Coming Out

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This is what it’s like to come out of the closet.

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Wolf in The Box
That Rainbow Tie Is Cute :3
Peace Maker
Coming out to my little sister.
Her: Is there any cute boys in your class?
Me: No but there's a really cute girl I like.
Her: Cool who is it?

Everyone in my family pretty much guessed that I was gay.
Elijah Eppelein-Valencia
If you're gay as in lesbian totally fine but if Ur gay as a guy. Kys kys kys kysKys
Catherine Hinse
On 2:14 I laughed so much
Aidan McDaniel
3:22 me too.....
Alejandro Shadows
I think you mean lesbian cause if you were gay you would like men right?
Dont Trust Lane Boy
i have a girlfriend and im happy :) idk if you care but i do yay!
At school a friend of mine said , "oh, by the way. I like guys but I also like girls." She looked kinda relieved when I didn't look like it was a weird thing for her to be like and all I said was "Okay."
Unicorn Judeicus
I'm gay.. I know...😂😂😂
jam taylor-dayus
1:47 ;)
Raven Allison
When I came out to my mother she said it was a phase ;-;
I came out as bi and my family always says its just a phase. ITS SO ANNOYING
is chantelle gay or straight
Mindy LaPoint
I cried when your "Dad" (I'm not sure if he is IRL or not) had the rainbow tie on. kudos to making something so real and raw.
AA's Channel
im holosexual
AA's Channel
i dont get this
Demise Plays
Im, straight.
Irish Boyy
Tiocfaidh ár lá
dikasquad oioi dikasquad
baik aku setuju dgn apa yg di tayangan you tube dengan vidio sex panasnya
Rachel Graham
"I'm gay....". "I know"😂😂😂😂
Show Time
I'm scared to come out to my parents because I feel like they either won't take me seriously or think its a trend.
Jaden Jackson
When she said no I was like "this hoe" then I remembered it wasn't real
Anna Polk
'I'm bi.' 'Yeah I know shh I'm reading' Actual thing that happened when I told my friend.
Shelby Witt
His face when she asked if he had a condom
Victoriaisnotfunny 666
I don't really know what sexuality I am,but I know I'm not straight. Like, I know I'm not a acroromantic because I get crushes on boys and girls bit, I don't think I'm bi. Does anyone know what I am.
Daya hallo
Yaw I ship them and i want to know the rest of their story why
xX!?BadGirl!?Xx MSP Germany
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am watching Youtube
just like you
TARIK Bilgiseven
AMAZING VIDEO!!!! And is chantel gay ?( not that i am against it i just wondered)
<3 <3 <3
cute cartoons
Keith Lee
Ashly and Nickie should have just been a couple I mean twins right!? Lol
Natalie Rojas
when shane came out of nowhere, I was like "AHHHHHH!!"
D. E. Bodiford
I don't come out...I come in...with your permission of course. Based on this statement I could be a pervert, a vampire, or your next door decide.
DudeManGuy 1
I looked in the mirror and told myself "I'm gay" and instantly burst out laughing because I'm a goofball xD
Helping Hand
when she recycled 😍
Phanic! With the Crybabies and ShaneDominates
3:22 I can't tell whether to laugh or feel bad.
For once buzz feed actually made a great video
Iris Lukken
I don't get why people who are gay have to 'come out' you know, I mean if you're straight you don't go to your parents and say: 'hey mom, dad, I've wanted to tell you this for a long time: I'm straight'. Being gay should just be as 'normal' as being straight.
Debora Urbano
I wish I was that easy to find a girl.
why do i think of a green man jumping down a stove here?
Kevin Morais
She just keeps saying "I'm gay" it kept getting funny for some reason but i don't have anything against gay people tho because I'm bisexual
the ocean sets
I was laughing so much when she was in the stall
Mária Lucza
1:40 she is so cute
No one Okay?
I love how you don't need much dialogue to understand how she feels. 💕
Alexandra Z
You're not gay, you're narcissistic and depressed.
Betty He
She's bi!
me: im lesbian
Friend 2: oh, u are?
friend 3: k.
Charlotte Walker
If when I have kids they come out as LGBTQ+, I will fully support them. Love is love!
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