what show did he win it for?
At least he steers clear of making an actor's sob story out of it, by simply being his witty self.
Loved him once; no longer.
Vanya Vanquishtano
hey pass me a pabst
Vanya Vanquishtano
i just want to catch some bass ;)
Vanya Vanquishtano
Vanya Vanquishtano
Vanya Vanquishtano
liberal grandpa
im sick of these neo liberal bougie ass fake ass clinton lovin ass clean up ur dog sign puttin down meryl streep worshippin facebook usin buzzfeed commentin starbucks orderin spotfiy using vegan cupcake eatin FUCKIN LIBERALS
Damn dude u got old
Magdalena Wiszniewska
Abby Cross
I had no idea he was losing his hair so quickly (or not so quickly if it's been covered well previously). Perhaps Casey Affleck can donate some of his hoards of hair to him. Regardless, class act as usual.
Kati B
just great!!
The daft bint Streep stole his joke.
Sally Dillon
Love this guy and he was superb in The Night Manager. Very disappointed that Hugh didn't come to Hiddles defense after the horrible remarks about his speech.
Hugh Laurie represents the very best that British Wit has to offer, Kudos!
DAVID veilleux
That's nothing. Everyone knows he's a psychopath. And it's a well know fact that he is worth nowhere near a billion dollars. By calling him a billionaire Laurie is actually making him very happy.
Kevim Simoes
consistent palestinian harsh die on weakness fellow artificial inspector.
Phillip McConnochie
haha such a smart speech from hugh so true
I'm glad Georgie, the Prince Regent, made good.
This Is My Boomstick
God damn it. I love this man. Beautiful actor, beautiful musician, beautiful writer. Absolutely incredible human being.
kimberly s
I love Hugh Laurie
Quinlans Q
Well Hugh, I really liked House MD and your British comedy skits..BUT your sophisticated stab at the current presidential situation was unbecoming. But I suppose as all those around you at the golden gobs awards have been ordered by their handlers, you too Hugh, to say something derogatory about Trump either directly or indirectly as you did. bye bye Hugh.
Eagle Falconhawk
0:58 Ryan Gosling is not amused.
This channel must be making bank huh
Cynthia Morrison
Long Live Laurie !
Kimberly Vinculado
Wow what happened to him he is getting bald spots ?
Nate McGraw
for a min thought it was Hugh Grant lol
Who was the presenter, Matt Bomer?
What Streep did emotionally and effusively, Laurie does succinctly and with humor. Kudos to them both for speaking up in these scary times.
Alison Sumner
Good for you Hugh :D
This is how you make an acceptance speech, Streep.
You see Meryl Streep, this is how you make a political statement in a classy, non-condescending, non-bigoted manner. Hugh Laurie: brilliant as usual!
Lovely man, brilliant performer. How long it seems since he was (expertly) goggling and grinning in 'Blackadder'. Also, that is a very annoying way to go bald but kudos to him for not immediately running off to the transplant and plug specialists.
Kathleen Tripp
Hugh Laurie I have always liked your acting but after your stupid rant I am disgusted you don't have a frickin clue...... :( Poor decision
Nice. Go to America and insult their leader. Thanks Hugh you soft cunt.
nao mizusawa
Congratulations!! He is more charming than before^^!!!! I am his huge fan in Japan, so I can't see his recent performance! I can't wait for seeing him on Japan's TV!!!
Ed West
When does Hugh Laurie's visa expire, so he can get along back to Britain? At least now we know he won't be overstaying.
Cyrus Farsi
He still has his SALT from House. Spitting straight Vicodin Fire
I had no idea he's going bald
Michaela Arceno
oriel Thomson
I love Hugh Laurie and his humour
I don't know why he disses Trump. Trump has been very supportive of people in the LGBT community, such as Mr. Laurie.
Musa Ali
I met him really nice guy
John Markey
I very much like Hugh Laurie and watching him get old actually makes me a bit depressed. However, I'm a bit disappointed he turned out, or at least appears, to be another garden variety liberal. Not that there aren't legitimate criticisms of Donald Trump but psychopathic billionaire? No. The fact that people actually get their news from political satire goes to show that when celebrities talk about politics people take them seriously even when they have nothing intelligent to contribute. I always took him for the contemplative nuanced type.
Professional victims lecturing working class Americans. An industry that steals from each other as easily as a Clinton lies to donors or under oath. An industry that has professionally villainized nearly every group of people at one time or another. Except itself.
Bathrobe Battousai
I'm going to go watch a bit of fry and Laurie
Just Your Everyday Pig
I liked house and thought he was great. Sad to see another star go liberal. :(
squib 31
Thank you foreign citizen for your opinion of America. It will be briefly noted and then ignored as you do not get a vote in how America runs it's country.
HaHa he's funny.
OJ should be in jail.
Oh wait he is. Good.
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