$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

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"It's like the lucid dream of cakes."

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James Rosselle
Margarita Navarro & Betty Porto
Darby Aldaco

ArkWolf games
Are these guys gay???
O Cheese
where is the cake lover :D
Rosarie Nepomuceno
ADAM THO!!! <3
Hala MNG
Adam did you know? you are really cute haha 😳
I love it <3
This series just wouldn't be complete without ADAM
Skizzy Wizzy
they need to do one on thai cuisine!
Isaiah YSL
Cake made me cum
Mamma T
This made me want some cake like now. tfs
Now I wan't cake or even SOMETHING tasty :,(
Grace Pizarro
Cannot wait for season 2. This is one of buzz feeds best series
I want that chocolate espresso cake so badly. Coffee and chocolate are such a great pairing, and I already like the cheap chocolate and coffee cake from my local supermarket, I bet this one is just that but to an extreme level of refinement
At 10:53 he should have said "I'm a simple man".
Shuvani rose Singh
Do ice cream 🍦 luv u so much
Nick G.
This doesn't need to be 14 min lol
Buys $40 cake
Shares slice
baby sloth
yolanda should sell her cakes for thousands of dollars as well
Mathew Prince
7 dollar crack vs 150 dollar crack
Dakoda DAVIS
Ируся & Викуся
заходите ко мне на канал, буду рада!
Portos is so fucken overrated.
Bumblebee RS
Wtf is wrong with that one guy wearing headphones and glasses, he seems traumatized or is he just too socially awkward. He acts so irrelevant in each of these episodes
Mac Mac
I get the nice $5 cake from Coles
Linnea “dognerd” Browncell
You should try smörgåstårta = sandwich cake. It's swedish and my favourite cake!
Junior Jackson
Adam is so funny, he's my favorite
Ban the Architect
the only reason the last cake was so expensive was because it was meant for like 40 people
Rachel Hom
Adam is such a cinnamon roll oh my goodness
God damn immigrants
Linh Nguyễn
Adam is my spirit animal ;))
Patricia R
Adam is so adorable.
Am I the only one who couldn't trust the chef in the expensive bakery because he didn't pronounce Macaron correctly?
I thought they were gonna eat booty.
this people are like gordan Ramsey , except they try the good food and don't rage
sophie g.
do cheap vs expensive chocolate or candy
Alexis U
I fall more in love with Adam everytime... I wish I could feed him cake.
Esme Smith
on personal matter hole flood couple concerned eye
Siggy Vids
my mouth has turned into a waterfall
ElChapo 4444
yall should do pancakes
Starlight Becca
I can never watch one of these videos without eating.
Jacquie Capra
The camera guy (adam?) is s'cute
Abigael Bukassa
Andrew is cute when he doesnt talk when he is.... 😐
Tyler - Crimson
the guy in the back is probably my favorite person on youtube
5:42 1000 degree knife vs. cake
Bruh has no one noticed he went for a hand shake and got left hanging
Melanie Martinezz
Well.... I just made myself hungry
Leslie Zapata
Adam is the real star here.
Brainy Narwhal
Anyone notice how the Worth Its that involve junk food always get more views?
John Smith
$8 prostitute vs. $8,000 prostitute
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