Easy Microwave Cheesecake You Should Try

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The recipe is a piece of cake…cheesecake.  

Happy National Cheesecake Day!

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OREO Microwave Cheesecake Recipe by Gemma Stafford
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Watch Gemma's Microwave Cheesecake (3 Flavors) Video HERE: http://bit.ly/GemsMugCheesecakes


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Jasmine Foran
Not really easy, does take about 2 and a half hours to do 😒
lord farquaad
4 steps to cheesecake! (must try)
step 1: drive to store
step 2: buy a cheesecake
step 3: drive home
step 4: eat it while laughing at the people who are actually trying the buzzfeed recipe
Daily fun Entertainment
Can we use brown sugar instead of white ?
Why'd Ya' Wanna Know?
Beautifully copy from Gemma, then claim "invention".
AlphaNathan Online
My name is Nathan and I'm..........im addicted to food porn
RQType Gaming
>"Add egg white"
> Lots of yolk in the egg white.
Separating them is crucial for many recipes as the yolk makes it impossible for the egg white to become fluffy and whisked.
Asia Natali
Once I saw "2-hours" I left the video
Sophie Szymaniak
I made it and it was worth it. Actually really good
I cringed when you put in the "egg whites." There was a bunch of egg gold in there oml
Sophie Wysocki
What happens if you don't refrigerate
Taryn RAY
only watched because the title said microwave because I cant handle anything serious
gingerbread man
If it needs to cool for 2 fucking hours, I would just bake a regular sized cheesecake..
Chad Winters
People are you serious? Can we just enjoy this recipe, and stop the hate? This is much easier and faster then making a bigger cheese-cake in the oven. So please, just stop.
since when is there a buzzfeed blue
Vaeh .h
She knew Damn well that mug was hot as hell when she took it out.
Elaine Wang
why do pretty much all of buzzfeed's cheesecake recipes have to have Oreos? not everyone likes Oreos, BuzzFeed
i dont trust microwaved cheesecake
Katja Mowinckel
ria g
why cant i just buy cheesecake
The Captin
: )
Prince Amir
Lol you minus well make a whole cheesecake if it has to sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours. If you just bake a whole cheesecake it would take about half the time it would take to do the mug version.
I made this and didn't let it cool for 2 hours. It was still good, just softer :)
What if I don't have any Oreos in the house buzzfeed? Or cookies cuz my mom won't buy me any
Xyra Purisima
Tip: dont put it in the freezer, just cool it down and leave it for about 5 mins or until it completely cools down or put it in the REFRIGERATOR for 5 mins and then just eat it.
0:21 that's a lot of egg yolk in those whites...
Shining Star
what's the point using a microwave if u can't eat after removal...more over we need to wait 2 hours???ami I mad or u are mad???recipe is not seems to be comfortable...
Grace Miller
i made this with double cream and a little lemon juice cos i didnt have sowered cream and the mixture was a bit runny but it turned out fine just like a cheesecake and tastes soooo good
noor Elbaz
i would rathe make a real cake instead if 2 hours and a half preparing this thng oh come in buzzfeed
shambhavi Naithani
Indian tune ?
Alexis Hayashi
you could always just smear cream cheese on the inside of an oreo or something and eat that...?
SquishyUnicorn 800
Can I skip the Oreos inside the cheesecake but use Oreos for the base lol
SquishyUnicorn 800
2 hours.............more like put it in the freezer for 5 mins and hope it turns out the same
can i use corn starch instead i ran out of flour
2 hours i am putting it in the freezer wrapping it in a paper towel and putting in there for 15!!!!!
zoyyaa 1711
what can be used instead of sour cream ??
olivia radice
This gave me food poisoning.
Sydney And
bo bi
"Wait 2 hours before eating" I can make a whole cheesecake in that amount of time.
I like anime
Lol I think I'll just put it in the freezer for 3 mins or something 😂
Joey Cox
I have the same microwave!
Unforgettable Memory
UGH buzzfeed it's tooooooooo sweet UGH Kys
Clo Bear
I tried the microwave cake one it turned out into a salmonella ball
M Ray
For that amount of time you might as well buy a cheesecake.
Geek Dragon
"refrigerate for 2 hours"
yes because everyone has 2 hours just LYING AROUND
Michelle Jin
uh..... aint nobody got time for that. just go to the store, pick u some cheesecake, 15 minutes max. this? like 2 hours
Joseph McLean
Replace flour with gelatin
made this, and i set a timer, i got so hungry so i made a microwave cake in a mug, then the timer beeped and i was all like " looks like more fat for me :D"
Alex Summers
Yeah if I'm going to make something in a mug in the microwave, there is no way in hell I'm going to that much effort and spending that long waiting for it. I'll just eat the Oreos as they are and be done with it.
Alena The ostrich
WTF is with the music
Trixzien Roldan
this is why I love gemma stafford and buzzfeed!!
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