Animals Finger Family Song - Mega Finger Family Collection Part 2! Learn to count with the animals

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It's our big Animals Finger Family song collection, with over 75 animal costumes! Learn to count as you sing along with Bounce Patrol and all the animals! It's the Daddy Finger song with a twist... there's lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Plus elephant, giraffe, hippo, panda, farm animals like pig, cow, sheep and so many more! Made for children and toddlers to enjoy, so jump up and bounce along with us!

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Farete una versione anche con fnaf Simone e Emanuela? Mi piacerebbe tanto vedere quei tre assumere le sembianze degli animali che li assomigliano, per esempio Simone il pidocchio perché sta sempre azzeccato, fnaf va bene qualsiasi animale tanto non si può definire un essere umano e emanuela come un cinghiale abbufito grazie
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