River Smithe
This is suspicious. This guy obviously got permission.
Mario Fromadistance
So, how far do they go? How long are they? It's like a maze in there. :-O
Call Indiana Jones..
Jessica Hemmington
Lit candles for dramatic effect
Keith Glentworth
how do you know it was Templar Knight .
Tony Kuli
Connect it to some solar panels and the waterworks....hey presto, what a pad!!
King Stu
How on earth was that rock cut???
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav
whats the big deal ? lots of Medieval Caves better than this one in every country in Europe .
turn it into a house
exit 2pac enters makaveli
y las candelas como llegaron ?
I think it's kinda funny to think that the photographermust have spent quite a while putting all those candles in there and lighting them all.
Does Walmart sell these 700 year old stay lit candles?
What about those candles...
Peter Juhy
Where is it in Shropshire...can you disclose the location?
Barb Rogers
What's up Doc
y las reliquias donde están los tesoros ocultos
From Wiki - "There have been speculative claims that the caverns are older, perhaps
dating back at least to the 17th century, and some press articles have
associated them with the Knights Templar. However, historian and author Dan Jones considers that there is no evidence linking the caves to the Templars, and Historic England dates the grotto as probably late 18th-century or early 19th-century."
Emre Kocyigit
That would be a great club
Jesús Jiménez Garcia
Incredible place and recording a pity not to be in 360º to be able to appreciate even the smallest detail
Ferenc Pabar
they forget the lights on
Donald McTrump
the Holy Grail might be there
These are the most enduring candles in the world
Павел Пав
Cheap Chinese fake
GlitchingQueen Anyone ?
Marcel Casella
Came here for the Monty Python quotes!
bring a blacklight in and see what they have been up to....but then again, that's none of my business 🙋
ever heard of a flashlight?
Billy Joe
Them man rabbits we should start charging them for rent money .
Someone's gonna add mystical music to this and a narrative in a robotic voice and get a billion views.
Leonardo Salvador
esos focos ???
very cool
Juan Nonay Gimeno
Ain't this Ark Survival Island?
skulpin foley
The cave of Kyle Bannor
Vault 8
Enter a name here
In my head i picture a bunch of devil-worshipping rabbits with black robes standing around a pentagram made out of carrots. :)
This adventurous world of mine
This adventurous world of mine
Reminds me of Uncharted...
Doesn't look like a rabbit hole at 1:21.
peter chumpis
So damn cool
Billy Joe
Place of worship
Roman Route421
Awesome! Looking forward to report from archaeologists.
Templerorden der Freiheit. org
In Hoc Signo Vinces
Mark Davies
Incredible and Mysterious.I believe this is a ancient place of hide out and satanic worship. I see nothing Holy in there.
1:53 looks demonic in sculpture whether it is coincidence i do not know.
Ave Maria, deus vult!
This is amazing <3
You guys know nothing about the holy crusader LEDs! "For the glory of God enlightened it, and its LED is the Lamp."
Robert Fletcher
I would like to read an archaeologist report on this, Bring back the Time Team.
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