Underwater Domino

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This video is a combination of two of my favorite hobbies: Domino and Diving!
I had the idea to build underwater for a while and now I finally had the chance to do it. My dad and I have made more than 100 big dominoes for this video. 
I had one hour in a swimming pool to make this video. So I guess this is the record for the most dominoes set up underwater in a depth of 4m :D 
I hope you like my new video and please subscribe!

"Tropic Love" by Diviners ft. Contacreast

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eri febrianngsih
eri febrianngsih
Daniel Mendonça
Viele Dominoes
Cool :)
Veeti paananen
undynes a beast sans well lazy beast goo goo sans
Tedja Nandi Yasa
Answer The Domino Not FLoat
Answer : Made By Steel
Wacth This ideo Vor Know Why The Domino Not Float https://youtu.be/-XoY06BjUjs
Hope This Is Helping ;)
Hollow Shinigami
It falls slower than the ones on land.
Christoph Moser
Gaelalexis Padillalizarraga
Dadang Yusuf
lagu apa itu
Dadang Yusuf
lagu apa itu
Abbey Dwyer
Accidentally kicks water at a domino turning around
Breaking news: Girl at bottom of pool full of dominos with hands around neck found dead.
Chuito Otz
Ardo esta de choucroute
Kacper Dąbrowicz
Sheila Delos Reyes
It was so amazing 😉 and cool 😎👍🤗
Slime Time!
This cannot be possible .o.
jonathan axel domingues chavez
es una caquita
Saraswathi Gumpula
paras soni
domino will stop you will pushing it is chitting
Hexv Miyuki
I can do this
*grabs box of dominoes, throws into pool
I dont think I did this right
Oliver Bishop
who are you
how do you stay down there without floating?
Lovely Life
I think the dominos is a bit heavy
::쉐 링::
Youssef Hany
awesome !!?
Isac Rancic
It's so smooth
จลนา รอดสุวรรณ
I like domino
Pencinta game Apriono
Good bye
Pyrahh The Eternal Flame
This is amazing
Мульт планета
кто тут русский
Alondra Hernandez
This should be one of The domino records "Most Dominoes Toppled Underwater"
NFL fan
Make colored ones and do the little mermaid under water 😏
Corin's Playtime
amazing under water dominoes
High caster
Anna Clara
hi eu good te,y ou me,t
Sofía Sáenz
How you do the underwater domino and s so cooooooooooooollll
Kiley White
so coooooooool
Alisa d'twinzz
Maykon Douglas
watt for he love cat
Heidy Montes
yes cool
Justin Whitney
Poo jk
Miguel Alberto Duque Pardo
awesome !!! 👏
Varun Varun
It's Fantastic 😀
Jaeliah Time
I think you should underwater 🐠 one
Pickle Snickelfritz
Everybody asking, They are weighted dominos. Not normal ones. If you try this with your normal average dominos it Will Not work. Just a reminder. That's how they don't float up.
John Manuel Paler ramos Ramos
so cool dude
bit !
Here we have specialists testing dominoes at the indoor us navy sea
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