The Try Guys Try Not To Die At Sea // Sponsored by The Shallows

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The Try Guys are stranded on a raft to discover if they have what it takes to survive the savage seas. Sponsored by The Shallows in theaters June 24th.

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Valeria Garabito
Is it just me or does Keith get weirdly WAY to real in real life situations.?
Nanette Gale
1:09 if u pause slowly there is a shark
the Pink Kitty
Keith is me. I get seasick just standing in the ocean
Meghan Baker
“A Mirror to make sure Eugene’s hair looks good” Eugene singing damnnn
Margie Wallace
“We’re gonna be stuck alone with each other, which is literally my worst nightmare.”
“Downwind’s this way dumbasses.”
Eugene stabs boatEveryone flips out
E-Girls Official
They have a shark 10 feet away from them. They are fine. A fish gets in the boat. They explode. 😂😂
Ava Garza
When Eugene stabbed the boat I DIED
Genesis Ozuna
Seal Going up Approved
Love how everyone gets likes but no replies
E-Girls Official
Would a glow stick make you feel better?
Duck Man
This is scary !!!!!!!!XD how they do it
riley franco
“shut up zach! i puke on you”
“great f ing job ned”
i love them sooo much ! one of my favorite videos
Wolf Den
The try guys NEED to get their own channel
Be HuurHuunPuppy
The little guy always peeing everywhere ((( disgusting
This is like titanic
That was fuckin' scary. Knowing there was a shark and then putting a hole in the raft... I would have crapped my pants.
L dogs Vlogs
2:33 shark 🦈 comes
Nick Nelson
When they make the “accidental” cutting of the raft look not accidental
Archer Berenson
Your will to live is just so low.
Janni og Emma
3:57 i’m laughing so much xD
whoops its clem
I wonder if Ned saw ariel in the ocean.
get it? Because ned's wife is Ariel, but Ariel is also the name of the little mermaid?
Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl
would a glowstick make you feel better?
at 1:09 there is a literal shark in the water just after they were splashing around and got in the boat....they are crazy
Unicorn lalisa bp
Imagine just polluting the water with your own vomit
Jasmine Savoie
Zach: well yea the wind goes down!


l love u as much as u love ur hair
Darren Matto
2 :16 - 2 : 20 lol
oishi chowdury
1:10 there's already one shark under their raft
At 3:49 there's a shark really freaking close to them...
yumemi catlett
Why am I lagging so hard😂😂😂
Angie Twinkle
Hah! Just the ocean? Did you know that 100% of the water isn't explored by man or technology and people don't even know how many species are in the ocean (and sea) and some are known to be going extinct
_xLanas DrawingTodayx_
Am I the only one who absolutely lost it when Eugene stabbed the boat? 😂
Lightning _Lex
Fun fact: pee attracts sharks
Jameson Nguyen
3:57 where chaos happens
Isabelle Fleming
Well done try guys I could never stay in a boat for that long
Eugene's singing is the best❤
Jenna Klyn
What if they got back after this...and they realized the didn't press record?
Eugene’s singing than Keith throws up
Sakari's Edits
The tiniest life boat, with people I know
just ASIA
When he threw up in the water and peed in their that is why I don't swim in the ocean
Austin Geldard
FYI they were attached to another boat
Ellie Smith
Zach:AHH!The fish got in the boat !me:worry about the Sharks like if you agree
KayleeFamily Day
Then who is filming
the one thing Eugene wouldn't be good at
Victor Marin
Eugene stabbing the boat and ruining everything 😂
Luqman Harith
try putting Evan in the ocean,I am sure he will be shitting himself
ASH Weekly
i would be funnier if keith was not dying the whole time
The shark they saw only came because that guy peed over the boat, never do that sharks can smell urine and blood MILES away
Ab&E Vlogs
Does any one think Eugene has a good singing voice
Nisya Azwa
I died when Eugene stabbed the boat HAHAHA
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