$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

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"It's like the lucid dream of cakes."

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James Rosselle
Margarita Navarro & Betty Porto
Darby Aldaco

Elizabeth Lingurar
God do I love Andrew.
Bender The Fourth
Look at us watching stuff that we'll never eat
Gerald Ander Lee
im not a cake person. seeing those cakes made me sick.
Alexis Kangootui
Hey Buzzfeed,can you please donate money to my go fund me page.https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-me-pay-for-my-ap-exams
I have to pay for my ap exams and college class.Thank you
Damian Ortner
i accidently licked my screen
Takisha Mauricette
have they ever done ice cream??
1 dollar ice cream vs 1000 dollar ice cream
5:39 1000 degree challenge
the macarons looked like pretty patties.
Star Bucks
"No my candy!!" xD
Even worse than moist.
Heather Long
Adam is hot.. the quiet one.
I'm like Andrew about cake
Instant diabetes
sebastian chen
who will pay $14 to to eat one tiny pice of cake (the last cake)
Well if it's a celebration cake, the last one is the one.
Yuu Yori
That chocolate espresso cake looks so good
Ryan Cave
5:45 1000 degree knife vs cake
Tien Tran
Rudy Martinez
Is the price by the slice or by the whole cake?
Patrice McIntyre
Adam eats
Hudson Peters
my mom make the last cake for my birthday and she called it confetti cake.
Hudson Peters
the last cake my mom made for me once.
Bates Kitten37
i don't like when cake has fruit inside it. Anyone else?
Ian Ingram
I agree with hvf26
Anna Lopez Ratouis
Can we talk about the baker that doesn't know the proper name of macaron and not macaroon. Haha
3:02 *clicks off*
SuperMarioLogan 1
andrew said "respect the cuasont"
It's just gonna have truffles on it LMAO
Family Beselt
he pronounced macroon wrong, what he said is a little chocolate and coconut thing
Does anyone else love Adam more then the whole team ?
Bethany Galley
Everyone's talking about Adam but I'm bothered by how they ate different kinds of cakes.
Vytautas Grubliauskas
Who's belly hurt really bad while watching this video
is that small cake really meant to serve 80 ppl?
Lilith Park
The camera man is awkwardly cute
Mr. Magikarp
7:28 "respect the Croissant"
-Andrew 2017
Luis Hernandez
make more episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BU Beauty Blogger
Do Korean Shaved Ice!!
Christian Friis Sørensen
So at the Proof Bakery, they cut your cake with a thousand degree knife?
mustaqeem rahman
this is the only buzzfeed series I like
Noraslin Annuar
you made me wanna eat my phone
apple apple
cake especially the very sugary one is bad
The blue skittle brownie :3
I love the mudcake and carrot cake from The Cheesecake Shop! I get half of each every year because my birthday is on Christmas! 🎂
Nayantara ღ
Adam is so smol and adorable
binny thanmay
"we can feed you all day "
Теодор К.
Life of rich gays...
I see marzipan and hate it already.
Slashers soul Hexx
Not that I have a problem but are those too gay

Soz if not
Tasha Hooper
The camera man melts my heart the way he is so timid and goes behind them and tries the cake for himself. I just want to give him a hug.
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