Dose of Dissonance
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Heru- deshet
Epic is more like it. He doesn't want to contract her disease, lol.
Did Trump not shake hands with Merkel or did Merkel refuse to shake hands with Trump?? 😲😲😲😲😲
benn senleyim55
Helena Haper
Trump doesn't shake hands with traitors.
Young Keef
trump dose look like the person start a war or ww3
Keksimus Maximus
You don't shake hands with human garbage. Trump made the perfect call.
good lord!!! looks like he just didn't notice her saying it. if she would gmhave SPOKE UP it would have happened. on them other hand trump should have been the first one to offer his hand
Arkaine Ascorbin
Damn. So many american idiots around who are completely misinformed and repeat prateristic nonsense they heard from some stupid populists. But well. Have fun in your Trump bubble. I'll grant it that you'll regret electing this childish moron as a president, when your country is completely bankrupt, sick and stupid due to him decreasing the budget on education and healthcare while wasting tons of money on a frozen army.
The Game Couch
Listen Guys. I think youre honestly being too hard on the president. If you view the video you can see how the president is sitting and looking he may not be aware of his surroundings at the time. It might be that the president has some mild form of autism like Aspergers.
kartal yuvasi
super gemacht vom trumpf diesse frau hat es verdinnt ihre Hand nicht zu schütteln , kranke frau schleimdt und grinzt noch dummherum, so dumhingelstellt von trumpf supeeerr
What the hell is wrong with him
Akino Ken
he's not a legend! u dick
Akino Ken
wadda legend!
Max Pampam
When destroyed Merkel germany? I life here and nothing changed you fucking racists.
Jeffery Christopher
The amount of Liberals mad about this are pretty stupid. He shook her hand multiple times before this even happened. Whether he heard her or not is none of our fucking concern. She's an idiot who is ruining her country with violent piece of shit Muslims coming in and destroying the place. For Christ sakes you can't even fly a German flag there anymore or the cops will tell you "Put that away, we don't want to start anything. And I'm not saying there aren't good Muslims, there are many great ones, but there are also many who wish to inflict violence and they do this from coming to a country and destroying it from the inside out. If Hillary was elected we'd have to soon shift over to the Muslim life or it's death by Sharia Law. I have no respect for Merkel for destroying a great country like Germany.
Eric Silva
She's trying not to laugh at this ridiculous man
er weiß einfach wer sie ist und was sie tut und handelt dementsprechend
First time really watching because I try not to watch him on television oh my goodness he did not even acknowledge her like she wasn't even there.Who voted for this idiot
Thomas Sawdey
But they did shake hands tho
max kinne
he did shake her hand
Renilson Júnior
Mr. Donald Dumb...
Veronica Franks
What is that strange expression on his face , did he just wet himself ?
Vikings Fan
Trump wins again and liberals just hate it.
mister hyerz
German commie witch deserves to be incinerated, not invited to the White
House. Turning Germany into a 3rd world, low iq wasteland.
katie jones
Jesus you guys are awful, it doesn't matter what her opinions are, it should be common courtesy to shake her hand
mister hool
god job trump. ;)
John Mead
Shes got countless murders and rape blood on her hands, I wouldn't shake them either....
fuck that. Liberalism is a disease and Trump doesn't want to go insane before he makes America Great Again!
I " JUST LOVE"" what a POMPOUS JACKARSE DONNY CHUMP(trademark 2016) Is.. He carries himself as if hi: "5hit did not Stink.. Really??, really??.. Why do you Consider yourself "so special" Donny Chump???... So, what if you were born with a GOLDEN SPOON PERMANENTLY STUCK UP YOUR BUMH073 ya DOUCH3... Idiot boy forgets that SUPPOSEDLY the USA is a ""DEMOCRACY where the populace freely elect their officials to SERVE THEM.. aka PUBLIC S ER VANTS " A55H073 here carries himself like a new chosen "KING". Ps. Before ANY of you start accusing me of being a LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE or whatever . I am going to clear things for you. I AM NEITHER A: REPUBLICAN,DEMOCRAT, Conservative NOR a liberal.. .
oh look its trump with a Muslim leader.
I swear on my mum i will subscribe To this guy
This is not cringe or ignorance, politics is a huge role in our world and every move and word makes a huge impact showing something.
can somebody give me an explation what is destroied in germany? i can go to a doctor when im sick and dont have to sold my house
I love it! She is a joke and the German people will soon take a new direction thanks to her screwing the country up and negatively influencing europe
Yma bean
The Hillary Clinton of Germany lol
x munki
Trump is lame... He can disagree and oppose merkel policies all he wants, but why make yourself look like an ass in public
Kamil Paśniewski
german die die die die
Galway's Finest!
Trump should have sent her home on the first plane back.
That bitch doesn't deserve to shake Trump's hand after what she did to her country. This guy doesn't play by the same rules and bozos like Merkel better understand that
sandeep singh
trump is legend he do what he like.
Christoph Brede
Christoph Brede
The stupid American is offended because a strong woman told him the world economy. Stupid, poor Americans
down shame ISRAEL,USA,UN
shame where is the paragraph from UN 237
and paragraph 194 after 68 years for palestine land.
Snowy White
That's how Delusional Egoistic Trump is..!!!
Tom_ Skip
The people who vote for Trump... are fcking blind...
The comments on here are so ridiculous. Merkel did not ruin Germany or Europe. As a german i am very proud to have her represent my country. We stand for love and acceptance, while the US stands for hate and anger. Letting poor sick people into your country, who need help is the most honorable thing we could do and i support it 100%. These people are innocent people trying to flee from war. Even if you don't agree with our view, not being respectful and shaking a hand is just unacceptable. This is the most powerful man in the world, who is acting like a child. He lost all my respect and Amerika is loosing its respect from countries all over the world. I support Merkel more because of this and am so proud not to be American!
Malcik Serghei
trump has hitler II near him why would he shake her hand? merkel along with hollande ruined the entire europe and prohibited the development of eastern europe by putting stooges form european parliament and soros ass licking pricks as presidents, corrupted "anticorruption" chiefs, corrupted general prosecutors, and corrupted secret services chiefs. this is the merkel europe in decline.
PS-merkel is hillary on steroids, i think americans are clueless about the amount of evil that merkel was and is capable of.
javier rodriguez
Shit, Donald Trump...
Miryam Hernandez
What's the point of meeting if you can't shake hands? That's just beyond childish and stupid and then brings the crack whore secretary to just wait around. She has to be doing crack.
Jeffery Smith
Trump looks like a piece of shit.
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