Parents Charged with Child Endangerment Over 8-Year-Old Son's Prank

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A YouTube video of a child named Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny riding in the bed of a pickup truck in California filled with Orbeez (water and gel based plastic balls) led authorities to issue charges against two adults. Police said in a release the video showed "dangerous driving behavior involving children." In the video, the balls are later dumped out of the back of the truck for fun. They naturally rolled down the street and eventually clogged storm drains and triggered a major cleanup operation.

Capitalhill 9000
looks like fun
Those Bastards
This is freedom lmao
Scottish whiskey
I like how she said " this illegal " like they broke the law before
Tomas Felipe
i wish they fell out of the truck and get hit by a car
Cute Potatoes
They wasted SO many orbeezs like come on, I'm not even able to get them not even ONE. Plus the kid could have sell those at school.
Addison VandeVegte
My mother used to take care of Rocco when he was a baby. And his sister goes to my school.
What a dick!!!
Yeshai Vankurin
Too much money, too little brains...
the only thing i see wrong here is what they did with those beads, they should not have let it go on the road, unsafe for other drivers, and well the clean up cost for the city afterwards. people road n the back of truck a lot before, not a big deal, unfortunately it is now in nanny state.
perhaps she truned corners too fast? whatever, they made it ok,

you want parents to dislike? look up daddyofive, you have every right to despise those parents, this mom, irresponsible a bit? sure, but not terrible. wasted my time watching this for sure
Tris Sprinkle
I subbed...(to RoccoPiazzaVlogs)
Cannon SWE
Before anybody gets scared about people on bikes crashing those orbeez break with a slight touch so a motorcycle can't crash
Paul Moadibe
"it's against the law" she's more concern about the law than her child..... I don't predict a very long life for that kid. she's just plain stupid.........
I am all for letting your kids be creative and having fun BUT as a parent it is also our responsibility to teach our kids respect for others AND responsibility. Serious parent fail here..... I am really glad nobody was hurt.
Melly Kidd
The mother was in control... for as long as the other drivers were in control and the road conditions remained in her favour. Sorry lady, just because your kid and nanny didn't get thrown out of the back of your truck, it doesn't mean they were safe. "Luck" isn't the same thing as safety, and thus you were charged.
xoxo Mackenzie11
"We make sure he's always safe" - Mom

- Puts kid at the back of moving pick-up truck without seatbelts

- Dumps orbeez in the street that can cause accidents
"He wears protective gear" Ok next time I fall off my bike and smack my head on the curb, Ill tell the doctor "But I had a shirt on"
Feirce Majora
looks like fun
Kayla Strong
Rocco is awesome it was awesome when he did the stunt with romanatwood
RosemarySwag !!
Did they think of this kid getting that up is nose wow now this is what u call stupid
He wears protective gear? Really? Uh, no he doesn't. We just saw a video of him on scooter with no helmet.
And yet they do it again 2 months later
we need more vids like dat XD
Rainbow Dash
Rocco's Mom why would you do that😑😑😑😑😑
Benjamin Li
1:23 huh u don't let him in harms way hm? He is going down a hill on a scooter with casual clothes and no helmets.. knee pads or anything 0:26
U lying boi
Edit:well I wish he was hurt....
Melo Fran
Wow. They don't even get how stupid what they did was ...
alphys the scientist
there not plastic
Plastic balls?! Their like rubber but ok
Natalie Melvin
I used to ride on the bed of my fathers truck around the neighborhood.
F***ing idiots.
Andy Norris
Too bad the kid lived.
Just cause you felt you were in control of the truck doesn't mean another driver couldn't hit you and kill your kid.
Xinless Vice
who wod do something this stupid and illegal?

Ian Dowd
Brilliant bloody Brilliant ???
What an idiot parent the storm water, public works and water company people should sue her for all she's worth
Miss Liali
stupid mother. omg
Joy Adam
My dad told me that in his dad that was ok
Willie Jenkins
Mother is a narcissist and using their son for attention for themselves.

He'll be in dead of a heroin overdose before he turns 24 and then she will turn into a crusader against heroin use ... but it is only for attention for herself, not really to deal with the illegal drug being used.
Seriously what kind of person believes dumping a load of orbeez along the road is a good idea?! Can't understand this.
Surprised this kid has even made it to 8
The mom is clearly not all there. U can see that right off the bat.
The Ocean Crew
They could have caused a car crash
hey leave roco and his perents alone he is just a boy having fun
Nadia Alisha
I wish my parents did that....
Damon Day
Freaking morons. Got to love their pathetic attempts to justify their actions too.
For The Love Of Clods Fangirl Bob
that looking so fun to ride in that!
Rachel DIY
bob bs
1:21 - Never put Rocco in harms way, he wears protective gear....

0:25 - Uhm?
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