Star Trek - Murdered

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An Altercation takes place on board the Enterprise as the ambassador is confronted regarding a political issue.  (Journey To Babel)

Greg Ford
This is one of the few episodes where the "Red Shirts" were actually competent and could handle themselves against aliens.
Nephlim Jedi
I forgot which episode this is.... does anyone know?
ryan macdonald
I can't believe that they'd accuse Sarek of killing the Tellarite ambassador. Sarek didn't need to kill him to get his way, he was able to handle that fat Tellarite with ease both verbally and physically plus here in this scene, Sarek made a complete fool out of him and made him out to be a hot headed jerk just by stating the facts. Not once did he accuse the Tellarites of anything illegal, he just stated the facts and the Tellarite ambassador blew up.

Sarek's definitely NOT to be messed with and we can see where Spock got his toughness and ability to engage in verbal banter from /not to mention his ability to piss off emotional beings with ease/.
Venge Ance
1:18 - nice move.
Mr Dude
the video title is correct
Karyl Miller
Bill looks like he was at the beginning of his fat stage then.
'uh yeah, I think the tellarite ambassador is dead or something' lol he really didn't care
Nehemiah Cross
The sassmaster
Great Rao
"Threats are illogical...and payment is usually expensive." nice one Sarek LOL
Rebecca Gaskill
Sarek just like, 'bitch please I'll kill you, you weakling.'
The Krynoid Man
Sarek is a badass
Sarek at the end was like, "if you fuck with me I will break your punk ass neck."
Spock's father is a pimp.
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