Coming Out

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This is what it’s like to come out of the closet.

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Maria Ponce Padilla Arevalo
anyone notice chantel was really hot in this video... no... just me
Kelsey's world
I've watched this video like 5 times and I love it ❤️
Vanessa Aguirre
Oh my god. Why do I feel somewhat connected to this video.. I am confused on my sexuality. And my family wouldn't except me as any other way other than straight.
Abigail Lea
Oh man I know the feeling of trying to get familiar with the phrase before you drop it on someone
Tahir Ahmad
Very nice
Katelee Dinh
Is she actually...
i wish the books were real.
Jessica N
Great, honest video ❤️
Abby Alsted
Chantel in this is amazing 😂
Wait chantell is lesbian?
is it bad that i started to laugh when she tried to suffocate herself.
is she actually lesbian? cuz i totally shipped ashdrew
The Awkward WEABOO
My life story
Biggest ROBLOX fan!
6k dislikes are Homophobic ?
whats their snapssss
its eleanor
i wish this could do this
Bowser Jr an Friends
Why am I watching this I'm straight
Maria's Village
Niamh Amber
When the meme opportunities are way to strong...
by alondraaa
When I came out to my best friend as Lesbian she was like ' I know I love u either way' I swear I was gonna cry
sierra is a dinosaur
I started to cry a little when the dad wore a rainbow tie like awww
Elsa Brosi
Good for her! ☺️😊
Gayston •
uuuummmmmm... you would still feel pleasure from the sex with that guy
I'm still too scared to come out to my parents
Mrs.HoranMalikPayneStylesTomlinson R
Is Chantel really lesbian?!
mist !!
chantel is so fuckn hot sjdnfksld im gay
Constanza Del Posso
:) this was cute
Grace The Trash Can
That was so sweet when her dad came out with the pride tie :')
Z Films
Ew it's buzzfeed
King Simba
Omg when i realised a spyro song was in here 😍
Ma Ken
Crying so hard
116 miles Away
Wait is Chantel bi or gay
Syd Gibbs
I came out to my boyfriend as bi and it was a disaster. I'm afraid to coming out to another people around me like my family or my friends but in the other hand stay in the closet is really torturing me.
Dewi Boekel
Omg when her dad wore a rainbow tie a litteraly started crying
hhb hhb
Ashly looks so depressed in this video holy crap
Gaby Ramirez
1:00 she has a punchable face or maybe I just hate her
Sky Lark
Ashly is honestly so beautiful.
shauna thedreamer
unfortunately the last part doesn't happen for everyone, in fact I think it only happens for the minority :(
GraceAsmr Medina
Jess Smith
I cried when I saw the tie
Spøøky Tyler
"I'm gay"
"yay!!" cheering and clapping
That One Shipper
Is Chantelle gay?
Aiko Graywolfe
Sushi Roll 4 life
I cried watching this realizing how I won't be able to come out since my mother hates gays, the only person I could come out to was my uncle who is gay
the thumbnail is the straightest thing ive ever seen, how the one girl is trying to casually make her boobs look good and cover her stomach, only a straight girl would do that
Alice Tremblay-Bergeron
Heyy BuzzFeed , we really do NEED a PART 2 with Ashley and the librarian..... just saying!!!! ;)
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