Testing My Dogs' Intelligence

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Cheezy Chiz
Do not call your an cermet stupid it does not help them grow
Elena Sucec
Of course peach won
The tasks involved food
Elena Sucec
When my dog sees the leash
He goes into his crate and won't come out. He either loves air conditioning or thinks he's getting a bath
Jenna x Julia Vlogs
My dog= marbles but a girl and younger and is a yorkie but mostly is the same
Fenix_ WereWolf
Kermet always looks lie hes gonna CRY WHY
Sarah O'Neil
Marbles is so small!!!!! He's so cute!!!!!
Mary Red
Who is watching this after they saw Marzia and Felix's video??
Vasila A
Came from Marzia's video :3 nice trowback
Marbles has definitely gotten dumber since
Brooke Kliber
Guess what

Read more
Anjelina Fuentes
Like jenna said he would have not gave no fuck because I think he's just not happy about having peach and kermet right
Ayapartywings08 Gamer
These are my fav kinds of videos from you 😸🙀
Music Is My Forte
2:35 'Doest mother knoweth you weareth her drapes?'
Hey look Marble is alive
The cute kitten
Never trust edited comments...
Lik lak
Getting an 8 week old German Shepard puppy cant wait!!
R Sims
i did this with my dog and he got a 1
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
marble just doesnt care
Hunter Stafford
how come some ppl don't like the videos she does that are like this like these ones are honestly so great
lowri Thomas
People how think marbles is dead at rong it's just his life goal is to be a Stachu he's trying his best

This is the Internet there is no room for correct spelling
lowri Thomas
My dog stich is smart but is to busy barking at the 14year olds that pass the fence to notice and my other dog is dum as shit! She's scared of rainbows
L Stew
I just realized the towel is a turbie twist and I have like 6 of those
"I no has object permanence"
Roses Diary
I think marble is Brain dead
Ela Fernando
Watching this after watching the mean comments video is 100x funnier
Noemi V
Marbles: I will stand on top of this towel and shoot it with my laser piss to get the treat...THEN YOU DIE
Lady Suzanne
6:26 Every day someone makes a video with a Marbles and gets scared of arms. Stop the abuse.
Eva Carroll
Both my dogs got 7!! Paesh is setting a good puppy example
Ku Doub
Keish marvel and cement.
Dan The gamer
I took a screenshot of Kermit 5 seconds later Jenna is like "did you take your picture yet"
Goddamn. Poor Marbles. It must be hard being that dumb.
Rubul Rose
I think marbles deserved at least a full point for that cup one
Mathias Kjeldgaard
Nice video. Absolute cancer song.
Evonne T
6:15 I think marble earned two points because the cup is literally taller than Marbles so he just looked at it so I think Marbles should of gotten 2 points for that round
Proof that girls are superior.
1:54 Me after shower
Lara Mick
my dogs totaly flip out if i even go near the leashes
Not Eli
My dog literally got 2 Points on everything! he's smarter than me. I put the towel on him and he shook it off in 0.1 seconds.
Foox Fox
Marbles just looks terrified and stressed all the time. Probably she was beaten by a human in her childhood or experienced some other abuse.
Elizabeth Calderon
Julian Urias 104
jenna is THICC
Pickle Rick
"Marble just smiles and wags his stupid tail"
jello kingdom
Marbles was so happy when you said LET'S TAKE A HIKE!
jello kingdom
When you brought out the treats for marbles I think that that was the most I've EVER seen marbles look so alive. EVER
Little Cermet
Lousy Fusion
I don't think a dead dog can be very intelligent.
Vilma Ervasti
you should make peach traps
Daddy's home
Ur dogs are fucking stupid 😂
Erza Scarlet
Why do JennaMarbles and MeghanMcCarthy's faces look so similar to me?!?
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