Premature Baby Hippo Fiona Gets a Bigger Pool - Cincinnati Zoo

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One-month-old Fiona has outgrown two pools already! Now that her IV has been removed, vets have given her the okay to resume supervised pool time. Hippos don’t actually swim. They sink under water and walk along the bottom, propelling themselves up to the surface to breath. They are able to hold their breath for long periods. Spending time in the pool will help Fiona build muscle and lung strength, keep her skin moist and let her act like a hippo! Her new pool, purchased with your donations, is set up close to mom and dad so she can hear and smell them. #TeamFiona Review Fiona’s first month or make a donation:…/01/25/premature-hippo-baby-upda…/





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Aunty Googol
But you see them swimming in videos, where they actually seem graceful!
elizabeth trudgill
So cute. That ear wiggle.
That's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen lmfao
Grendel Sloth
Holy fuck the sound the adult hippos made was deathly
Kitti Kash
I'll take 10
ever greatest
Kj Tube
Pedo frog
Trigga Rackso
Humans make me sick. Put it back in the wild.
Just read through all the comments on this video,
Out of the 729 comments 36 of them include references to a certain gorilla (37 if you include mine)
Chloe Chocolate sprinkles
Aww! ❤❤❤ 😍
Ken Besford
I want to adopt her
Freyja Njordsdottir
Pretty interesting creatures the hippos, but also the possibly most dangerous mammals out there.
Cele Brity
très bon! beaucoup de salutations
Sarah Johnston
She's lovely. She seemed almost bewildered at the beginning. XD
I don't know how I got here. all I can say is I regret nothing
Why do hippos wiggle their ears?
Chris Dans
A bigger pool! How small were the other two then?
DragonNation GAMES
My mum said I can have a new pet... Now I know what we should get
Mitar Misic
Google asistent told me to watch this
Fiona get out while you can, its not worth the risk of a child falling into your territory. Run Fiona, RUN FOR OUR NI99A H@RAMBE!
how does a hippe meat taste like anyone? .. Asians?!
When are they going to put her back with her parents?
Mr Dabbingson
i hope it dies
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
saving one of the most dangerous animal in Africa. I hope Fiona turns out to be a big petting dog, or big BBQ for the team, it is a win win situation
Beany Cooper
Sooo cute it is like watching a puppy play
Number 1 Kony fan
Ankit Agrawal
Google Assistant sent me here..☺
the ending "braaaaawwwww"
jebediah hogmongrel
i wuld love to let my hound brutus tear into that hypoo, it would be like those movie scens in hollywood
Evan Jam
Do you still gain their strength if you eat them as babies? They seem a lot slower than full sized ones and I'm not a very good shot.

Where is Cincinnati? This things cute as fuck
Damn, this is cool!
I was not aware that Rosie O'Donell gave birth ! Much better looking than her mom. But that's not hard to do. And I think probably smells better than her too !
This pleases me.
I wanna spank Fiona so bad!
Ruth Perron
Now THAT'S cute!!!! :) <3
So cute that they were able to save these beautiful creatures only if there were no poachers in the world these creatures would still be in the wild.
So cute when she flicks her little ears :)
That has to be the most adorable relentless killing machine ive ever seen
Everfore The Girl Yo-Kai
there are 189 people who have no hearts, no souls, and did not cry during Bambie. How could anyone not love this tiny little baby??!!
It's cute
protect her
Benlecreateur Benlecreateur
this so cute
Tiny Mayo
1:20-1:27 Godzilla noises Mom? dad?
Coll Bisby
whoa! the diameter of that pool must be atleast 2,5 meters! what a big fucking pool you generous zookeepers give that nice hippo! fucking SLUTS!
Kate Roy
How do such big, scary creatures start off so small and cute?
2fabulusduo gaby
I love hippos I wish I could have one as a pet

but I would die 🤔😐😑🤐😯😒😓😖
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