Penelope Lopez
Mmmmmmm....that melanin
Blood Mary
michelle >
You get a car!
Boom. She makes me cry with very single one of her speeches! God bless her, such a gigantic performance in Fences!!!
Michael Bull
the woman is a beast sets a new standard and paves a new great way for black actors and actresses
Lady Jones
Stop saying Ummmm!
Ley Ley
I have never in my life seen the color yellow look better on a skin tone! melanin...beautiful lady! beautiful soul!
Gracia Ntumba
She won the frickin Oscar
ingro petinal
i'm really glad that she won,she is an oustanding actress and a wonderful person.Viola Davis will at last do justice at the oscar with fences!!!
Arthur H. C. Cordovil
She needs to win that Oscar. Its time and wee need to get a Oscar Speech from her.
Gillian Landry
I was so moved by her speech, particularly when she mentioned her father.
Movie Addict
Golden Globe, SAG... upnext: OSCAR... i love you Viola...
Nicholas Kevin
What a deserving winner! And oooooooh at 0:47 Nicole is looking on so sincerely
Melissa Dela Rosa
Viola Davis is an extraordinary actress, beautiful & talented & I love watching her movies. Thank you
It just beggars belief how gorgeous and sexy this woman is (and I'm 27).
Vikki Matthews
Yes! beyoutiful woman with amazeing talent. So proud of You Vi. Keep your head up sis. We love you.
fred eric
She should win an Oscar for Lead Actress one day. I hope she will win one for the Harriet Tubman biopic.
Looney Longbottem
If she wins an Oscar, she would just need a Grammy
Euge 68
Good film and top acting by Viola, but she should've got one a long time ago for The Help.
She need her oscars
If she gets nominated for Oscars this year she deserves to be in the lead actress category. It's such BS. She deserved to win a supporting Oscar for Doubt. The Academy always gets it wrong.
Kiki Whitfield
I just love this woman! She definitely deserves the Oscar...long over do!
Spent the last week binge-watching How to Get Away with Murder and she is a powerhouse in that show! Although I haven't seen Fences, I can imagine she's just as good in that! GIVE HER AN OSCAR!!
Come on! She deserve that Oscar! and give her an award for best voice and presenter ever.
Baby & Me
I wish nothing but the best for her. she's My favorite
Lyza Bal
0:47 - 0:55 Nicole, Keri (behind her), Naomie, Octavia, and Michelle all look so happy for her!
Viola gives very beautiful. heart felt, thought out speeches.
Give her the Oscar!
mutia rizki
With that voice, and every quotes that came out from her mouth, she's like the female version of Morgan Freeman
Aron Tamás
She gave her heart in everything she does! The Help, Doubt, Won't back don, Prisoners and even in Suicide Squad!
Give the Oscar to her!!!!
Viola, Emma, Octavia and Jessica were all in The Help and were nominated.
cant wait to hear her oscar speech
Coco dan
I love me some Viola Davis.The most humble actress in Hollywood.
The Eye
if she don't win that Oscar. I will start a petition to end the oscars
Mikasa Ackerman
What a beautiful woman inside and out! I adore you
Rochell Barbara
Viola looks amazing in that yellow dress and her hair is on point
Condragulations Bob the Drag Queen!!
Ivo Putri
I love you, Viola! ❤️
Ramon Oliver
A melhor atriz do Mundo , super merecido já estava na hora dela ganhar ! E que venha o Oscar
It's crazy that she only started getting main stream attention about 6 years ago. The list of films to her name does not match her talent.
It's good to see Michonne got away from the zombies;)
Mihye Kang
Best Speech EVER ~~~?!
Caitlyn Kerrigan
Pharaoh Anselmo
Viola holding awards feel so so right <3 queen!
QueOnda 123
My favorite actress! She's an amazing woman.
She is the true meaning of an actor. She has the heart and soul, but honey, that hair. Please do something about it.
U N V Me
Why wasn't she nominated for Lead Actress. She was clearly the leading lady in Fences.
U N V Me
Bravo Viola!!! Dear Academy DON'T SCREW HER OVER....AGAIN!!!
Julissa Cordero
I loveeee her!!! Such a beautiful woman in and out! Such a beautiful talent!
I love you Viola!! You are amazing!!
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