YouTube Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything

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Got A LOT to talk about today. Let’s just jump right into it…
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Philip DeFranco
Thank you for the support...well always, but especially in the past day. I was a bit nervous about bringing up my concerns about someone in our community, but felt it was important. Thank you for your time and love yo faces. :)
Cristian Emiliano Barranco Albarracin
Fae C.
Thank you so much for this. Yes, I agree with " in spite of" some people become agorophobic or have PTSD so bad you never see them in society again.
Conrad Williams
Not all heroes wear capes
Shannon Hurley
I met Katherine Switzer in person! She's incredible! She inspired me and now I'm running my first marathon this month :)
You are awesome Philip :)
Pixie Cutter
do5's face makes me physically ill
Online diagnosis from Philip DeFranco... Okay...
Manipulating the videos like that to get your point across just... it just feels like something you'd actually critique from others but you yourself are doing it?
That's so incredibly creepy that people can find your home on Google Maps and see it in detail. Not something I want at all.
Kevin Montanez
I fucking hate the dad and stepmom
Kari Lari
Philip, I hope that you know that you're a hero
I wanna shove a machete up the daddy of 5 parents butt holes. You sick fucks. Where do i have to go to find them?
PS - fuck jeff sessions and everyone related to him.
Maniacal Offroad
Don't let the Daddyofive issue die! please!
Nicky Garvey
I agree that the world has become more "soft" but this is absolutely ridiculous! That poor kid is so obviously mentally exhausted from all of this abuse by his nasty dad and step mom. I am beyond pissed that the authorities haven't intervened yet. Those kids need to get away from those horrible people before it's too late and they all grow up to be insane!!
The Pizza Box
Those McDonald's employees are heros!
Thank you for this video.
were did u get that jacket
Wyatt Young
"In spite of" - this is amazing. You're awesome.
Too bad boogie is actually an asshole.
N. Snow
I think people today are WAY to soft, but just being a disgusting horrible parent isn't fixing that
Marshal Tuberson
nice rooster teeth hoodie
Kelly Harman
These parents are horrific people... it's so clear that Cody has become the Scapegoat, Black Sheep, or what therapists refer to as the "Identified Patient" in this wildly dysfunctional family... and if there is indeed truth to Cody not being the biological son of this spiteful mother, it makes so much more sense that she targets him even further because of the resentment she clearly feels toward raising him... and "poop everywhere"? What do you expect when you're raising your child in a "Pranks are our livelihood" environment?!!
You people should watch the video where they pretend to be kicking cody out of the house. now thats psychological abuse. the mother even says to cody "she doesn't like him" at one point. in another video the dad is looking at cody through his camera and saying "that kid is a pain in my ass, little ginger shit" in serious way, well cody is doing nothing wrong and just playing. messed up.
Sweet Heart
Everyone wants what they don t have.
Rotten Egg Creations
Kind of inspired me to share my own story of peer abuse I've had for the first quarter of my life, soon.
money can't buy a happy family. it looks like to me they are totally empty people raising children that have no sense of love or family or respect for themselves or others.
robert smiths hair
as someone who was and still is emotionally abused, this disgusts me. whether or not the parents can even realize that they're hurting their children, it is STILL ABUSE. Cody will almost DEFINITELY develope a mental disorder. I have BPD due to my parents literally screaming about how much of a burden I was. I really hope that his parents rot in fucking hell.
kan cli
Naked Narwhals aka coltrane2004
Who also thinks his voice sounds like Jerry Seinfeld? Great voice by the way
Nami Reyna
It is a apology
Vanessa Elaine
One time I was watching one of those "spoiled kid cringe compilation" videos and a lot of the people in the comment section said that parents need to beat their kids which is the only way they won't be brats (they weren't jokes either, they were serious when they said that" and I heavily disagreed with it so I posted a long comment about how I was abused and that it does not help kids at all. What I got in response besides the people who wanted to just have a respectful debate were people calling me weak and how my dad just didn't hit me hard enough. It's honestly disgusting how people can just normalise and praise abuse (there were people who said spanking was not abuse and is the only way you can have a respectful well behaved child). I guess it's beneficial to have depression and anxiety that affect my daily life.
so now its daddyothree
i'm actually crying right now!
we just sit in silence
i feel so bad for cody because of the mental and physical abuse he goes through
Laura H
those people are garbage people. I hate them. They need to go away and learn how to be good people and decent parents at the least......fuck they are horrid.
I feel so bad I just wanna take Poor Little Cody to Disney Land ❤️😭
David Seevers
Oh for god sake, why is that moralistic slob Boogie getting involved in this matter? Let me guess, he made a video saying what 58 million others people did - "this, this, why this is just WRONG, people!". Boogie started out as a decent entertainer and channel, but now its like all he talks about is drama, why he can't lose weight, and how he loves everyone. He's deeply mentally ill.
Dirk Pitt
JUST .....THANK YOU. I wish youtube and Philip defranco exist in 1978 .
Cedrik McLaine Charette
You are Phil(a hero) people nowadays do like to insult others,and laugh at others,this takes no speak about those kind of stuff,you deserve to have 20 millions subs,as Boogie2988 deserve more too! People who have intelligent stuff to say becomming rare in here....

I enjoy your vidz,Boogie sent me here(talked about you),and i'm really happy to follow you!

nice job!
Insidious Dilemma
Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding.
Cynthia Rosario
that poor kid cody. wow I could never treat my kids like that let alone share it with the world. I would be ashamed as a parent. it was all for views and money. if they enjoy you tube and Wana be a part of it then do something positive. the worst behavior of them all were the parents. well I take that back. their not parents. I meant the older people because I can't even call them grown or adults and definitely not parents. I hope they get the help they need or those kids get a better home cuzco they have no business raising kids. now I we old love to see a channel committed to pranking them and making their lives horrible and stressful. that's a channel that would blow up and be funny af.
Cynthia Rosario
daddy of 5 is a channel that glamourizes bad parenting and child abuse. like if your home is truly this way on a daily basis your children are already messed up. thier a joke
Cynthia Rosario
amen to everything you said about that piece of crappie who killed a man then himself which was probably the only thing he got right in his adult life. or that the victims family won't have to support him in prison. let cold blooded murderers work for their meals and their beds. or else they don't eat
Stacey Robinson
daddyofive is awesome. fuck u hater
Stacey Robinson
daddyofive is awesome. fuck u hater
I naturally have no lips, well they're there but incredibly thin
luis rodarte
Just saying us kids have cuts and stuff from running around rolling around...ect...
Aiden Thorpe
Those Mcdonald's employees definitely deserve a raise...they potentially saved people's lives
Future Gohanks
This is your fucking fault daddyofive is having problems you piece of shit go fucking quit your channel you disgusting piece of shit dumb ass 😤😒😒😒
A few years ago I ran into someone I grew up with. As we were catching up he said something along the lines of "The way [your stepmom] treated you was always so terrible" and I had to end the conversation to go cry. I never knew anyone else saw it. It's been happening a lot that people from my past casually mention the abuse I faced and I wonder why none of them, some of them adults at the time, ever said anything.
I avoided watching any of the Daddy of Five videos thus far because I didn't want to see it but now that I have it's way too familiar. Thank out for bringing attention to this.
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