Unbox Therapy

If you have no idea what I'm talking about watch this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wr22S7UvX8&index=2&list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
A lid isn't enough. If someone really wants to tamper your drink they would wait for your attention to be drawn away from the drink while the lid isn't on it. But I guess it could also be like opportunist theft : if it looks harder with you, someone else will be targeted.
Rick Morty
Nice haircut
M.S Cuber
Noooooo why.....😭😭😭
Etienne Pienaar
how does it connect? Bluetooth? so the range is 10m? 30ft ? so what if you bathroom is further or behind signal blocking wall?
As a woman, I think the execution of the product could've been better, but I do appreciate the thought behind it!
Reece D
or just finish your drink
Brookie Barbour
toms too much of a square
Emon Khan
Why did ryan lost. Why. He got lew exactly he is.
Deepak N
What is this but i liked tis gaget
Adam Chaudhry Loverpool
Hey people get this guy to 10 million I can't live without seeming jack
Ok LEW, Stop it.. we know its Oreo. We know the next Android O-Oreo is coming. stop hinting us in your every videos.
Mobile Apps 2017
Take it off the coaster then spike it nobody will know because its off the Thing :/
What if you took out the paper thingy and then made it so you couldnt slide it because of the groove...
him saying "tom" got old real fast. just stop
All of you complain for no fucking reason πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The Dragon Community
The anti-cosby machine
Matt Man
I want to be like Tom, just sit around and get paid, all you see Tom do is sit on the couch
Devendra Rajendra
I feel bad for Ryan poor him
LFTE Beats
This is so sad
i am not a person
it wouldnt work cuz you dont need to touch the drink....
Noiz _Sarah_
It actually really suits him
okdan goos
annoying fuck
Hahaha nice annoying Mayweather imitation.
victoryy vegas
OMG LEW! Please STOP Yelling!!!
Lawrence Huxley
Ryan looks better bald...
Whats your background music? I like it
Stephan Arsenault
I think it should alarm in the person's hand as well that would be much better
JKW Gameplays
Please for god sake get some light in your studio😭
Han Solo
how to stop drinking problems
buy this
Nikola Stosic
he looks better shaved
4Hours Ago
Going to a bar or nite club and trusting that the glass is not going to already be a cespool of herpies , syphillis , gonnorhea and aids would be your first mistake ...
The Redstoner
Made on my 13th birthday which I am now
Hit like if you like Ryan bald! Seriously lol it looks great!!
Jason Antony Cleveland Coetzee
I feel like Ryan has more chill than any normal person. He cool.
Muddles Jamz
During the occupation as a barmaid I have witnessed drinks be tampered, it is not funny or a laughing matter, people have their lives ruined by such an action the intention of a spiked drink is 9/10 Rape.

I have even witnessed a mans drink being tampered with, the intention was to steal his wallet and credit cards, and I would assume men have been raped also.

Yet in general women are taught to be responsible when drinking and not to leave themselves in a vulnerable position, i.e. not leaving their drink out of sight, not getting plastered, booking a registered taxi, you will see these adverts around the holidays.
Aaron Bourne
He looks normal to me
Bullet MagnetMan
LOL! Pointless crap. F*ck me! Seriously?! Why wouldn't you take the beer WITH YOU? Job done.
Stephanie guerrero
Wow he actually doesn't look half bad with he's new haircut. Lol
nathan little
Someone could just steal your 40 dollar coaster re-sync and use it as their own
nathan little
Why not just down your drink before you go pee.

what is the watch that tom is using?
Will Ryan
Wow my name is will Ryan lol
Christa Crafts
The secret word is secret code
Noah Hunsaker
I am starting to get the feeling that Tom doesn't like you very much.
david murphy
Yarnell Riley
Please never ever bring that guy infront of the camera again.
Nicholas Antony
My theory is that Lew is always high while he is filming
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