Boats for Kids with Blippi | Learn Colors in the Hot Tub

BlippiBlippi boatsBlippi hot tubBlippi colorsBlippi boats for kids

Dive into the hot tube with Blippi and learn colors with boats for kids. This video has boats for kids and lessons to learn colors for toddlers from Blippi. Have a fun adventure with Blippi underwater to grab the colorful sunken eggs. For more Blippi toys videos click here

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If your youngster loves Blippi boats you can watch the Blippi jet ski video next

Awesome Bea123
Wow the Boats are color red and blue
David Vasile
Blippi Toys
Kids Songs Club
Now I want to go swimming :)
mohamed aden
Starboy _CZ
this is best video
Tristen's Toy Show
Such a fun video!
Caleb Toys Reviews HD
My son love your videos, very good video.
He had about 5 months telling me that I wanted to start making videos and I finally decided to help him. And it 's the best decision because I feel so much closer to him. We had many good times together
Thanks for the inspiration
Bad Baby Freaky Family Videos
Cool and Funny way to Learn the Colors for Kids:-)great Job
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