8-Year-Old Was Bullied At School Days Before Suicide: Attorneys

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The case of an 8-year-old boy who died from suicide earlier this year is being reopened amid bullying claims. An attorney for the family of Gabe Taye says video proves he was knocked unconscious by a fellow student just two days before he hanged himself from a bunk bed with a necktie. This week, the coroner said she is reopening the investigation because of what the video reportedly shows. InsideEdition.com's Leigh Scheps (http://twitter.com/leightvreporter) has more.

Goof Trooper
Wait a second...they said security footage from inside the bathroom... Why do they have cameras in a bathroom???
Geneva Monds
he I so cute
Geneva Monds
that is so sad that an 8year old boy killedhim self because some kids were beaming mean to him . I will pray for his family bad him r.I.p kid
Brian Oglesby
My friend did that because bullies
Why do peope bullies hope the bullies fill bad as heck
Alexander Hamilton
"Security footage from inside a bathroom" um isn't that invasion of privacy?
Gøt!Seventeen Suga Kookies
His mother doesn't even look sad.
Kitty Bear
That 8 year old was cute :(
Notorious Night
I hate this people who get bullied and suicide
Kirt Joe
Ok, no joke, that kid actually looks like ALOT like me. No joke either. Even the hair.
love anime
He soo cute 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Maria Kai
Tin Vo
Why would they have a camera in the bathroom
Asim Azizjam
😭! Why? WHYYYYY?
Padro Orega
I mean I bully people but through the internet I mean it’s pretty fun but hey it’s not the bully’s fault it’s his for committing suicide.
Mavado Jones
Sad yoooo
Retards life gets better
Why do people bully anyway?! WHY CANT THE WORLD BE PEACEFUL?!!?
Suicide is for the weak
Its illegal to have cameras in a public bathroom
They have cameras in the bathroom? Pedophiles.

700th comment
Laura_ Cheezits
A little midget bullied me at my middle school she pulled my hair and slammed my on the floor
charlotte fink
Wow and that's so sad
Wojciech Zgodowski
If us gets attacked by Afghanistan, they don't go start telling their own military and kill themselves, the go after the enemy. It would be crazy if the countries military begun killing themselves. What I don't understand is that why bullying victims kill themselves instead of going after ones who bullied them .
that is just scary what bullies can do to others
I blame the parents how does a 8 year old commit. Arent meant to be with your small child at all times. When i was 8 i was never out of sight because of my mum
Nicholas Knecht
My question is why was there a camera in the boys bathroom
Picke El Gato
Mu bday is May 11 bruh
Francisco Salinas
🖕this is for the bullies
Sam Sananikone
I can't watch this.
MineBloxGaming Pie
Spoiled brats.
Prince Ali
That’s So Sad
Gang sounds on musical.ly said like R.I.P and had the song ”This time won’t you Save me” i don’t know What it’s called but R.I.P
Zuleimy Silva
No more bullies give this 5 likes
He had his whole life ahead of him😭
xxSnakebake 24RekzNoobzxx
W-w-what?H-how does a child know how to commit suicide!?
Ava Creep go away :/
Oh my gosh this little boy EIGHT years old took his own life because dumb rude disgusting people picked on him and pushed him to his limits how dare the school not take controll
I like Tumbleweeds
He was just a tiny boy. How did he even know how to sucide. If those bullies were 11 or older they shold go to prison.
Kadidia Diawara
Oh I live by that school
apd killa
Lol obviously watched to much tv, no 8 year old knows what suicide is
People called me really retard, people kicked me, people said I stink, then I told my mom and those kids got suspended. This kid didn’t have to kill himself, just tell your mom that they need to be suspended. Then the mom would just talk to the principal. But wow, this is just horrible.
I am a moose Moose
Was it jake paul?????
RussianSquanch OverwatchTv
"Footage from inside the bathroom" what? That is illegal on so many levels.
B.S.P ,
So sad he was still so young he could have lived a succesful life if it wasnt for those dumbass bullies
The boy is in a better place now, May God bless his family
Ryden Weeks
That little boy is so adorable he had so much more to live for Rest In Peace angel 💕😪
flavia katarina
I use to get bullied but , well I kinda took matter to my fist an I almost punch a boy at school but I think twice before doing it and run to the consuling(sorry if spelled wrong) and talk😁 and I was never been bullied again.
Daya Gold
This is horrible. He was just a young boy with a lot ahead of him. God bless 💗
GamingPixelJunior Last
That stupid school
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