Avae U
That was a verrrry good performance tay
Alea Jen Villahermosa
maybe right now she's still trying to find her old self. missing old tay so much😭💔
Sean Deinross Hirai
Nostalgia!!!! 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Mahlani Khawlhring
i love it
Tess kittycat Williams
Is this the only song she gives herself whoop flash to?
nainy pryse
Literally like the best live performance EVER
marco brenni
BRILLANT ! An outstanding performance indeed: one of her best ever. I never had thougt she would reach such an high level of performing - This is Taylor I love: passionate, ardent, sexy but always classy. Also her voice is more mature - Taylor go on with this really artistical , very powerful way to perform !
Still the best song she has written. It's raw, savage in the best way possible and examines the pain of a lost love like nothing I've ever heard...
Petr Antoš
still trying ...to shake it off
Be Fun
I kno its long gone n theres no magic here no more😶
Samu Haber
How she cryes😢
rochelle starr
aw shes crying :(
jin jin Luo
just even dis song deserves a grammy
Alfredo Aquino
😢😢😢Old taylor is dead.plzzz.bring him back
Kirsten Bayes
This is everything.
Ar B
She is so GORGEOUS 😍😍😍❤️
Mushroom Pig
Look like a fairy tale princess and sound like an angel
thanh le
I'm crying. so much memories, so much pain. she was cry, she was. I love her and I love the crowd too 22/10/2017 thank you so much <3
Paul Gaze
Just watched some Katy Perry bio where she broke up over Russell Brand. FAKE!!
Paul Gaze
Maggie your brother Jake sucks.
Paolo Paredi
My favourite
So casual and cruel on the name of being honest!!!!
Zachariah Meads
Red deserved a grammy. Pretty much the most under rated album of Taylors
lilla pilla
most powerful song she's ever written. 'maybe we got lost in translation, maybe i asked for too much. but maybe this thing was a masterpiece till you tore it all up.'
Bradley August
1:27 lip syncing??
isso nao é uma música, é uma obra de arte MEU DEUS É TAO BOM, felizmente Red melhor album da carreira
Brandy Bogart
I can't watch the 1989 tour on you tube sooooooooooooooooo freaking mad
metin rzayev
metin rzayev
oh the red album <3
Brinley T
This is a lyrical masterpiece.
Alex Swift
people who are sayin red deserved grammy...these head bangs deserved Grammy too
Nola Zagers
This is so emotional, i'm sobbing
Rose Valiant
This is such an amazing edit tbh
Baekhoe is my side hoe
the hair flips tho
can you believe that this is the greatest song ever written and were seeing the angel of a singer-songwriter perform it... amazing
This describes my most recent breakup almost perfectly. I sobbed while watching this. </3
Lawrence Fernandez
Every lyric is perfect and heartbreaking but especially the lyric "I walk home alone" and when she paused, it breaks me down
Tutku Birincioğlu
Türk var mı
Tutku Birincioğlu
Abi çok güzel
Lexi Laios
critically acclaimed song
Robyn Anderson swiftieforever
Taylor is so talented
Andrew Stadnyk
Greatest song ever written.
Azu 21
Best song ever
The feels. :(
Özlem Ackles
Thus song still hurts so bad
Yas Yasi
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