women - dogs are better than gun

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women   if you have one of these dogs are better than gun
these dogs are better than gun
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The problem is teaching the dog when NOT to attack.
Alex Klatt
In French Ring Sport the dogs must heel backwards
Brian Kelly
Boy dogs are beter than guns
Tess TheVirgo
That’s lit bruh 😂😂😂
jammy bcfc
you will be stupid to fuck with any of theses dogs. I had a rottweiler and he has passed on now but boy was he loyal. my best friend and I would walk anywhere with him as I knew he had my back always. R.I.P my best friend Bruno ❤
Aris Ouano
Great pictures of Loyalty.
feya powa
Guns are still better. Gun handle any scenario.
kelly matangi
id rather have a gun its safer i think
all of these are staged :l
Noxilla the God
That guy at the start is just want some fwends
Jessica Phillips
2:45 why did she put her dog on him exactly
Cool Big funky
Stupid video
Aurora Rüegg
wow amazing now i wanna have a dog too :)
tim kenney
Fake videos. These are all training scenarios with professional actors.
Tyrone Rips Up Cats Kang
why are honks always sexually harassing women? fucking pussy-obsessed apes need to be castrated.
Kill Me
They should train dogs to go for the neck.
Skytubing And Longtail -Skyler and Olivia-
1:23 that dog came walking back like “ did I do a good mommy? “
sierra Husbands
It's amazing how some dogs just know
dzudo vic
I fell good for this dogs
Theresa Snow
when the dog attack's if it's a guy kick him in the ball's
salvador gonzalez jr 27120
cool dog i wont one like that
Connor Vandeventer
When people think pitbulls are dangerous dogs they are not the people who raised them are the true bad ones they are loving compassionate dogs who will defend their owner of they feel in danger
Id A
Fuck can't wait to train my future Dobie
مهدیه فانوس
I liked the dog in the car waiting for her owner😘and jumped out immediately
Jesus Christ
Gun > dog > human
thevegeta 223
Michael Weston
Yes because a dog can defeat a human with a gun.
Lily• Bee•
This video is so sweet
Latias The Eon
I wish I had a pet
Candy Plays ROBLOX Candy122007 !
That dog really loves there owner there so cleaver dogs 😊
Sonnys Mummy UK
My dog wouldn't do shit
Cool Cheese
That first guy a D tho, so r all these ppl
Isaiah Okorare
Why is there so many people attacking her
Tessa Brooks
NO FLIPPING WAY!!!! I live by that first scene in the park!!!!😲
Dirk Diggler
Wow these are sooooooooooooooooo real
bev Darmanjian
You need both
Chris Walters
Omg what good dogs very cool wish my dog could do that
geoff edwards
Dogs are great animals,part of the family,good company,funny,loyal and willing to put their lives on the line for their families,all for a bowl of chappie,a walk and a blanket.tickle their tummy once in a blue 🌒 moon and your protected.
Fiona BlueStar
i have pretty sharp canines and i dunno y but the ends of my premolars are as sharp as my canines too.... just sayin my pros u know 😂😂👹💪👀👿
1:00 lol that dog was like
The Horned Snow Leopard
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
Is the release command “puss” 😂
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
My gun doesn’t shit one my floor. That third dog missed his mark ⚽️⚽️
Alex Klatt
The very best dogs for guard & Personal Protection are the ones who come by it naturally. It's already in their genes, no training required.
Alex Klatt
All my breeding stock at WinterPalace German Shepherds was Personal Protection trained & gun-sure! They give you the best puppies for protection dogs, both Personal Protection as well as Area Guards, aka Compound Dogs.
Reggie Kanan
Walking around with an un-muzzeled trained attack dog in public...You better have a good lawyer on retainer...lol
Death Boop
Dogs are better than guns because, fun fact, some dogs can take a couple bullets to the leg o stomach
Hind Katana
Why men do always feel pride in being kicked by women?!
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