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We uncover two massive secrets about Star Trek: Discovery (DSC) over the past week, and it's two pieces of good news too. Come join The Final Frontier as we take a look at everything we know about the CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery - December edition.

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Set 10 years before the adventures of Kirk in The Original Series, Star Trek: Discovery sees the return of Star Trek to television. The series will debut in May 2017 on CBS, with episodes available on the CBS Access streaming service in the US and on Netflix in most of the rest of the world.

a customer
a customer
"Making comment in retardedly slow zombie like trance state while I drool"....... The new Star Trek taught me that I should show remorse for voting for Trump. Hate America asking immigrants to respect our laws by coming here legally and being productive. Enjoy homo's kissing which in no way should I be repulsed. Accept people thinking they are the opposite sex while not giggling or I would be a bigot. Immediately find a way to commit one hundred and twenty second trimester self-abortion on myself because I am white and should feel guilt because I do not contribute to enough diversity. I can not wait for episode threeeee. Wipes drool from chin.
I heard there is licencing problems with Discovery. Therefore show had to be set in the kelvin timeline which means the show does not conform to Star Trek cannon and that's why the Klingons, the crew uniforms and so on are so different. I also heard Bryan Fuller has been fired from the show because Fuller said the show would be a mess if the licencing was not fixed up and people would hate Discovery. Apparently Fuller has been proven right as the writers brought in a sample audience to watch the show. After watching the show the sample audience said the hated the show. Which also came as a shock to CBS All Access management who where also hoping people would subscribe to the new channel after watching Discovery.

I also herd that the show will only last one season and the actors are regretting getting involved in the show and they have all spoken to their agents to get them auditions for other shows. And now CBS management have all their hopes on a guy called meyer to write a new Star Trek show and turn Discovery into a short anthology Star Trek series. And I also here Netflix 's international arm is thinking about suing CBS All Access if the show turns out to be a mess because they will of course lose money on buying a show that no one wants to watch.
star trek has been accepting and non racially biased since its beginning, and im tired of the idiots in the comments using their Youtube lingos about sjw and pc an blah blah bullshit, the first star trek featured people of many races. and it probably was protested by idiots like yourselves.
Dan Reese
I don't mind having a Black main character but the actress picked is having problems with fans accepting her in this role and went as far as pulling the race card recently in Entertainment weekly and calling fans racist which wont help the show be watched . I read on the blog responses not one was positive . If they casted a stronger actress in the role maybe it would work but seeing her in TWD she is a weak actress but she been casted so lets see if she can carry this show and give her a chance
Michelle Yeoh's last name/family name/surname is pronounced as "yo" not yew
VonVictor Rosenchild
OUTSTANDING! I am really looking forward to see this NEW Star Trek series. GREAT WORK.
I got zero interest in this I got that Ghost busters remake feeling
Zero Dawn
Star Trek has always been open and diverse; it doesn't need the fucking PC treatment. Hope this shit gets cancelled before it gets off the ground.
Chris Davies
I am an avid Star Trek fan, but the graphics I've seen thus far have been awful. Looks like someone knocked up the ship on their home desktop pc.
David Laney
Big mistake with CBS All Access, it's going to die by mid year....incredibly stupid, no one is going to pay to watch crappy CBS programming...all wait until it gets to Netflix but I don't think it will make it...everything dies on MSE.
Randy VinLorn
Dear God , Was that a Zombie .. Really ..
Tom K.
This should obviously be renamed Star Trek: Diversity so no one is tricked into watching even the FIRST episode. Which is what its tombstone will read.

Perhaps the Discovery will travel back in time and bring the New Diversity Black Iron [Wo]Man into the future (just get her the hell out of here!).

But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will CBS do anything to appeal to the fans that made Star Trek the hit it was: Smart White Males.

The first two Abrams Abominations literally turned my stomach and put me off ever watching a Bad Robot Star Trek movie again. Thanks to CBS' commitment to DIversity(+Proximity=WAR!), I am forearmed against ever watching a single episode of this Multi-Culti Abortion.
Perfect choice. Walking Dead sucks now anyways.
Tomás Lima
A sad note!? For me it's wonderful that finally a gay main character is coming for Star Trek. That's 100% Star Trek and Federation spirit, and you should know more about that before calling yourself a fan of the Trek universe.
prince vince
why even bother to do a post on this shitty version of star trek. ive got every star trek show on DVD but ill not even watch this show do to the ugly ass ship.
Mark Mejia
BEANERS - Ordered to remain on Earth and Pick Lettuce - No Beaners Allowed On Spaceships Whatsoever... Starfleet Now Bathing In White Privilege
You people in the comments suck. You havent even seen one episode and already you're out. A lot of people have been waiting to see a new series for a while now.Dont fuck the ratings because of a bug up your ass. Also to those bitching about Star trek being political and reflective of our social issues you obviously arent a long time fan or you must have forgotten that Star trek has always been that way
ex. -The first televised interracial kiss. Star trek is about exploring a future that has challenges but has left many of ours behind, A representation of our adaptability and resiliance to the ignorance that prevents our progress. It would kill the series all together to be missing that element.
Trevor Manns
Fuck Paramount and CBS for screwing over Axanar..I have been a Trek Fan
my whole life but will no longer support Paramount or CBS..
InMyOwn Words
Just because he said first time a Black woman will Captain a ship does not mean she only got the job because she is black or a woman you idiots. When people from the ethnic minority are omitted no matter how hard they work and how professional they are and when they complain, there are those who tell them to shut up and stop complaining declaring the reason they were omitted was only because they were not good enough to win. As they ask if they think they deserve to be rewarded simply because they are from the ethnic minority or female. That was the debate and defense the last time the Oscar was accused of not recognizing the contribution of people from the ethnic minority.

