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SNL cast member Jon Rudnitsky recalls his most memorable moments from season 41, including hearing his name announced for the first time, getting his face licked by Miley Cyrus, and his Dirty Dancing Weekend Update segment.

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Evan Faas
Does anybody know where the Dirty Dancing sketch is? I can't find a video of it anywhere
Welp and now you're gone Jon! 😂
Random Name
It's a shame he got fired
Stef Sears
He's a cutie. Wow. :)
Christian Noruego
SNL get it together... this guy has a lot of potential and he needs more air time!
Martin Rafter
Invasion of Privacy
Ian Stephenson
They removed the Dirty Dancing bit from the reruns. I wonder why?
is this the guy that announced he's leaving the show?
Sad it was his only season.
Josh Casper
goodbye. maybe he will do better elsewhere.
I am very saddened by the lack of shirtless photos I can find of you online....
Pho Skin
It sure as hell wasn't the time he showed up late for a sketch on live TV.
Peter Bonde
There is no chance Lorne knows who Jon is
Fraser MacDonald
I've watched every episode and this is the first time I'm seeing this guy.
Casey Symons
harrington park miss u
spidey sis
Hector Gonzalez
I've never seen this guy, but maybe it's because they don't post any of the sketches he's in on YouTube? But really tho I honestly thought he was a writer before I clicks on the video.
Alexander Dillard
Good experience, Rudsheck.
what a surreal year for that guy.
You wont be there next season sorry Jon
Mcastillo D.R.C.
I didn't know he was on snl. huh?why don't I remember him.
This guy reminds me of the young Terry Gilliam from The Monthy Pynhon's. Both in terms of faces lookalike and frequency of being in the sketches :)
I didn't even know this guy was in the cast
Loved his turn as Anderson Cooper in the first Democratic debate sketch. "Bernie... Bernie... Pace yourself."
Luna Patricia
Jon's Dirty Dancing was one of the highlights of this season! I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us.
William Seamon
I liked that one where he was in the background for a couple seconds
OK what happened at the start of Space Pants?
Gunstar Pocket
Jon is my man
Bobby Moynihan yelling "where were you?" on air when he missed his cue in the Space Pants sketch didn't make the cut?
What a cutie. I want to see more of him. ("Take off your shirt.") Oh, I meant to say, "Give him more air time."
Mia Lentz
Where's the full dirty dancing vid I wanna watch it 24/7
Tay Lo
Wow all three times he was ever on
Lia Loves Food
its short because he wAS BARELY ON
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Dongyuan Kang
The dirty dancing!!!!!!
He is one of the best on the show right now
Noah Robert Graves
I liked him doing the "Choocha Booch" with Ariana Grande. :-)
He's cute I wanna pet his hair
Zach P
I hope someone at SNL reads this because to be honest, Jon wasn't in a whole ton of sketches, and I think all the ones he was in he listed as his favorite. It shouldn't be that way, in previous years even the new comers have gotten way more time than this guy. I thought he was hilarious is the few that he was in and I hope that he gets more time next year. I want to see this guy grow.
Dirty Dancing bit was great. Use this dude more often.
IHaveNoLife ILikeBoobsThough
Legend has it that Jon Rudnitski once walked in front of a rolling camera. I personally don't believe it though.
Bucky Barnes
rud why did you show up late for space pants
Bucky Barnes
Funny shit
He is capable of strange characters. I would like to see more of him
Remember when you said you would get me tickets then never responded to me again? Good times.
Maxtollien Gaming - Acer and Clutcher
Isaiah Pez
He was hardly in any sketches from what I remember and majority of the ones he was apart of it was as a side character. Hopefully next season he gets written into more parts.
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