Fourth-Dimensional Quasar
Kate McKinnon is the greatest.
Can we please have more RGB!!!
Amanda Bynes is probably thinking, "Hmmm, this has been done before."
jordyn d.
Im doing a paper on her, yay...
Ken Texican
Kate Rocks!
I love to watch her dance 💃
Umbro Ok
She's so hot when she plays her
El John
Seriously, someone tell me where they get that slow jam instrumental that she dances to at the end I love it
Timm Roberts
we need more drunk uncle
In my opinion Kate is the only good part of snl these days.
The Chris Christie joke was perfect 😂😂 and not at all incorrect
John o'neal
omg i think this is my favorite character of hers this was a masterpiece.
She's adorable
Валерия Падалка
Katty Perry as an old lady. 10/10
notorious rbg!!
old ugly joo bitch
Gregory Salamone
I ship Colin and Kate
Ellen R
Even playing as an old woman Kate is still extremely attractive
Marta Schenk
😂😂😂 I could watch this over and over...
Kate is my fave!
Prototype Kaito
michael che reacting to being called Don Lemon was priceless
ruben amorim teles
What's wrong with your makeup Colin, way too much pink stuff
Teerever Man
Can we just put a nice laugh track in there? Kate is hilarious but this crowd just came out a funeral or something
beautiful eyes..
that was really bad
davey steve
how do you people not find this funny? what more do you want? the look, the accent, the gestures are all great!
Mark Garrett
That was very good but somehow not laughably funny? Where am I?
Gwen Stacy
Kate McKinnon I love you
Ali Al jobori
I do support MRS Ginsburg at her freedom of speech.
Israel Barrera
Vote for Trump 2016
Ginsburg is one of my favorite characters that she plays, the first time she did it was hilarious!
Spencer Mackel
It's like the new Ghostbusters movie sucked all of the humor out of Kate McKinnon.
Amateurish rubbish
that wasn't very funny, the dancing gave off an "all that" vibe more than keenan doing the french guy on weekend update. kate tries waaaayyyy too hard to be zaney, and no its not because of her vagina its because she isnt as talented as people assume she is. she may as well be chris katan, over the top to the point that the humor is lost and it seems like they just need attention.
I found this hilarious
Kalin Datchev
Kate McKinnon is awesome as always but Colin Jost (and Michael Che too) is such a waste of space...
Alejandra Smith
snl is over?
"I dont got time for you Don Lemon" LOL.
Clash players be like,DOG RIDAAAAAH
Smart Ass
Kate is awesome. Beautiful, talented , and funny as hell. Too bad us regular guys will never get to meet her. She is the shining star on SNL!
Kevin Henderson
when does the funny stuff start ?? There's a writer's room ??? And this material passed.......what the hell was left on the table ?? Someone please clap......(nobody else did). :(
n I'm That Guy
snl hasn't been funny or relevant since farley rolled a 7, but lorne is a fellow traveler, so, u know.... its tedious & painful to watch update.... left wing radical commie ruth gin, an old aclu subversive stuck on stupid....#charles rocket
PresidentDwayneElizondo MountainDewHerbertCamacho
God damn this is cringe worthy as fuck. Kate McKinnon is ugly as sin and she's just absolutely not funny. It must be nice to be complete and utter garbage at your j OK b but get a pass because feminsims
This is why the new 👻 busters sucks.
Samuel Markert
I love Kate McKinnon<3
Why would Tinkerbell be looking for a Planned Parenthood in Indiana? That doesn't make sense.
Joseph Scott
Why was Colin so much looser and at ease in this than he ever is on Weekend Update.
It would have been much better for Hillary Clinton if she would have chosen Admiral James G. Stavridis as her VP for bolstering her beleaguered foreign policy and national security credentials. But she chose another Irish-Catholic career politician! Another lawyer! What difference is he going to make? Nowadays who can tell the US Congress apart from the Vatican...?
Is this suppose to be funny? SNL stop being funny more than a decade ago!
D Bourbeau
ahhhhhh, the old dancing grandma bit. very subtle
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