Live Skype interview on BBC hijacked by kids

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A video is going viral of a professor getting interviewed by BBC. It was a Skype interview and the professor's children walked in the room during the live broadcast.

He's a PROFESSOR not a TEACHER... give the man some respect, you ditzy, typical, Californian bimbo sigh
Hyun-SE: Zegal
am I only one who thinks this professor working in 3rd class university in sk go back to his country with his hybrid children? FUNNY~ㅋㅋㅋ how dare u euro descendant racists treat, look down on great people from such an advanced region like Northeast Asia awfully? do you guys even know our countries are more advanced than your dna's origin homeland, western/northern europe where smells like rotten cheese and seem old fashioned and sucks like countryside and it is really hard to say even the usa is more advanced than great northeast asian region ( japanese, korean, northern chinese provinces)? face the fact we are still rising and your homeland is collapsing! if you are american, are you still so proud of being western/northern european descendants~?ㅋㅋ I have respected ur race because I know ur ancsestors & people have achieved so many wonderful things through hundreds of years. but, after watching too frequently red skinned people' the hatred comments and calling bad toward us online for almost 10 years, now I changed my mind and I regard you red skins are the mortal enemy of my race. this is why I think s.korea & japan should also arm ourselves with nuclear weapons, so non-east asian monkeyes can't look down on us anymore. don't forget s.korea or japan can develop plenty of brand new nuclear weapons so easily and so fastly with world's highest technologies once our governments make mind based on forming public opinion to be a superpower! let's see who would win with smiling in the end~ red skins with so much freckles, highest obseity, longest face or too broad square face like shovel, too thick body structure, too large godzilla nose with giant nostrils, and such lagre mouths with big troats like cave, almost like popped like alien eyes if someone punch your back of your head~ mountain pigs!ㅋㅋ
and he was on ant and dec
his daughter walked in like "hey where's the party at?! she was just boppin to the music LOL
ay fam
Long live iran
노야fan 니시
That situation is bb where international news stories In addition, the nation`s first presidential impeachment.
And while he was on the live broadcast, the child came in and broke into an accident.
If this is the case, I'm going to try to get the kids out of the blue, think about it, and don't bother to think about it.
So the mother in the video acted like that.You acted hastily.
Should kids be allowed to take the kids leisurely and leisurely, whether they have a live feed or not?
That doesn't have a concept.
Anyway, Mrs. Cho's behavior was normal.
So, are you going to hold your baby in a tight squeeze?
Don't swear too much. That's what happened to prevent any more accidents that could happen.
Exchange Light
She was a mommy not nanny.
wonder woman? she flew
S Sarma
Vapid newscaster (or empty dress). You don't call a university professor a 'teacher'.
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer
Thank u you have brought laughter to the world at the most depressing time 😀😀😀😀
Hans Hoerdemann
Did the "reporter" think the funniest part was when the father pushed his daughter back by her face or when the mother yanked the daughter's arm out of socket dragging her on the floor?
Wtf tht clickbait
Cray Graphics
Lol the clickbait in the title
Pami LeonQueen
You actually don't need to point the characters, they are clearly visible
James parker
What a great news
뭐 뭐
캠에 최대한 안찍히기 위해서 자세 낮추고 한번에 그냥 끌고 나간거같은대 저 상황에 꼿꼿히 서서 애들 한명씩 데리고 나갈 정신이 있겠나? 나라도 저랬을것 같은대 현실적인 애 키우는 가정의 실수인거같음
death to humans
Don't trust White People!
Il est contre lui
Iky Scars
We can see the full video on your twitter <_<
still not close to "f*** her right in the p*** " video.
Sebiha Ahmed
we don't need any explanation
William Rousseau
lol the news is like that one homie that like to explains the joke and ruins the mood.
الكيبوب هو عشقي
يموت ضحك😂😂😂
She was Clearly 1/2 dressed and was trying not to Expose herself on International TV!!!
Brien Oh
daughter say, mummy What's wrong..HAHA
she is their mom you stupid racist
Follow my chain for all news
한국 엄마는 위대하죠. 엄마의 힘. 그리고 가족사랑.ㅎㅎ
I think he shut his eyes hoping he would wake up from a bad dream!
The little girl had a better sense of the camera then this reporter.
Ed Eddie
she could not reference the woman because in her heart she feels she is a nanny. that's the kids mom.
it was the kids mother
Sophia Duarte
Ha ! What sweet Kids.😘 what a good Laugh.
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