Rudy Mancuso
Isaiah Best
Percussionists are shaking😂
Halima Machroul
You Are my best youtuber 😍😍😚😚😁😁
Hello Outthere
Your hair never blows in the wind lol
Cotton Jannny
Wow most talented man in the world he might be a celebrity
andrew jones
Rury your amazing
Thanks for the stroke
Jaden Ross
NICE PHOTO SHOP LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
makarov kataw
Your hair looks changed every time you nook
Ana.H CariP
Meu Deus Rudy, você é muito talentoso cara
Lele, Inanna, Hannah Lover! Katelyn Vang
Probably took a long time! Please 👍 this for his hard work!
NebX 2.0
Am I the only one thinking “man, his shoes must be soaking wet!” 😂
DayLight Raymond
How long did it take to edit this go. To Kevin honestly see gosh
Caliope Frizzle
Wow... The fast changes in setting was making me dizzy, I had to speed past it.
Happypanda AJ
1:16 128th notes be like...
River Ferrand
This hurt my eyes
Savage Bot omega
I️ wonder how long this video would be with no editing
Maria Zuira
This hert my eyes
kool red
I play snare too
dogedollars my doge fams
Amazing _ _
diuly neiva
Are you in Brasil ?ahsuahsuhahsua hsuahsuha <3
Ziyad Player Tv
What is the remix of 1:54
airsoft & gaming
That me dizzy as crap
Logan Sateia
I'm actually in my schools drumline and that is the shitiest harness I have ever seen😂😂
Maria Acosta
WOW !!!!!!
Roberto V
Great video
Islam M. Ali
the Edit guy tho lol
K Ryusan
Rudy your freaking awesome
epilepsy warning xD
Mihai Ionut
Rudy is so talented
That makes my eyes hurt a little
MFG Films
Would've been funny if at the end you grabbed something from the store and then teleported back
Ocean Star
Epic Gamer Tv
If this is photoshop you messed up because you can see that when you were on the beach your feet’s were buried in the sand but then the rest was good
Jasmine L. PlayAJ
I thought it was green screen at first
Marching percussionist rule!!!!
Sachi San
This is well made!!!
Maksymilian Baliniak
Rudy is that in Brazil?
Jaelin Purdue
The effort 😂😂
Andjelina Borkovic
This is so cool ❤😎
Cristina Trovela
How come he went to all those places cause I be like : FUCK
Muna Hassan
imagine how long he took to edit the parts :/ rip him
Shairamiera Shuhaimi
I think this will help the fuel issue....
this takes a lot of work and efforts to do so, great job!
Evan W
This looks hard to make
Chelsea Jones
I liked the video
Omber phoenix Stardust
How ever does the captions is so nice
Anita Sahay
bom di clap di clap
This gave me an epileptic seizure
Ellena Coleman#
I certainly enjoyed your video
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