Meet The Most Evil Woman On The Planet... I'm so angry.

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Brian Knickerbocker
Yes, the company that pissed me off makes my favorite burger the whopper .When I heard they moved their headquarters to Canada to avoid taxes I quit going there.I know it only affects me but I do stand for what I believe in and more important my son is aware.sick of the wealthiest not wanting to pay taxes or not using there money in the US. Buy stuff, build things do something to return your good fortune.
thefaithfull Bataringa
Robert Norton
You have won a free Ipad I swear. Just give me your SS, Credit card numbers, your address, your date of birth, your waist size, and a picture of you. Just to confirm your identity. I swear no scamerino in the commento.
Rush Stewart
i liked this video just bc of the guys can suck dick too joke
"Dudes can suck dick too"
Mc King
Actually kill this lady and cook her insides so we can eat them
Mc King
Here we go with the feminist getting there panties in a tangle because someone made a dick joke
well at least i got the "Florida man" part right sigh goddamn it Florida. Every goddamn time.
mysterious stranger
so dudes can't suck Dick now ? Discrimination against gays!!!!!!!!!
The SD pun was funny. Disappointed that they deleted their tweet and apologized.
Explosive Diarrhea
Sup bastards
Para Momal
"S my D" could have meant
"Suck my D-cups"
"Suck my Diaphragm"
Works both ways..
YouTube statistics just so I know how many hours I've watched videos liked etc
Amber Bastianelli
I haven't eaten Chick fil a in like 5 years
Irene Cohen
Jeffree Star
Jeffrey Noel
I love Jimmy John's, but will never eat there again because of the founder and CEO using profits from my purchases to big game hunt.
My family won't buy from is GameStop, but nobody is tell me why.

Seriously. It's like some sort of secret FBI shit or something.
Jon Gray
I say public execution is perfect for her wether burning or stoning or drowning. all are good maybe strangulation by noose get old West on that waste of a person
When you said "I hate so many people," you officially became my favorite person.
Jack Sherby
I mean he explained why the Florida guy was arrested but not why he was beaten to a bloody fuck lol
Morelli Khast
not digging your stuff anymore bro. Your falling into the petty crosstalk like everyone else. Fuck celebrities and anyone who cares about them. ya beautiful bastard
i dident realize how old this is until like 2:47 minutes in
smd was great.crybabys for fuck sake.
And yes I've stuck to my guns many times.I used to watch t.v. and movies alot.I would go to the movies almost every weekend.I just started to get sick of all the brainwashing propaganda being planted in these movies and shows.Havent watched t.v. in over 10 years and now go to the movies maybe once a year.Besides movies are shit now anyways..
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
I hate niggers
Immad Allawala
What a piece of shit killing kids
Urban Outfitters made a shirt that said "eat less"...when it's a store that young teenage girls shop at....I get a little upset. Not enough to tweet angrily though lol
Dammit, most Floridians are normal I swear.
What like men can't S the D lol
Alyssa Chansler
I went to this restaurant in Nevada (cause I break rules and don't wanna comment about fast food) and they took an hour to make my food and my dad asked for his burger to not have veggies so the waitress took his plate and just grabbed the veggies off.
I'm brand new to this channel, I just love the fact that he is always calling us basturds
Z Campbell
Stop apologizing for jokes
Mr Awesome
One time my dad got a spoiled soda at a gas station and they wouldn't let him return it he said he would never go there again and he hasn't even though it's at the end of our street and it's changed hands 4 times
Louise_ mck16
I can listen to you for HOURS....because I am
Um where do I skip to to actually get the story titled? Not T-shirts, computer gear and dicks. Why does this tool have so many subs, holy shit.
a company that offended me was targets Trans bathroom and changing room policy. I got 3 little sisters and I'll be damned if some creepy ass pervert tried to use that policy to see underage girls in the bathtoom
lol Why is it so hard for people to believe that there are gang bangers and psychopaths with YouTube accounts? Just take a look at how many psychos try finding excuses for criminals in the comments section. Birds of a feather flock together I guess
I also believe that some jihadi fascists have YouTube accounts. I wouldn't be surprised..
Lynn Perry
Coming late to the party, but, yeah: my favorite clothing company, ModCloth sold themselves to WalMart. Now, not only will I not buy anything else from them, I don't want to wear the things I already have bought (because I'd have to say I got it from ModCloth if anyone asked). Also, just today (6.16.17) Amazon bought Whole Foods. Of all the non-socially conscious companies, Amazon is one (no charitable contributions, no matching charitable contributions for employees, as I understand it, and Besos in general not known for his touchy-feeliness, but hey, it's business, right?) So, can I still trust them? I dunno.
why did people get offended by razers joke jeez
Glytch Harkness
I REFUSE to ever watch Trainspotting 2 no thanks the first one was more then enough. I will show the first one to my kids when they are older though... Lol or some of it anyways cause yeah definitely anti drugs movie for sure
Alexia Sanchez
Fuck the cubs! South side pride white sox all day
Who does he think he is saying who is human and who isn't? You aren't a perfect being or a god. I don't want your opinions, just the news.
An Egg
Ansjdndbabd what if someone wanted to fight and just screamed "ILL SUCK YOUR DICK"
old gregg
"If people like a company enough, they don't care.".... no? I'm gay and I definitely take it seriously. Never went to chick-fil-a after that, i avoid Salvation Army like the plague, and i avoid Walmart as much as I possibly can. Sure, straight people who don't care all that much about lgbtq issues all that much may be like "ehhhhhhhhhh whatever" but I don't have any lgbtq people in my life that actually go to chick-fil-a.
Kills baby
>Life in prison

Kills baby
"Um,That baby was sexist"
>Doesn't go to jail
kaylyn hancock
this may be old news but still as a women i use "suck my dick" all the time and find it funny beside its not sexist and if you find it offensive maybe you should get tougher feelings.
Esther Sorcerer
oh my god!! the baby in trainspotting !! will forever haunt me too!
Jos Pat
he looks like a covfefe, a typical trump supporter
SD joke "fired off too soon" I see what you did there, Phil XD

Edit: Also, bury that murdering piece of trash under the jail.
Child labor. That's typically where I draw the line. However, there are some places I won't go to for personal reasons. I don't want to shop at Walmart, for example, or places that I feel pay their employees too little while making outrageous money for the higher ups, closing down entire small towns (my college town got a Walmart a year after I began attending and went from having 10 blocks of small businesses to NO small businesses in four years), and also selling shitty products - there's basically no upside to Walmart. So stuff like that. There's a good chance I'd go to another fast food place over Chick-Fil-A because I don't agree with the CEO, but I'm a vegetarian, so that's kind of a moot point.
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