a preference for girls. I've never dated anyone, but i had a few crushes on guys in the past that faded after a couple months, i have a crush on a girl now. I know i find girls attractive and i'd like to date a girl one day, idk how i feel towards guys though...i find some guys really cute but idk if i can see myself dating a guy. aaaahhhhhh!
Mi-Hye Platt
Started tearing up at the scene with the rainbow tie.
I started bawling my eyes out when he opened the door and I seen the tie ;(
Val Saludo
...does that mean no more ashdrew
Я педераст
Phil's Crusty Treats
I'm not even gay, but this is so nice haha
FizzyCloud _-_
she's not gay, she's lesbian
Cassidy Sommers
Has Ashly come out as gay?!
Gay is Okay
love this video. (cough cough).... harry styles.... (cough cough)♡♡♡♡♡
Xraykaboom 14
10-15 secs was cringe af💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sofia Flores
I know I like girls. I think I like boys. I rather be a boy than love one. But that's just how I feel.
em morales
so i'm crying bc of the tye haha anyways
Lauren Scully
this is the best video buzzfeed has done in a long time
LauraLove ••
I'm personally bi and I hate seeing my school be so homophobic. It honestly hurts.
My analysis: I agree with another commentor. I believe the reason her and the girl never worked out was because she wasn't being herself. It's not that she is not gay, straight, asexual, bisexual, etc. She was trying to fit the image of a rebellious lesbian girl. She was taking away posters, getting a piercing, being rude and wild. It just wasn't her. It was a false "liberal" image she thought being lesbian would be. I also believe that at this point she doesn't care about her sexuality anymore or finding the one. Just being herself. Then she meets the cute girl at the end.
Olivia Stilley
I told my dad I was asexual and he said: "I'm asexual...predator, " and then I bursted into laughter. It was great. I don't think he knows what asexual means though...
Savanna Foss
I ship them 2 so hard ugh
Jasmine D'Souza
The dad pointing at his tie just made me start bawling and i have no idea why
Yoonaverse :3
Yoonaverse :3
Layla Rahmati
That's basically what happened to me honestly but my parents r in denial
I feel like when you say I'm bi you're just curious :/ because usually you end up with one or the other unless your into more than one partner
Christina Dalton
I'm so scared to tell my parents that I'm bisexual. What if they don't support me and try to change me. My grandmother said that the the only that would make her hate me was if I was gay or bisexual. I love my family but I'm so scared of being rejected.
jesse carter
i love the message of the video a lot! i teared up.
good job buzzfeed!!
Alex Cryshan 1611
Most disgusting stuff I have seen in a long time
Took me 4 years before completely accepting myself. I was only dating guys at that time and during a relationship caught myself even more staring at women and fantasizing about how it would be like with a woman. Since two years I've fully accepted myself for who I am, still attracted to the male gender (but some times I like to be around women a tad more)- currently dating a woman. My parents don't like the idea. Can't talk about this subject. My mom's against the LGB's. Did came out of the closet two years ago. Still finding it difficult, cause my mom is pushing me to only date guys and will bring this subject on the table almost every single day
Jason Givens
I don't care if your gay I love you for you go girl also I support all of you
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