Trump To Meet Angela Merkel Whose Policies He Once Billed ‘Insane’

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President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who share a complicated history and can barely agree on certain major policies, are scheduled to meet soon

Igo Kirchlechner
By touching Mrs. Merkel's Hand hopefully Mr. Trump hasn't been bewitched. She is said to be a satanic reptilian the same like old Queen Elizabeth. And Putin knew why he didn't want to come near to her on the last meeting. My advice to Mr. Trump: Wash your hand with holy water and see a priest, asking him for his sanctification. And then please give the Germans against the power of their German fake media assistance to fire her. Merkel is the string-puppet of the same shade-creatures
fighting against Mr. Trump in the USA. -
misty blue
Merkel is a very demented woman ,she needs locking up in assylum
Richard The Lionhearted
Does Angela Merkel have down syndrome? She looks like she could be corky's sister. In that case some one should step in for her and clean up the radical muslim mess she was allowed to make in Germany.
Postmodern ENTJ
Germany is much saver than the US, because we are not allowed to carry guns. Everything else is peanuts!
The Fanfarrazzi 2015
I totally agree with the president Donald Trump.👍🏽
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