$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

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"It's like the lucid dream of cakes."

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James Rosselle
Margarita Navarro & Betty Porto
Darby Aldaco

Three cakes enter ONE CAKE LEAVES ...🍰🍮
Jack Rock
I get cake at Walmart $ 2.48 a slice of cheese cake
Sarah Jasim
Why does adam eat alone?
Really, $1,120 isn't that bad if it feeds EIGHTY people; $1,120 is only $14 (1120 divided by 80) for each person.

A one thousand dollar cake is still crazy tho
Straight Black Girl
When you didn't know Steven was left handed until Andrew said something. 😮
And watched Worth it since the beginning.
FlowerIris/ FlowerIrisGaming
To me 85 degree is the BEST Chinese bakery
Lizel Callanta
Wouldn't it be fair if you tried the same flavour/kind of cake for all three price points?
Anna Rose McCarthy
Adam is my favorite 😂👍🏻
"moist is a word were gonna use alot in this video"

me: Ill make u moist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ellie Lyman
They are not macaroons they're macarons
klaire maduscha
"This heart represents my love for... Adam."
Anime Love
Lol when Andrew said he hates it when cake that are neon yellow and when he said that I was holding a neon yellow gel pen
Am I the only one who found that shot of Adam pretending to take a bite out of an entire slice of cake utterly adorable?
FidsTech Studio
baby cakes should say i wanna be like that cake when i grow up!!!
Karen Cardenas
I saw the lady in the video from portos today at Buena Park. She's very nice :)
Adira B.
Just gonna post this to see who my friends are: The lie.
TheDiamondF Minecraft
how dont u guys get FAT ? lol
Ellie Isabel
ok but adam is the most adorable person ever
Ellie M
This is officially the best video on buzzfeed
My Animation Studio
nom nom nom noom aaaaa looks soooooo goooood
Emmy Phillips
adam is so cute
Kaeden Stevenson
1000 degree knife vs chocolate espresso cake
sue celeste
My do the cheap ones look so good and SOME very expensive ones don't look very appetizing...
The way Andrew speaks kinda sounds like prot from K-Pax
Shanzid Shaiham
hey umm guys, is there any way that i can JUST subscribe to this series and not the entire BuzzFeed channel?
Why is the pastry chef calling the macarons "macaroons"? 0_0
Daniel Doolan
Did anybody else's mouth water during this vid?
Russell RedCloud
All lefties raise your hand. ✋ I knew me and Steven had something in common.
Tosh Hearst
Buzzfeed headquarters be like super excited for Steven and Andrew to bring back food every episode
Hana Adel
Adam's really cute😂😂
Eva Vlogs and More
My mom gets me a Portos cake for my birthday. Last year I got tiramisu.
Kyla Ma
Can pie be next??
Margarita Kulyapina
A CHEF doesn't know that his own pastry is called a macaron, not a macaroon. This is truly sad.
Ale Radu
three moist?... If i woud hear this without knowing that they talk about cake....

i dnno.... WEIRD....
Luca Angelillo
Am I the only one who got slightly tilted at 5:56, when they show you the slice, and you realize it's not a perfect triangle ?
Anony Mouse
what about mint cakes?
Darkeye M
my teeth got cancer just from watching this
Gavin Keller
Omg that last cake looked amazing
youngjae's teeth
may I ask

is steven lim korean
Robin Behrendt
1000 degree knife vs choclete cake 5:40 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
YG KEMP 40 o
Are they gay
Vitoria Carvakgo
I Love the cameraman omg
DMunoz 12
м σ ι ѕ т
Lunar Deity
I love cake
Candice Williams
I'm sorry all that "love showing" for his same-sex eating partner is like unnecessary and really really annoying and cringy....
BJ Bear
careful how much of that fondant you eat, there will be consequences, and I'm not talking about the weight gain.
"trays laychay"
cherry Ton
"Where are we going tomorrow?"
"Cake factory" 😂😂😂
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