Amtrak Train Silver Star 91 Crashes In To Semi Truck

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This is a video I made in Plant City Florida on May 3, 2016 at 2 PM of Amtrak train the Silver Star number 91 heading to Miami from New York.
Train crashes in to semi truck at private railroad crossing splitting the truck in two.
An Amtrak train collided with a tractor trailer Tuesday afternoon in Plant City.

According to Plant City Police Sgt. Al Van Duyne, the crash happened at U.S. 92 just east of North Wilder Road.

According to preliminary information, the tractor trailer was delivering tires to an automotive business in the area and was turning into the driveway with the trailer on the tracks.

An Amtrak train then hit the center of the trailer and cut the trailer in half, spilling tires everywhere.
Initially there were no injuries reported to anyone on the train, which was carrying 90 passengers and eight employees. However, three people were later transported to a local hospital. Police say the cause was most likely stress-related.

Police say the driver of the semi was not injured.

It's always Amtrak 91
iiMustang_Law [NJSP Gamer]
1:01 Awesome Police Crown Vic
Choo choo Ben
ouch! 0:06
Muhammad Rizal
Why Train Is Accident
Cate Placido
Railfan Brony
+Milleniumforce How many wrecks with the Silver Star have you videotaped??
Like it..
Your header should read" Idiot truck driver fails to Stop Look and Listen.You make it sound like the train swerve in order to hit the truck.
Im guessing the guy on the stretcher was the tuck driver,nice video btw
Jacob Bommarito
oh my.
Trainboy 4472
U did say 1 day u would film someone getting hit
Great video
DeadlyBomb Productions
Amtrak 91 is officialy cursed
Ted Cartwright
No big deal. Just a few dents.
PE Expert
Guys all of ya bros plz subscribe to me
PE Expert
Guys all of ya bros plz subscribe to me
Nathan Rigby
Why is it just Amtrak 91 always having accidents???
B. C. Schmerker
I see no cause for dancing here. Only tires destroyed this time, but it could have just as easily been people. Which reminds me: Still gotta figure out, for purposes of closing credits, an appropriate tempo for:

ROCK ISLAND LINE (Chorus/au Cash) / Group TBD
(Alan Dale Lomax/Huddie Will-I-Am Ledbetter) The Richmond Org., BMI

which would be far more appropriate for a too-easily-a-tragedy than:

(Benito Benitez/John "Virgo" Garrett III/Thea Austin) Hanseatic Musikverlag GmbH und Co. KG, GeMA
Like the new ending thame song.
Wow, that locomotive looked amazing. And I'm not that surprised that it just started back up after only 3 hours.
David New
Now the city knows they need to add a gate and bright lights to the crossing.
Alan can i just say Amtrak is going crazy first a dump truck now a semi
Tri State Railfan ProductionsTM *xxMineVSCraftxx*
How is it always 91 to crash
Brian 9 crwa train fan
people need 2 be more careful at railroad crossing!
Carbon2983 Trains
that is what may happen to idiots
Wide World of Trains
Wow hope no one was hurt
Taylorover9001 - The Cando Railfan
These people are so dumb. Also, you really should put aftermath in the title so it`s less misleading.
Toy Reviewer
subscribe to me
I'm surprised they allowed the same loco that crashed continue to miami
Preston Whitt
Got him good !!!!
Yesterday, May 3rd, was my birthday. A train crash happened on my birthday and I love trains so that gets sad in me.
I literally just saw another video on a rail fan page on Facebook page the otherday where a truck drove into one train knock it off the track while moving and then another train coming the other way on a different track crash into the truck. It was pretty horrific. I don't have the link atm..
before crossing the tracks --> look listen live!!!
Kylan Becoats
Anather Amtrak crach that more than CSX i see in your you tude channel
Elisamuel Rivera
Good video😊☺😊
Why can't people just stop, look and listen?????
Thanks, Alan.
Whitehead 2000
Can be good
Why are some road vehicle drivers so dumb???????????????? Sorry but I'm pretty sure it's not that hard to look and stop by a crossing. This train would have taken like 5 seconds to go by. Better safe then sorry. It's also lucky the locos over there are so strong as this kind of thing happend way too often.
Phillip Lee
wow. well amtrak is sometime's called amslam or slamtrak because they are always having accident's. but sometime's it's not there fault because how some driver's don't pay attention. but it is some what funny how that truck split in two. i hope that truck driver is ok. and the train passenger's is ok to.
AmtrakSuperFan 393
Seems like the Silver Star hasn't had it very easy going lately...
Mattschiestel Bloopers
why didn't you film the train crashing into the semi but just wondering because you almost film every train [s] but its okay if you didn't i was just wondering
Porsche Carrera GT
the 91 crashed a truck back on 2015 and now it did once again...
Wow, great video! Scenes.
.... I'm almost surprised you didn't film it happening haha
is everyone in the train and truck ok?
Tokyo Gaijin
Private crossing are the worst places to be in, both on train and passing by in a car/walking/other. There's no mandatory upkeep and basically they're just a bunch of palates placed between the rails so you can access the roadway/entryway/etc. not maintained by the host railroad (as much as anyone would like).

Which means, trains are ninjas. Even if you stop, look and listen a few times, passenger trains are usually allowed to go track speed so using your best judgment is typically a very bad idea. There should be a federal regulation to maintain regular, electronically-censored mechanical crossings at all gates, both public and private.

THANKFULLY, there were no fatalities and the train hit bull's eye in trailer center. That also spares the engineer the mental trauma usually associated with these types of accidents. Next it's a "who's at fault" question but an answer only Amtrak, CSX, and the driver's company are really concerned about.
NorCo Railfan
Dang! Seems like a train hits something out there every few months
Wilfrida Ortega
That will in news all news
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