women - if you have one of these dogs are better than gun

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women   if you have one of these dogs are better than gun
these dogs are better than gun
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Omar Raymundo
There is nothing better for self defense than a gun period ! Dogs are a good backup for my family though !!!🐶👍😃
Jessica Lyn
I've always wanted a big dog. When I finally got one (Mastiff mix) I was like yes! Protective loyal dog! She was very loyal but also very loving. Anyone every broke in she'd probably just scare them enough to leave then wonder why they didnt wanna play lol
mahieuke iscool
1:05 listen she said hiel in place of here
Soda Smash
Best pets are you sure you arent pink sheep you sound like it?
i dont fucking understand this title
Viretta Reallova
Da best vid eve
Forbes Hutton
I used to work with and train guard dogs. I helped a friend train her GSD for protection but we didn't use any of the normal defense commands. Instead, if need be, you'd hear "TANG! CASTRATE!" and then have 2" long teeth at the end of the leash snapping at you. He's trained to go for the arms, but no one's willing to see exactly what the command leads to....
Lesa Pierce
Wish I didn't live in an apartment. Sometimes I think about getting a dog anyway. I have a disability that has rendered me unable to work so I would be home most of the time.
(In my opinion, I think it is cruel to adopt a dog in an apartment when you work full time, leaving him or her alone and cooped up all day.)
I live next to a park where I used to love to walk down to the river, but recently a man was randomly assaulted and robbed walking on the same path.
Our small town used to be safer than most, with little crime. That has changed here just like everywhere else. I would feel like I had the freedom to do and go wherever I wanted to if I had a dog that was trained like the dogs in your video.
I was especially impressed with the scene where the woman was several feet away from her car using the ATM. Her dog was on that guy in a fraction of a second!! Man's best friend... woman's too!
Thanks for the awesome video! I really enjoyed it.
Don Brinkman
You noticed the skin color!
Jim Crow
Ok if the attacker has a gun the dog is pretty much shot...
My doggie is my best friend she is around 5 in human years and is a small/medium dog but even though she's fully grown she looks like a pit puppy so no one messes with her she's a terrier mix with pitbull and whippet too so she's super fast she's my baby
People are idiots, a cockroach is smarter than some people on this planet...
laking gaming - roblox gamer and vlogs
thats why i like german sheperd and btw german sheperds are police dogs
Notice how every single person who was attacked in this video is wearing a very thick coat... Make sure to wear a thin one instead when you plan on being attacked by a large dog.
Music_Lover 101
Watching this vid makes me say "Karma is a bitch"
Albert Snoeren
All faked everyone's wearing protective gear
Victor Maldonado
Make e real video people
The guy at 2:45, just hanging out waiting for his friend, then attacked by the dog... Nice...
Hamzeh Alsarabi
Why did the woman's dog attack the man at 2:48?
Jontra Volta
2:45 hahahah wtf did he do?
Love Cat
lol this video was hilarious, dumb guys who steal gets what they deserve.
Wonder Playz
Go dogs I wanna a dog that will do that
ok. none of these had a scottie in it
Kitty Catz
I want one, its like real-life bolt
Alperen Atalay
Amazing ! Cool dogs
Matilda Gunther
I wish I had s dog like that
M Lo
So let me get this straight. Your deliberatley training naturally "protective" dogs to attack....fuxking idiots.
Cheryl Carney
My Sheppard cross Maxie is the sweetest guy.....but you'd better not come near me with bad intentions lol
Audrey Jelloz
YES BEAT THE SHIT AND FUCK OUT OF THAT GUY yess dog Do it really god bite his penis off like a good boy THAT WAHT U FUCKING GET HARASSER jezz can't even take my dog out for a walk now a days GOD FUCKING GOD (Btw my dog is a fucking puppy A FUCKING PUPPY ITS JUST NEW BORN I WA TAKING IT OUT FOR A WALK I WAS HOLDING IT IN MY ARM ALL OF SUDDEN HE SNIFFS SOMETHING AND HE JUMPS OUT OF MY FUCKING ARMS AND BITES HIS FUCKING FACE. And my reaction was like "Me:How did this fucking German Shepard (btw it's a Shepard we had fucking 5 Like the mom had 5 baby's) seriously HOW DE FUCK and I run away and he follows me I ran to my friends house and She let me in btw my dad was like behind me from the Bushes so he couldn't see me idk he couldn't see me and I was surprised so I just ran to my friends house seriously.

Well I hope u guys liked story times I'm a new subscriber so I'm gonna be doing this a lot read them and give them a like if u can Live Werid and Die great byeeee guys
Gary S
I didn't like when they didn't say good boy after helping them ! Like they saved your life tell him good boy!!
Dharma Ochoa
i want my dog to do that
Bows and Leos
Ok that's cool and all that the dogs are protective but I'm worrying a little more about why ppl were recording this instead of helpin or call omg the cops cuz not all of those clips looked they were on a security camera so like what the heck??
Am I the only one that thinks all of these scenarios are fake?
I'm gonna get one in 20 years :c
Kenzie Starr
I am training my huge Doberman right now, he's already bitten lots of people that tried to kidnap me, which was scary
XxHazelWolfxX 06
A guy once tried to get into my house and my dogs attacked him immediately and we woke up to the sound of screaming and yelling........
Maria Anaya
Did she get her puarse back
Elizabeth Propst
They are good protecters
Elizabeth Propst
Holly shit
Beren Saat
dear dogs you won my heart💖🐕
If you really want protection keep 3 of these at your house Lmao
aAAaHHhh dEXtErRRr
Didn't the last dog attack and then the woman took the baby and walked away leaving the dog and all the stuff? Lol
This vidoes were planned
Daniella Austin
i need a dog like these dogs. i mean my dog is great an all but if someone was attacking me, he'd think we were just playing
Oliver C
A dog can never replace a good handgun because a handgun is cheap and easy to carry. When a thief sees a hand gun will he robe or do anything? A dog is a good pet and has many advantages too but you will have to look after him like a child as well. In countries like THE UK where handguns are not allowed, there is little choice but to have dogs for protection.
Benji Greywoods
Do you speak English? I'm not trying to be rude, it's just that judging from the title, it seems like English isn't your first language.
Abigail idk
Men too!
do I bring my dog to a fucking gunfight?
JC the weirdo
good thing i have a german shepherd
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