Old Man Grandpa
This easily could've been avoided if they had had the trunk up
King Cruz
Why would u pour the orbeez out?
JustMadeThisToComment cx
This has more views then the actual video \(·_·)/
Vanessa Garcia
Lmao Who Else Tougth It Was Froot Loops.
Maybe there 21?
Thameren Dyck
thats how my parents traveled to school for all rhere lives and they arnt dead also another example of media manipulation and exaggeration
yesenia ortiz
roco havs a youtub
Grace Zheng
Reporter: "orshis''
Person: '' orbis''
Kathy gamer
How stupid
Lorenzo Bolls
1:38 - 1:45
What a great answer
Robert Stewart
dumb blond had be told she was an idiot and a liar
Lil Abigail
It's orbeez!!
Giuliano Carrafelli
"We learned our lesson" but views need more views
what would u expect from a kid named Rocco
Malti Vagh
I live in eastvale corona
YouTube channel?!?!?
whats the point its not even funny
Nathan Wyatt
They were not gonna get slung out... omg let people have fun
Philip Zamora
Can you imagine what kind of story this would be if the parents had dumped the Orbeez while they were still in it?
Jessie Golden
should have been charged for the dumping of those balls! not to mention the accident they could've caused behind them.. stupid people...
Lps Jenskutarallaa
i always know they were idiot in some way but i still like them😂😍
Red Crows
I would do this...
Properklik Support
you moron
Megan Hess
We would never put Rocco in harms way, we just put him in the back of a pick up truck filled with water and take corners too fast so he almost spills out onto the street like an upper middle class white kid soup.
"Hi, we're parents who put children on the edge of some danger just to make money. Oh and we're loving the attention we're getting from this!!!!!!!"
Tyone R Hood
they aren't plastic for the dude that said that in the beginning
NT06 Pranks and more
I hate Rocco piazza he's a baby
Mrs. Edward Cullen
my dog's name is rocco....
magdi O'Ehley
its not plastic balls its njelly
Pawzzies AJ
this is something Dr Phil would want to get his fat nose in
Gavin J Garcon 36512232003
Aah white people
My question is, who names their kid "Rocco"?
Jennifer Martinez
am I the only one that thinks this was stupid & they should've received some kind of consequences?😕
but it's just for views, well, it's also dumb
KD Witherspoon-Allen
crackers having fun
mom's cool
I dig it
Blobfish Gamer
Why do I feel such a deep hate for that kid after seeing him for the first time here???
Vintage Life
of course, it's rich entitled ppl in a nice hood wanting attention as always
Michelle Colon
They're so trashy
I'm glad they were charged. I hate how some youtubers think they're so above everyone and can do their stupid stunts without getting called out on it
Flatoop 'S channel
Rocco is my dogs name
Matthew Ronge
Who else is subbed to Rocco
Jude Lewis
This mother is an idiot!
Just wondering

What street is this on

Not like I care but where 👀 maybe I can clean it up
Kaiden Cuthbert
Plastic balls = news version of orbeez
Milka Ajeng
thid is stupid and ignorant
Juan Carlos Quinones
f * * * you ln
did this Nigga just cal orbeez orshees
Laila Shaban
I also have a complain with them.
Laila Shaban
There so stupid they did the wrong thing because after they dump the balls thing some on in a car could have not stop and crash into other cars and a lot of people could get hurt.
Meida M Pacheco
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