SML Movie: Jeffy's Piggy Bank!

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Mario gets Jeffy a piggy bank to keep his money safe!

Buy Jeffy's song "Why?"

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Legit Trix45
2:13 or else he's gonna see my fucking pee pee
Legit Trix45
1:54 lol
PlayBro Stuff
If Mario was my dad, I would tell the cops for not asking
Alexander Dace
I would beat the ** out of them
Carol Pierce
Rosealina is a gold digger XD😂😂
Jayvon Brown
My girlfriend
Jordi Tapia
Can you do a anther jeffy video with a killer clown costume
Nojus Karpovas
Josh Vance
your so funny
Rosendo Castanon
THAT was the best vithyos
the floor is lava
My phone was stolen from my mom but my dad buat me a new one of the other wan got stolen the next thing I want to listen to it cuz they were in her drawer and then my dad got really mad and she did it because she did not want me to have a problem on the phone because I won't have the problem why would she think that I'm really texting somebody baby like that I thought you were saying other than my babysitter
Amber Bubba
Amber Bubba
Nevaeh Pearlbogan
Larry Posey
oink oink fuck that pig it stole 500 fucking DOLARS AND A 25 CENT COIN FROM JEFFY YOU GONNA FUCKING DIE BITCH WHY IS THERE A FUCKING ROBBER KILL HIM@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Chavez
My piggy bank
Victor Gomez
He will get slowly pushed into a wood chipper not run over by a steam roller bitch
Harvey Walsh
my mom stole 78 euro from my communion money but she paid back
Brandon kalulu1
please stop saying bad words my mom says stop watching bad words but I love your videos so pleas stop saying bad words
Jayden barnes
Yes some my girl friend """'Accentdently stole my virginty"" well she did while i was sleeoing
Max Melgoza
Rosie Chand
Oh hell no \;-0
Gabriela Martinez
He is fucking crazy when he loses his money
Daniel Garcis
Yes some own stoll 70 dolr from my pigy back and I am only 10 yers old
Yb Bastien
Aiden Rivera
My dad and mom
Messi Magic
Hey daddy I smack these hoes love that song
johnnie blackmon
they stole my mother fucking bike uh uh bitchs
Derek gazza
100% savage
quamar bell
LoL jeffy
Stephconjay Esparza
my spinner got stolen so I wanted to SLAUGHTER THAT IDIOT💀😈🔪
Nugget// Baconbot17
Someone stole my phone
Eloisa Arandia
Jemyah Ross
Wow and I'm your sister
Xachariah Hooper
ohhhh so it's a wh0r3
Arlene Puntiel
Kayin Greer
12:48 100% yasssssz
Juan Gutierrez
I lost 100 dollars 💵
KingAlpghBear YT
If some one stole some thing from me I would beat the sh** out of there a**
Jazzalyn Grant
some one stolen my cell phones and cross necklace
Patato Productions
thegamingdiamondgamer 146
Someone stole my Nintendo switch i loved my switch but now I don't have it if you ever do Nintendo switch give away plzz pick me 😢
Toy King
The pig is codys mom
favion thompson
label 10?
Terrel M
callum hamlet
at 13:07 he says 70% on steam roller but its 70% on slowly pushed in nail on wood or something like that
Vrox Aguilar
My fucking 20 bucks in my purse
Brenden Enlow
It was 70 on wood chiper not 70 on steam roller
Zero 247
Play 2x speed at 1:54
Steven Boss
Yes someone stole money from my piggy bank actually when I was Younger like 6 years old and took my sisters piggy bank also and tryed taking my wii from my room but he forgot it down stairs so the cops used that as evidence stole computer
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