$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

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"It's like the lucid dream of cakes."

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James Rosselle
Margarita Navarro & Betty Porto
Darby Aldaco

I thought the last cake would have white truffle on it 😂
But, to be fair the cake was only that expensive because you made it expensive. It would've been cheaper than the $27 if you paid for a cake for two people.
Iris Ariola
Someone cut the cake with a hot knife.
Yousuf Khan
This is painful to watch 😂
Harjeet Dhillon
did any1notice that the sketch had buzzfeed written on top of boteggas sketch
Allyy Rabbit
Adam looks so depressed.
Shaylynn Chartrand
Do burrito worth it
Filip Maksimovic
Only reason why I watch buzzfeed now is cause of this
Libra Brooke

it's 2 in the morning and I'm craving cake
Stampy Lover
I stopped watching at 3:22 because I got hungry
Man I love this show
Claw Kings
And then I come along "where the hell is the $5 walmart cake that's my favorite!?"
M. Stroud
The REAL question is, how much are they being paid by YouTube?? o_O ????? Cuz they're blowing $$$$....on CAKE. LOL!
Jordan P
the lines at portos are just gonna get longer
5:49 1000 degree red hot knife vs cake
Adam is my favorite😭😭😭 and omg I can't imagine paying over $1,000 for a cake!!
Shareef K.
where's the next episode?
Fhngfjhggf Hhgjhg
The camera man is so cute and innocent 😇
Adolfo Cepeda
i feel so bad for the camera man,he acts so lonely,but isnt....
Titanium22 YT
At 10:10, I agree with the bakers opinion CAKE IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍰
Emma McChug
Pls do 30$ hotel vs 20 000$ hotel
Andrew,Steven and Adam are so cute!! I can't even 😩😍
Strawb Yogurt yogurtson
Carrot cake tastes like pumpkin roll
Ellie Cruz
The camera and sound guy is idek how to describe him he's just cute lol
Isabella Clark
When is the next worth it!?!?!?
#2 :)
Emily Cheeto
Haha its so cute and funny how that camera guy just sits and eats innocently
Tyler Dalton
Watching this makes me feel gay
Joanna Sichivula
$1120 for cake.. They better be using wheat grown from The Garden of Eden
Chelsea Bradshaw
The camera man is so cute
Yin-Yanged Gamer
If your'e going to charge $1,120 for a cake you better know the difference between a Macaroon, which is a coconut cookie, and a Macaron, which is what they got from the bakery. And guess what, they're pronounced differently, the way the cake designer said it was the coconut cookies pronunciation, Not the french cookie the bakery was "Known for".
This upsets me.... that's all I have to say
Rachel Ciolorito
I feel kinda bad for the guy who sits in the back of the car tbh
Alisha Windle
makes a season of 'worth it' videos where whey eat the food with their hands
Andrew: Oh, you're left handed???
the dudes like a mime and i love it
Quin Bloom
The last cake kind of disappointed me, it was beautiful but the cutlass cake itself wasn't that special, it just reminded me of those box funfeti cakes
Captain Doggie
Do sandwiches
What's a macaroon I've never seen one ever is it a sweet tiny cake
Serina Shin
Is that a cut off trenchcoat
So cake or not
How many jackets do you have
Krytern UK
Sorry but that cake is not worth $1,120.
Kohi Kawaii
the guy in the back is so aesthetic and perfect I luv it
when is season 2
Kelly L
I want cake now 😥😥😂😂
Cole Salem
why would you sell a cake for $1,120? who would buy a cake that expensive that there probably not even going to finish?!!?
Patricia Elliott
Omg the thousand degree challenge vs cake
Minh Nguyen
Chocolate Ice cream Cone
At 5:40, 1000 degree knife vs. cake (epic battle!)
WTF they coulda got a $3 victoria sponge from walmart as their cheap option come on $27?! i'd never buy a cake for that lmao
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