Bubble Gum Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Liv... & Justin?)

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MattyB & Liv go head to head in this weeks... Bubble Gum Challenge!  Is Justin a fair judge?  Tell us in the comments below!

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Hey BNation!  This week, MattyB sat down with his close friend Liv to challenge her with one of his favorite things... Bubble Gum!  Everything is going smooth until Justin shows up.  Do you think he's a very fair judge?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Dylan Johnston
ivey and matty b kissing
Areli Chavez
hahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhah Justin is so funny
sophia geib
whats up wyby
LPSsparklelover 198
"this smells better than a fresh piglet" -Justin 2016
Gloria Hunter
EWwwwwwwwww mAT
Ray Diver
lol 😝😝
Ahmed Shiya
Justin is ivy you flower pot
Keisha Matthews
I had sweet watermelon before too
Kisha Hardwick
mattyb do you have a crush on Gracie. Justin you are funny but ivey broke up with you so she is now dating MattybRaps brother
Jeddah Rain S. Parlee
I'm typing random words starting 1....2....3 Go! Hi guys hi 👋🏻 hi hi 👋🏻 can we have your number or you mommy and mom we don't want to talk you said mommy to mom tand scolds said mommy she said she didn't want to meet them you just don't want it okay bye babe you don't ever reven eer and she is have to a prank if she was your mommy and you dad daddy and mommy just told your dad that your mom was the mom you don't have the kids and your behind you and she is so tyour rsad r the answer girl that you don't have want you for your own rrand to be do that she has no idea how 💡 she was and the lady you were are you still alone she said that the daughter was of your own daughter and she said that you have been to the a girl you are and not going through your the comments and she will never be lie you ewill your emommy of eyour as the daughter of you mommy and mommy may you mean your asking to do something for your own daughter who she need for the best and dad you in love your ❤️ your sister your daughter and your sister and you mommy and sister are the same way we can go through a good night....SORRY FOR WASTING YOUR TIME BUT I WILL LIKE MY OWN COMMENT LIKE THAT IVEY LIKES MATTY B BECAUSE NO ON WILL LIK ETO ME ;-;
the finleyanator
Can I do a video with liv pleas pleas pleas your hot liv
the finleyanator
You look nose your gorges I dealt love you liv
Harmony Ellis
.I think mattyb likes liv
Lisa Barnard
Maybe is better than Justin beber
Chasity Partida
Hi Matt Wibe
Greg Twyford
Hi matyb
Christopher Moore
you are dum Justin
James Hopcraft
James Hopcraft
you just got Justin to do that at the start or you eoukd have no bubblegum lok
Staci Temme
How old is Liv
Candy Yeager
I think they look cute together
Candy Yeager
juggy mar
Justin is funny
Kelly Sansbury
i think mattyb likes liv
Idia Komolafe
Gracie look better than Liv
Tiffany Clawson
i have the same high tops as justin
Tiffany Clawson
i have the same high tops as justin
Madison vance Thegangster
What's up Matt
M Cole
Bertha Murillo
mattyb I have a crush on you
lisbeth jimenez
Alliyah Lambert
What's up Matt y b ha ha ha ha ha
Chloe Nixon
Matt and live are cute
Kamaria Davis
just in you do do know how to spell@!?
Justin adams
Justin said don't eat it 😂😂
Josh Firth
Mattyb likes liv
Siara Aguado
Liv is so ugly and stupid has hell
Princess Kylee's World
Lib won by half a point
daniyah Peak
What's up Matt YB
Taylor Lukco
they are cute
Jessica Bohannon
Matt why bee
Skylar Tipton
Sup Matt u y B
Liam May
Justin you're disgusting you're like me
Francisca Ruiz
liv likes mattyb
Jake PlaysGolf
hello mattyb
Melina Shiraz
Justin is so funny 😂
Reece DeSteCroix
matt y b
Isabella Nagora
please tell Ivy that he has no business to not like you he is the dumbest person to not like you not like you breaking up with you is the worst thing ever
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