YouTube Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything

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Got A LOT to talk about today. Let’s just jump right into it…
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Philip DeFranco
Thank you for the support...well always, but especially in the past day. I was a bit nervous about bringing up my concerns about someone in our community, but felt it was important. Thank you for your time and love yo faces. :)
"I became what I am IN SPITE of what happened to me, not BECAUSE of what happened to me."
Thank you, you are the first other person I've heard say this. I've read article after article of people coming to THANK their abusers for giving them this history that shaped who they become and it never sat right with me. It is thanks to EVERYONE ELSE that helped shape me, NOT because of those few who didn't know better. Hearing you say this one phrase has just validated so much of the work I've done for myself in the last few years.
Dee Man
Save Cody. It makes me want to adopt him and take him to Disneyland. Can't believe those parents never thought about what it'll be like for that child to see that conversation about him on the internet someday. It hurts to watch that.
Simon Anton Ehie
It's horrible how completely innocent people get their channels flagged and taken down for no reason and these sickos can just keep abusing their children for views
Nigga never got his fries
"Can't stop. Won't stop." - Lucio
Ronybal Lecter
I imagine Cody killing his parents when he gets older.

He'll be like: " it's just a prank bruh".
Rae Everlark
Cody and Emma's biological mother has said that Cody suffers ODD and clearly his father and STEPMOTHER don't understand his disorder or how to really care for him...
And yes, Cody and Emma did not come from or belong to that fat bitch. She is a step mother which explains her treatment of Cody and she and their father actually stole Emma and Cody from their real mother...
Melanie Vonfange
I hate that 'mother' so much.
Lisa Hartig
I have a one year old son and having him has changed the way I hear stories like this. My beautiful boy gets to grow up in a loving and safe home, it breaks my heart to think that not all children get to grow up like that. I hope that if he is ever in a situation where he needs someone to help him or to stand up for him that they will. Thank you Phil.
Cody will kill his whole family one day.
prajwal gautam
Great video bro...
Aye dat RT shirt doe
George Mitchell
05:30 cough TYT cough
For all idiots that think that think this is making your kids strong. Move to Balkans and you can all grow strong as a family.
The news is really pissing me off, because they don't need to make up bullshit to make me dislike Trump, there's enough factual evidence and words from the man's own mouth that make me dislike him, and yet they insist on making fools of people who are already on their side by convincing us that these contrived outrages like the hat toss were real... I'm usually good at fact checking and being critical but they got me with this one. What the fuck for?

I'm increasingly convinced that Trump is nothing more than their circus clown to distract us from the very real laws and policies that the Fringe Right are forcing through while the Democrats wring their hands and feign distress. I really don't think there are very many people in ether party who are truly interested in fighting for the interest of the common citizen. Look how simple it is for them to pretend ranting about and mocking Trump somehow equals meaningful action.
daddyofive brings me back to mcjuggernuggets
ad af
Jayden Wrigley
I like your jumper
Mischief Ltd
Well I just paused the video at 3:00 and went poking around on Google Earth for an hour or so. The upgrade is really amazing!
TrailBlazer Dude
Terminate the aswipes
Sal Lachina
Austin Cummins
first two minutes earned a subscribe, ive been saying that for years about how its stupid how the news shows you the criminal even after they are caught.
I'm still in school, but I'm studying to be a social worker with a specialization in clinical therapy. I read a case study about an adult who experienced trauma around the age of two - a time where, developmentally, it's pretty normal for a child to go through a "feces smearing" phase. They are exploring their body, learning - essentially everything you said in your video. Because this client was traumatized during that stage of development, he was unable to develop normally through that stage or learn normal coping mechanisms and he was emotionally stunted. Therefore, when he would experience an overwhelming emotional break, devoid of normal, age appropriate coping mechanisms, he would cover the surface of a room in feces sometimes. He was 24 years old at the time.
john white
Fuck you your not helping anyone here go to hell
Jp antoni
shutdown good youtube channel your
Jp antoni
hate you
Lindsay Satmary
Thank you for bringing this terrible issue to light. I can't believe these white trash people. I seriously hate that people like them have children and others can't. So so unfair. I hope these kids are removed from that unhealthy home and those parents seek professional help, though it looks like they lack mental capacity to really get how horrible they are. I just want to take that sweet boy to Disney and give him a hug.
Odd Giraffe
Amanda Payton
hell yeah McDonalds staff!!!!
The Snicklefritzed
WELL SHIT DUDE Too bad I didn't see the squarespace thing earlier because I just published a portfolio website for school through Squarespace. Oh well, next time :D
Once again, so much respect for this man.
Jonathan Gomez
Glad to hear Steve Stevens went and ate a bullet good for him yea?
Kris Pagonis
Steve Stephens literally killed himself three miles from my brother's apartment. He had friends at that McDonalds. Freaky how small the world is.
I'm especially disliking DO5's land whale of a wife more and more with every video clip I see. Cody has something alright; he has literal assholes for guardians (I will not call either one of them "parents" because that is a title along the lines of "mom" and "dad" that you earn by being more than a sperm or egg donor).
All of the kids should prank the parents in the ways they prank the kids, and see how they take it
Elly Godoy
I was born with the same lips as him
Andy D
The father looks like a typically white trash piece of shit douchbag. Most likely the child abuse is real.
ramona flowers
why the fuck is the mom calling cody crazy?? thats fucking disgusting, instead of POSTING a video where you repeatedly call your child abnormal and crazy, maybe she should fucking help him.
Poppy Liz
I'm only 19 and i live in canada but I wanna adopt Cody as my honorary little brother bc I used to be an angry little kid w glasses and I can relate. Though i was never abused like that OR publicly humiliated. poor little dude:(
I work with kids with special needs, all of whom are in state custody. Most, if not all of them, have experienced sexual abuse, other forms of abuse, and neglect. Some of them experienced this at the hands of their own parents. Others experienced this at the hands of the hospital staff who were supposed to help them. Reading their files and knowing some of the horrors they have experienced is sickening. There is no excuse for this bullshit.
None of Your Business
"Crazy ginger snap" What the fuck is wrong with these people?
mcdicks out here saving people!!
You have more likes and comments than anyone I've ever seen Philip!
Me Versus You Gaming
Held off subbing you for ages, not sure why as you're alright and make decent content.

Good job on exposing this for what it was
Hi, just wanted to agree you're no hero. Just a POS making money pointing fingers at other pieces of shit.
jared hunold
Help or Share. Thanks
Feras Hannawi
Lol, They are treating that boy the same way family guy Peter griffin treats Meg. Omg This shouldn't be funny
Heather Bragg
These people are pure trash. Where is law enforcement?
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