Parents Charged with Child Endangerment Over 8-Year-Old Son's Prank

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A YouTube video of a child named Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny riding in the bed of a pickup truck in California filled with Orbeez (water and gel based plastic balls) led authorities to issue charges against two adults. Police said in a release the video showed "dangerous driving behavior involving children." In the video, the balls are later dumped out of the back of the truck for fun. They naturally rolled down the street and eventually clogged storm drains and triggered a major cleanup operation.

Melanie Izzo
Manny? She's a girl she's a nanny.
A Hawk
"plastic balls"
Attention whore
Raheela Ghori
Says he wears safety gear in the vid he was shirtless so she lied
Epic Nothing
What protective gear
I just relized that u can make a pool in a truck.
I hope that family's dies in a house fire
Pittsburghbaseball 2013
"We never put Rocco in harms way, he wears protective gear"
Great, so when he falls and accidentally gets run over by a car, he doesn't scrape his knee.
1:21 nobody cares about the kid. They endangered other people that wanted nothing to do with it. And the kid wasn't even safe.
Welp, that's his modern life.
Rocco is retarded
This is why kids need to beat their parents.
Triwin 4
Jake Paul.
Caleb Gastman
Spoon Homicide
1:03 opportunity to 'accidently' grab a titty
Not plastic its orbeez and OMFG ROCKKO PIAZZA
Dragon Noodles
Tsk tsk.. white privileged people..
The Derpy gamer 22
Rocco is so annoying he uses insane click bait and he is just douchy
Brianna Torres
Omg I hate that kid
Keira Mercer
UnFortunately no one was hurt whattttttttttttttt??????
Sasha & Ksenia Freeborn
My crushes name is rocco....
The brave unicorn
This has Jake paul all over it
Ma boi rocco
Amanda Verlezza
This mother Is horrible
He is definetly not a YouTube sensation at all what so ever
I see the video
Severus Snape
Paul Rude
Lucky someone did not rear end them or t-bone them....then there would be fatalities...
Luke Nyeholt
Also can cause a crash.
I play Mobile games
So what there living life
Keira Tube
Mean "unforchonely no one was HERT" 😭
Panda Girl
This mom is so dumb. And I'm surprised the kid even made it to 8.
Vexry Alexander
Its not stupid its its its

Aaron Duran
The world is becoming very slim in common sense I see.
bendy the dancing demon
is this child abuse??
BIGguyNECK productions
Wow this is so stupid who would do this, oh wait white kids.
#HD Hashtag
These people over exaggerate sometimes, like take a chill pill why do u care
hanna x
"people love it, people hate it"

lmao shut up kid
you have no respect for the enviroment at all
Lollipop Sugar
Wait... did he say "unfortunately no on did get hurt" like what??
Costume Reviews
Child endangerment? For riding a scooter that's just really retarded the news always make it sound worse for more views
lol I never heard of him
Incredibility Maker
Haha, The original Video is Under my recommended
Whites do not really like their children, so they grow into parents who also do not really like their children.
Willian Cortes
I hate roccopiazzavlogs
The Lit Glit
This kid 8 and famous?? When i was 8 I was watching dora the explorer
Did anyone notice the guy say "orsheez" at 0:34
XeX Classic
This world is full of pussies
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