Elite Nerf Strike: Arsenal | Movie Part 1 (Nerf War)

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The Elite Nerf Strike are back at it again in Part 1 of ENS: Arsenal! Damon with his army is determined to steal a large Nerf Arsenal from a bunch of kids. But one of the kids, Mia, calls the Elite Nerf Strike to stop him! It results in an all out Nerf War.

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Main Blasters Used!
Mega Rotofury (Mitch) http://amzn.to/2ktnjoc
Elite Rapidstrike (John) http://amzn.to/2kZ6v50
Modulus ECS-10 (Oliver) http://amzn.to/2kvdCoT
Rebelle Flipside Bow (Star) http://amzn.to/2kZinUE
Rival Zeus (Damon) http://amzn.to/2kZifVl

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Aaron  :)

Jaquan Tatum
That chicken is blowing your cover
Jose Navejas
You are a mother fucker
devon eijkenboom
Noten nerf
Joe Lister
Are these kids supposed to be cool, oooorrrrrr.....
Bosk -
The girl SUCKS
Lets be honest, Rival is better.... in most scenarios
The Blessing Clan
My brother loves you! Please subscribe to me! It would mean the world to my brother! (We share an account)
Javi López
I love this movies but i love more with adults
Nina Sciortino
Joe Quigley
This has to be the most cringe thing on YouTube
imanerfer21 '
if that guy smashed my maverick............
azo _hd
Boden Kantner
Do you no a guy named even
Daniel Bernardo
I only have nerf gun names strongarm
Daniel Bernardo
Preetty cool guys i wish im a nerf hero come to my house im on Phillipines and on cavite pearl street phase 4 BLK 6 lot 65 ok
Jackie Valenzuela
My bm ñ. M
Jackie Valenzuela
My bm ñ. M
Mai Linh channel
Jake How
I love the videos and I have my own team as well ar team is cord nerf snip
Javorie Peck
Podejrzane. LIVE
Tys duck👎👎👎👎👎👎
Podejrzane. LIVE
Tigraarmy Thug life
Can I make one with you please watched you from the beginning
๖ۣۜXNort ๖ۣۜFX
Damien Nativel
Wаtсcсh Arsenаааl onlinееe hееrеeее => https://twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/822801163527409664
Mr Specter
Since I'm a picky asshole, the esc-10 isn't the real name for the blaster...
Nick time Pls
Adam Young
And star it's nerf hoarders not herders
Adam Young
3:23 why does John look constipated
Martin Sierra
Hola ingleses
Loan Le
hi I love your YouTube ok😍😍😍😍😍👍💋💋💋💋☄🍟🌶🧀🍔🍿🍭🍦🍰🍮🍚🍕
Bad acting
Buck Quinn
Aaron how old is Mitch now?
Thomas Wilkinson
Everyone reply what your favourite Nerf blaster is. Mine is the Regulator :D
No Scope Plays And Vlogs
When you want to do a good job but try not to laugh
Gina Domingo
nerf war !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the back of the hat that the rival has is says Dp Dude Perfect
Jason Farley
I hate
Noah Eriksson
Aaron Esser vs pdk films
Craven Costilla
I wish I can be a youtuber
Craven Costilla
I sensed you 1k likes to you're videos
Craven Costilla
please let me have a gun I love you're videos
Corelle Watson
I Like you asked like a boy friend
Sky Tom
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Tia Newbill Mack
Khmer Empire
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Jacob Cookie
It's so cheesy i love it
he just fucking broke a gear up? if he knows anything about nerf he should have just taken it
Alwand Ghazi
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