Lenaya Miller
Hey Logan paul you're videos are so very funny
This could be classified as miltery grade wepons
Louise Truscott
u gud bro from ashleigh i love you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i am 10y
Louise Truscott
I love you Logan from ashleigh Xxx
s.g.t. Duran
I subscribed to logan paul
Crazy_ENDER65 C
Is that how mean you are to your fans that go to your door and you say never come to my house again
Atulya Aman
Dude I love you but what you did with that fan was very rude. Didn't expect that from you.
Cherlyn Wiokerson
Logan for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_IPixels_Gaming_ l ROBLOX And More!!!!
Is that the third verse?
Hassan Nur
cool flames
Fire Sword Jake is actually JlaserVideo
Noah Davis
Vlogmom be proud he's a billionaire cause he dropped out
Crystal Hernandez
Wow jake not Jake Paul the jake in the video . He funny
Big Dog
I miss even
Junellen Martin
Awesome vid bro your op
Abigail Thomas
Done Logan’s plz send me a shirt
Luke Walters
Be a maverick
Luke Walters
Hi logan
Jules Robin
That looked so wrong When they ate The hot dogs off the sword
David Fernandez
My dad punched me in the face for getting a D on my report card
Lizette Velasquez
Poor Daniel he's watermelon gone to waste 😂if you like wdw you know what I'm talking about.
Elliot Mathews
Lance Stewart needs to watch this so he knows how it’s done properly without chopping your finger 😂😂
i like turtles and bts
lmao we have fried jackfruit in our country and it's fucking delicious
u gud bro?
that fruit you callin Jack Fruit. Actually in Asia i guess... It is called Durian.
static rj
I love jackfruit
steven wilson
this one came out on my birthday
Mary Crosslin
have you ever broken your leg or your ankle or sprained your finger some like that
Roger Sinclair
Aden534 GT
Logan replaced lighting with lit but still lit
Joaquin Soriano
When it's should be called comedy dope
Govind Somai
Jake is azor ahai
Ladythehorse 2000
Your crazy
Taylor McNally
Logan 4 life
Amy Doughton
Jake paulers.....

Be a maveric
Roj Karim
I want one of those fire swords
Alexis Gomez
Cool Logan
becky west
its like a giant lighter , lol !
Lai Tam
It is my birthday when u recorded
james raz
i feel bad for that guy well neeeeeeeh
haters gonna hate
Yoki Tube Official
Dang I'm in live tlwith the outro and intro song, plxplxpxlpxlxpx tell me which song is dat
Yazooy Alzaabi
logan paul is coming to Dubai!!!
Oliver field
Logan is the best
Thomas the Dank train
Did want merch before he goes to jail
Luke Rjughvc
i hat my mum
Andrew Klotz
Man it’s not that bad 5 seconds later blah
Saad Alkanbashi
Who is trying to see from newist to oldest
libiya or livya whatever is the victim of MODERN SLAVERY.
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