FF 91 Prototype v. Tesla Model S P100D | 0-60 MPH Results

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“At 1.1 G, this car is faster than gravity.”
On 11.21.16, we achieved 0-60 MPH in 2.39 seconds with our FF 91 prototype during acceleration testing. A RACELOGIC Vbox3i system was used for data logging.
Our patented “Battery Boost Mode” motor software allowed our powertrain to vastly improve energy output and temperature stability, rapidly increasing acceleration potential from a stop. This is just the beginning, as FF Battery Technical Fellow, Steven Shultz, illustrates: “The more I work with this hardware, the more I fall in love with it…and we’ve only tapped a fraction of its potential.”

Prior to matching up against a Tesla Model S P100D, the FF 91 prototype bested a Bentley Bentayga SUV, Ferrari 488 GTB supercar, and Tesla Model X P100D SUV in 0-60 MPH acceleration testing.

Gibbet Hoskins
the problem is your car is barebones interior. the Tesla has a fully equipped and heavy interior. I'm not a fanboy. I'm just stating what I think when I see this.
Time to measuring this against the 3-4 gs of a top fuel dragster
john public
Shame this video doesn't show even show it
Rudolph Xu
strip dance
Ted Thizzy
FF isn't production version (way lighter), new Telsa P100D racer does it in 2.1
Dan Fu
this car lack most of its interior, so...
Spencer Farrell
Do you smell that? I do, it's the smell of fake news. You're racing a car with a stripped down interior against a production car. Also the Tesla just got a software update that makes the presentation failing FF91 look slow again. Oops.
Rocco 2k2
The g-force on the S P90D is 1.2 and the S P100D is more especially with the plus add-on. These numbers from faraday are complete bogus, because they barely beat the P100D X. There is no way they can beat the S P100D even without the + add-on to make the car into a 2.34 sec car. The don't have any independents confirming anything they are saying. This company is out to steal you down payment, if you're stupid enough to drop any cash on it like the Tesla buyers did initially
Elvis Nica
So .. did you guys compared a Production Car (Tesla) witch is limited electronically and stabilized with a "debug" car (Faraday)? Witch is lighter and fully unlocked?

Or did you compare it with a production car also..?
Kolby Gabbert
Well... the new Tesla Easter egg that lets it go to 60 quicker and it's $15,000 less. I think you'd be a fool to give this unreliable company 5 grand for a car way ahead of its time that we know very little about.
TESLA 100D Ludacris+ update just came out. (2017 Jan) 0-60 in 2.34s (Motor Trend spec)!! FF91 stripped down prototype no longer the winner. LOL
Please do not make a sedan to compete with the Tesla, also do the alignments correctly since Tesla at it's early stage has misaligned their doors with the body of the car.

Another tip to consider, start off with a Coupe, not a van; it would make people want to buy your product. Hope this helps you guys out.

Last tip I would highly recommend you guys partner with Tesla that way you guys can help each other out, then later on if you want to compete go for it; but at early stages I suggest you partner.
Rocco 2k2
hahahaha a finish line for 0-60? the model s does 0-60 in a shorter distance :)
Cyrille Early
I can see in the future Tesla's Auto detecting the presence of one of those Faraday futures and disabling some of its currant limitations in order to annihilate it in a race... It seams like a few lines of code could do it, sort of like that VW diesel situation , dieselgate,, where they put some lines of code into it's computer to change certain parameters During certain times
Take back that car's oscar!
Robert O'Neill
These electric cars make my muscle cars from the old days look like snails. But I still love my muscle cars anyway. Best of luck to this company, you guys have been working hard and deserve the rewards it should bring.
Chuck O
I don't buy this at all. Faraday almost certainly cheated. Wheres the numbers for Faraday's race day weight? I'd almost guarantee that the Faraday was running with a non-standard partial battery pack (i.e. much lighter), for these quarter mile runs. Like Tesla, Faraday would only need a much smaller battery pack to make a few quarter mile runs. A much smaller battery would of course, weigh considerably less and allow much faster quarter mile times. You can bet as well that when it ran against the Tesla Faraday made sure the Tesla had all of its 1400 lb battery pack. I imagine that a Model "S" (normally 5000 lbs with its factory battery pack), running at only 4000 lbs would be unbeatable and would likely break into the high 9's. I'm sure Faraday was well aware of this.
Ezequiel Lopez Arias
My VW Jetta can also do 2.39 if I get rid of all doors, seats, roof, trunk, stereo speakers and throw it down a bridge.
Sven Lobeto
Right now a fully loaded Tesla p100d does 0-60 in 2.5 sec. After the update it will do it in 2.4 sec. So the difference is 0.01 seconds. Thats nothing.

A Fully loaded Tesla P85+ does 0-60 in 3.9 sec. However the GT version does it in 3.0 seconds flat.

Tesla GT Team is unveiling its P100D very soon. Its 1100 Ib lighter than the production version.

Im Expecting a 0-60 time of 1.96 seconds. Cause it sounds cool but its also doable i think.

Then its a fair race, both stripped down with no interior. Lets see what happens. We all know it.

paderk s
Lol faraday failure
I think it's WRONG for an EV to focus too much on Power and 0-60 time. The type of person (very rich) who buys this car will be concerned more about "How Far Before a Recharge?" This seems like a nice car but their competitors are pretty strong already in the Market such as Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Tesla and so on.
Chad Singleton
It just occurred to me what Elon musk is cooking up. He gives away some patent freebies, and generates a massive need for EVs. This creates a auto manufacturers arms race to feed the public EVs. Where will we charge all these wonderful new autos??


Elon wants to be the King of sustainable energy not cars.
I love this guy....
Solar Tag
it's not about what company is better both tesla and Faraday Future are both great companies. The goal is to make the environment better.
Congrats you're slight faster than a car than costs half as much...
Heaven Master
This car will be released in the end of 2018 , Its unlikely it would ever keep up with a Tesla
I mean who thinks Teslas wont update their cars until (almost) 2019 ?
"At 1.1G this car is faster than gravity" That made me cringe so hard
How.. about making a cheaper more affordable electric cars that are cheaper than cars that burn gas people
will literally be more than happy to own a tesla than buy gas every so often hell i would.
weesh ful
good luck to you, and all future manufacturers of electric cars.
ClashRoyal ENT.
this is bullshit if it can beat the Ferrari
weesh ful
“At 1.1 G, this car is faster than gravity.”
This makes the physicist inside me sad.

acceleration is change in velocity.
gravity is a thing that exerts a force.

should be “At 1.1 G, this car has greater acceleration than the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of the planet earth if there are no relevant forces pushing upwards.”
PPT car maker. PPT造车.
Ever hear of Rimac? Probably wanna check them out before ya get too cocky
zs Xie
still can't massive production . How it compete with tesla
The Tupac Hologram
how well will it do against the rimac 1
Clous von
fake drag races by a face stripped out test car , this company has already flopped , next
Ckc dillpickle
Whats the weight on this this?
Dink Loena
Its faster than the fastest Tesla, though it doesn't look as nice and may be more expensive. A bit under-compensation for the sub-second 0-60 difference.
There's Faraday, there's Tesla, then where is Maxwell???
just a bagel
or you could just make it more affordable
Why can't people make affordable electric cars. Why do I need to go 60mph in 3 secs, no city in the country will going that fast be safe or legal unless on a high way.
Andrius Kosovas
Can this car take on Rimac Concept One ?
Ivan Ruiz Cano
Fake and gay!
I'd definitely buy one
money_bags White
Yeah.... Good luck...
sportsfanatic 006
1050 horsepower lol
It's soooooo ugly though.
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