However when people from the ethnic minority are rewarded for hard work and professionalism. These same people complain that they are only being rewarded because they are ethnic minority or female, again implying that they are not good enough and in their eyes they will never be good enough. With these people, the ethnic minority cannot win, no matter what they do as people like these do not want them to win.
what is the actual date this is to scheduled to air on television?
Satine de la Rose
yah!!!!! cant wait
You can really tell the noobs (whining about the look of the new show) from the die hard fans (excited for the story and mood of the new show). This is why I will be watching and hopefully why noobs won't be watching:

1. star trek the t.v. program, in all it's iterations, never boasted the best cgi of it's time. You had to actually WANT to use your imagination.

2. Star trek the t.v. program was a space opera, allegory and moral play with adventure story plotting and NOT a mindless action movie insisting upon it's commercial appeal. If it ever becomes that shoot me.

3. Star trek the t.v. program was not for conservatives i.e. If you don't like multicultural themes and humanizing story you are going to whine and cry about minutiae throughout. And hopefully be sent from the room so the adults can watch.

4,. Star trek the t.v. program has been known to cure depression, heal the herpes and cause noobs to implode.
The Mask of Nobody
WHY do they keep going BACKWARDS with all these scifi shows (and movies)! I hate it. It REALLY ticks me off and burns my biscuits!!!!
OMG! I loved her as Sasha, hopefully she will do as great of a job in Startrek
Rtcurry Curry
the ship sux.fix that shit
Dalek Supreme
Why the negative comments? I can't wait to see the USS Buzzfeed in action
Randall Davis
fuck is y'all complaining about????? PC??? fuck outta here???? Y'all want the whole cast to be white or some shit???? Smh.
TurdLord 5000
Let's see how she does. The Walking Dead writers have certainly been screwing her over since her character there was introduced. Then again, she never did a whole lot with what she was given there...
Bwahaha!! So lemme get these comments right: If anyone in the cast isn't a straight, white male, then the show is forcing a PC agenda and will be a failure. Wow, straight, white men are sensitive little fucks.
There is channel about star trek is call star trek genration
wonder if theyll fight zombies?
Anonymous Bosch
Same ol crap. Why does it always have to be about the Federation/Enterprise? A series about the Maquis would be interesting, or hey, just redo Voyager except don't completely waste a good premise this time. Cast seems ok but people behind the show aren't promising (Bryan Fuller, Akiva Goldman, etc).
Paul Smith, DS
Problem: New ST only on EPIX not on regular tv. Many fans dont have or cant afford Epix. Find it kind of low for the producers.
Colin Grainger
My sincere apologies sir for the last comment. New PC speakers on the shopping list :-)
David Duet
Telling how commenters are attacking this for holding up everything ST was, and has been about since it's conception.
so,.... RIP Sasha, then.
I can't wait til the new ST:D comes out. I'm gonna get it straight away.
Star trek went full SJW.Sad
Lucky Man
If the foundation of story and script is solid - this will be good. However, I have a very strong inkling that is not the case.
barry van dijk
When is the release date ?
Lostaway Edits
Why are people complaining about political correctness? It's Star Trek. Do you know why it was created? This is just pushing boundaries again, as the original did. I can't say much except, I am so happy for Sonequa! She is really talented, and deserves to be the lead. TWD really under-used her so hopefully this can change it. I am a fan of Sasha too (I've made a few fan videos of Sasha, so if you want to see her acting caliber, go ahead on my channel). I also like James Frain, so he should be good as Sarek.

Prequels can be frustrating, but they can jump into the future in another season, who knows? To those who think this is gonna flop, think again. Netflix is releasing this in 188 countries & Star Trek + Netflix = goldmine. I live in Ireland so it's good for me. As for CBS All Access in the US, if it fails, they'll just give the license to Netflix and they'll continue it on to season 2 for everyone to watch on Netflix. It's in good hands with a solid creative team. The only thing objectively to be concerned about is the storyline in my opinion.
I wrote better Star Trek stories when I was twelve.
Brian Cananzey
Goddamn this bullcrap. So tired of SJWs effects on everything cool. I like her in TWD but really? No captain centric show? I also hear it will change each year? All Bad ideas. No person specific casting. The Captain is not always the center of the show except in the original. In the other shows the Character's take turns in being the center if each story. This is liberal Hollywood bullshit and i will pass!! She is not the type to lead a cast. She is a minor actor and is being pushed to shock and break some kind of glass ceiling! I'm not sexist either I loved Janeway btw
Wayne Poole
is it just me or does the new ship look like a Federation Klingon hybrid?
Bin eine Fotze
I will watch it if I can watch it over here in Germany. I'm disappointed that they set it in the time of Archer&Co and probably in the new timeline as well. We had 3 movies covering that, I would rather have a series playing at the time of DS9 or shortly after Nemesis, with Romulan characters.
who gives a shit about the politics leading up to this...why cant people just watch and enjoy something for what its worth.....
Empiricist F
Not a huge Trek fan but liked your video, good summary mate. I get the feeling this one may be screwed up by CBS and alienate (appropriate word) lots of fans. Saw that "Klingon" pic that got leaked and they look lame... Anyway, shame the fans can't just contribute concept art or something and maybe get something they would love rather than an individual vision. Maybe a different studio? How about HBO...then again it might get too bloody...then again, wonder what a Klingon's Weiner might look like...
This makes Temba, his arms open, I hope for no Shaka, when the walls fell. I hope Kira at Bashi brings the show back to its former glory.
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