UniqueChic Beautique
Oh I get it.
Isabel Waters
I think you need to add less information and for of the things you are actually presenting
Your videos are too long
Antônia Dantas Tenório
1:05 Brooklyn and Bailey
Ruth Saragoza
Hanna Karitas Magnusdottir
9:33 Is that you, Professor Slughorn? Or is it an offspring of him...
Kool-Aid Katheine
My bike matched a strangers outfit and I laid it on a park bench and she was sitting on same bench
ChibiEnvy Love
I'm sorry but u talk 2 much. I just wanna know what the actual video is not extra stuff or stuff I already know. I know they match, u don't have 2 keep mentioning it every few seconds with different wording.
Random girlz 9355
omg lol look at 0:45 so funny
FlameWallace the Flareon
these people are the masters of camouflage
Mikaela Tayag
Its Brooklyn and Bailey OMG!!!
My videos' are crap
I can speak in 3 different languages i'm going to say Hello in 2 more different lauguages :) ηελλο ჰეკკი. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
Mireliz Morales
I twined with my mom today and I noticed when we were taking a picture together 😂
Portia Xophia
So Wierd
Colourme Purplee
The yellow dress was fucking hilarious
Avery465 Jackson
Anyone saw brooklen and bailey in the beginning as kids
Fatima Herrera
You guys are messed up
Mareeah Tlc
Anybody see Brooklyn and Bailey?
Amber Galeria
Love the idea of the videos. But they run on and on waaaay too much. Plz cut down the explanations and intros to every single thing. It's very annoying.
maria isabel daga XxmariaissaxX
i hate ads they r so annoying 👺
Maarya Adil
They used a lot of clips of Brooklyn and Baily
8:30 Did you really just spell "ludicrous" as "ludacris"?
Anyone know the twins at 00:04 from CreepsMcPasta's video?
Love For all friends
I was tiwining with a kid in my class cuz we wore the same Pokémon shir
Fabo Merp
1:08 Brooklyn and bailey
Alison Hargitt
👏🤥 I am dabbing
Alissa Violet
I wish they would just show the photo I don't need to know facts about different types of larvae, and it goes so into detail about every thought smh😂😂😂
Mark Dippa
Mark Dippa
Vivienne Garratt
Idk 😂
Summer Libanan
Omg Brooklyn and Bailey. Twice in the beginning.
princessluna moon
this narator kinda sounds like meghan a.k.a strawburry17.😐
My teacher is funny and gets us to pay attention with memes
SolarUniKitty Roblox
I balanced my new fidget spinner on my finger and it spined and stayed balanced for five minutes
Lady Flores
My Ex twinned with trash
Kalyn Hall
Brooklyn and baily were in this
Timothy Shepherd
elena nearing
1:54 Miraculous LadyBug! YOU WOULD LIKE IT IF SOMEONE CALLED U A LADYBUG (this is not to be taken seriously just a joke)
Lumi viva
eli se on bussikortti tai jotai
Ruth Mullins
the lady and the larvae is like totally mean and rude
It's me
1:06 that was brooklyn and bailey
Leatherblac Canary
when someone compared to your ex.
little cupcake cute
OMG! In Singapore (I live there) there are cards that you refill to travel busses and trains LOL
when she started talking about the woman and the wall it got really annoying and judgy. I think she was going to over board with what she said and kinda making fun of her. I actually think that that would be a cool coincidence so stop judging and acting like that shirt was so gross. "We think she should just change that shirt" "hahahhaha" ya okay we get it it was kinda cringey dont take this offensively. please. i'm sure if that woman saw that she wouldn't be too happy. would you?!
Lucia Cervantes
who else recognized Brooklyn and Bailey when they were little
Emma's Kitten Army
Wo W
When she was saying the question I was like "who the hell would ask that"
Harry Potter 4 Life
bonnie the purple bunny ;P
wow stfu for once.
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