Parents Charged with Child Endangerment Over 8-Year-Old Son's Prank

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A YouTube video of a child named Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny riding in the bed of a pickup truck in California filled with Orbeez (water and gel based plastic balls) led authorities to issue charges against two adults. Police said in a release the video showed "dangerous driving behavior involving children." In the video, the balls are later dumped out of the back of the truck for fun. They naturally rolled down the street and eventually clogged storm drains and triggered a major cleanup operation.

20 year old nanny?????
James Revell
This kids a idiot.why was the parent so irresponsible
Stupid parents
Mr. Rextor
who else heard the man say orshess Reporter:Called orshees me:bish what😦😶😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Elijah Orozco
Learn the difference between plastic and orbeez
kygrow dagenhart
this family is stupid
You better believe I'd be following those people to their home if I was the car behind them when they dumped the orbees.
Cindy Bell
Stupid is as stupid does
breckin johnson
That mom is retarded
Dest Lefebre
Nick Worster
the guy from Inside Edition says it brought chaos to the streets ? how did it bring chaos to the streets?
Darren Fenton
lewis burton
"we make sure he wears protective gear" what was he wearing in the back of the truck swimming shorts wow real protective
Arnold Martin
you know mom, you were not in control. you made a mistake. as you turned corners it was clear that your kid and his nanny could have been easily flung out of that truck cab. stop it. you had poor judgement.
Andres Vazquez
you cant stop people from making money this is a capitalist nation
Anyone realize they have a big YouTube channel? I forgot the name but they do xD
Hahaha savage
Kaeleigh Cronin
Okay but like it's not that big a deal
Two Weird People On Youtube
that's insane
passive parenting at its finest.
Almighty So
(In mexico)
Lj Lyle
If the kids fine with it just get over it you dont need to put a charge on everything. If the kid was forced and didnt like it then it would be different
dad should wear some protective gear next time... it's called a CONDOM
Very Nearly Pure
Holly you're an idiot.
Jeremy Brinkman
She did not "learn her lesson".
SD Baseball 2016-2017
Nice job kid. Way to live on the edge
seadooman o
idiots will hurt people
my god their whole family is nuts
Adam Bussert
make them clean it up and pay a fine!
Riley Atwood
Mavelpavel89 Beans
but thier white ppl it's okay no problem hahaha they can do anything
N. Zhiv
if they didn't dump out the contents they might have gotten away with it unfortunately
Levi Suazo
I grew up riding in the back of a truck. it was amazing.
liberal state is a boring state. move to the country.
Kobe Martin
Stop making a big deal about ut
Kobe Martin
Buggie x
what the hell, I think it's fine
what a bunch of idiots
Janette scott
She dares to have a smile on her face.
I am Your leader
Smart 😌
Daniel West
shout out to my hometown Corona, California!
Jaime Gonzalez
Cassandra Perez
no lie that looks fun
Mars Planet
Typical Libtards. Letting their son rule their house.
ejoe McCormac
It's just a Prank bro.
Navian Figueroa
Casual Trips
who cares nobody was actually hurt
Adam Groves
congratulations idiots
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