Eminem - Walk On Water (Audio) ft. Beyoncé


Eminem's new track "Walk on Water" ft. Beyoncé is available everywhere: http://shady.sr/WOWEminem 

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Music video by Eminem performing Walk On Water. (C) 2017 Aftermath Records

That One
me me big boy
rumich hg
This sucks lol
Victor Guzman
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥crazy flow em is a beast
The Best
Joosua Anttila
This song is fucking amazing! So beautiful. I cried.
Hugo Boerrigter
Gaurav Kumar
Love from india☺️
Lite Football

Hai Le
No to racism
OG Xplosive
Ur god to me xD
Jaxelen UNIQUE
My two favorite artist
Bahiru salam
Rap God is Back
Vinicius Matos
Shady is Back
Carl Alson
Carl Alson
Its good
charismatic enigma
Idk why still black guys hate em
Muhammad Firdaus Akmar
Idol ❤
tiffany nantista
Eminem's part is good but Beyonce is killing it. Not im a good way. Shez flat. She isnt matching his feelings. I feel like somone els shuld have sung it. Skiler grey, John legend, Adele. Somone who can relate to his feel. Grasp his emotions. She makes the song flat. But Em's part has feel. Somone else shuld have did the coris.
"As long as I have a mic I'm god like"
Me: 🙏🏻
Lucas Bustos
Respec my brother ❤
Chardoney Juarez
https://youtu.be/-dCFpg2XHsg Check it out! Love this song ❤
TheNewOne Gamer
Yeah Eninem Is Back!
Simone Pace
Simply the best..again..king
Miqueas Pino
Seguramente no vas a leer esto nunca, pero queria decirte que nunca decepcionas, las expectativas las rompes cada vez que producis, o sacas estos tremendos temas. Sos la mayor inspiración, para mi y para muchos.
He’s depressed now
1:58 what was that jump, bad editing 🤔
Rinku Mani Ojah
অসমীয়া Stan কিমান আছা ✋
He's back :')
Saif Alniaimy
The Legend is back!!!
I've been waitin for a new song for a while😍
Oisin Leahy2
hi my name Aoibhínn I love you
Jeff Beck
He’s mad because new rappers do nothing and he dose everything
Gamerax by Ibrahim malik
He is a God
Legend back !
The best part to start is 0:00 😄 😄
Nick Knoblach
Lil pumps lyrics are better and more meaning ful
Vanessa Li
I am shook! The King of Rap
Valicia Bernard
The King returns for his throne
. 짹
Why, aren't the views so high
SYCOticBarney666 SYCO
I care about your Rhymes Eminem ♥️
Miracle Osamweyobo
Beautiful ❤
Guitar lovers And Comedy
we all love you marshall!!!!
Armour Faithful
pours water on ground and walks on it

I can walk on water but I ain’t no jebus
I dont like this song :/ young Eminem was best
Kevin Roy
I walk on water only because I'm hung like Jesus
Rexhina Çervan.
God is back again with a new blessing for our ears😍😍
lalit gupta
But loved those lyrics
lalit gupta
EM ain't like he used to be. It Ain't that great as it was supposed to be.
Matty JJ
Some actual rap is back
Yeah, you wrote "Stan". But back then you didn't need a generic piano-instrumental that could have been made for any other of the "latest hot pop artist on the charts" and Beyonce on the chorus, in order for you to express yourself. I hope you can start doing YOU again someday, Em, instead of what everybody else does.
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